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Hi everybody, I think that the hotels and restaurants should go in their quarter page, except the ones that haven't got it. If not, people won't find them (there are restaurants in Old town, Barceloneta, Gracia and Barcelona's main page.... I'll move them in some days, if nobody has another opinion. -pstng

I think that sounds great. It might be worth looking at the huge city article template for some ideas about how to split up info between the city page and the district pages. For example, it might be worth pointing out some good districts to eat in, or some notable restaurants, in Barcelona#Eat, but leave the full restaurant listing for the district pages.
Thanks for continuing to do a great job on this city! --Evan 15:45, 29 Jun 2004 (EDT)

Les Rambles is the official name for te famous street, not Las Ramblas or Las Ramblas, which are the spanish translation for the name. -pstng

Bus route website

I tried the URL and got redirected to a page on la Generalitat saying "URL inexistent". Anyone know where it went? -phma 23:55, 14 Jul 2005 (EDT) A great deal of info on Barcelona´s public transport, including busses, can be found at (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona)


Hi all. I was with my parents in Barcelona and we were driving around looking for a hotel and stopped at some traffic lights, when suddenly two thieves came up to the door - one was the distraction and opened the doors on the right side of the car (didn't steal anything) and the other quietly open the door on the left side and stole my bag: I lost my camera and mobile. It could have been worse but we were really shaken after that and left the city immediately (reported it to the police after that).

Lesson learnt: always lock the car doors, even when you're inside the car Aidan 07:23, 10 Oct 2005 (EDT)

Maccy Dees

Someone has just listed McDonald's as a viable choice for lunch in Barcelona. That's great! I bet everyone goes to Catalunya eager to taste the unique flavour of the Spanish Quarter Pound. Mind you: KFC's and even Hard Rock Cafe have made their way into Barcelona too. You'll never feel hungry again!

Apartment rentals

So I was trying to edit out the first person ad-like text in the apartment rental sections and I decided that I'm not sure if any of this content is appropriate for us. They seem like secondary sources and I dont have a good/quick way to tell which are legit. Comments/ Suggestions? Majnoona 13:44, 28 Dec 2005 (EST)

  • Apartments BCN This is a small familiy business recommended by a lot of travel guides. They have good reviews on tripadvisor. The offer small studio apartments in a hotel setting.

Below are a few agencies to book online with good selections:

  • Apartments BCN Great Selection of apartments located close to the Sagrada Familia. From the studio apartment to 3 bedrooms apartments up to 8 people.
  • Apartments Barcelona Destination BCN offers well priced quality apartments to rent by days or weeks in Barcelona.
  • Renting Day Barcelona Renting Day Barcelona is an online booking centre which will enable you to book your accommodation from home. You will fully enjoy your vacations or business trips to Barcelona thanks to a wide assortment of high quality, well priced hotels, apart-hotels and apartments.
  • Rentals-Barcelona Comfortable Barcelona apartments for short term rentals on good locations for tourism or business trips. Recently refurbished and good price-quality relation.
  • Habitat Apartments Quality holiday apartments in central Barcelona. All apartments are recently and tastefully decorated, and are located within a short distance of La Rambla, Plaça de Catalunya and the Gothic Quarter.
  • How wonderful it is to experience Barcelona! Enjoy a true Barcelona living experience by renting a holiday apartment. Many apartments to choose from with categories like economical, luxuray, family and backpacker.
  • Over 100 beautiful self catering apartments in Barcelona located within walking distance to La Rambla. Last minute offers also available.

Dear [User:Maj|Majnoona] I think that list of directory could be interesting for visitors!!!

If you read Wikitravel:External links it says to only use primary sources. I think the problem that Majnoona has here is she cannot tell the businesses that are actually renting the appartments from those that are just advertising the appartments and seeking an (extra?) commission as a finders fee for any traveler that blunders into them. What is just as interesting is trying to use a google search to find a holiday apartment/accommodation somewhere and having to wade through all the trash the advertisers put out. As a result the truly legitimate businesses that actually personally rent accommodation get buried because they cannot be identified. -- Huttite 15:52, 29 Dec 2005 (EST)
Apartment listings are a hard one-- there's been some talk on the irc channel, but no real solutions as to how to put together a policy that distinguishes between what we want and what we dont (it's one of those 'I know it when I see it' deals). So we're leaning on the side of not allowing any apartment listins, just noting for travelers that this option exists/is popular. We're not looking to replace google search or yahoo directory... Majnoona 10:26, 16 Feb 2006 (EST)
I went ahead and blew away the apartment listings. The problem I see with them is that it's a magnet for people who are more interested in getting that commission, and not in improving Wikitravel. Jonboy 12:25, 21 Feb 2006 (EST)