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Hmmm... another naming quandary. Looks like the initial page author transposed the "kh" to "hk" -- transliterating the Russian letter "x". Bachchisaraj (from Russian Бахчисарай) would be the correct ISO transliteration; I would generally transliterate it Bakhchisaraj. BUT in English it is generally written as "Bakhchisarai" or "Bakhchisaray" (the latter being more archaic but also apparently more prevalent, as a google search returned twice as many results for the "y" as the "i". I leave it to you to decide whether to move the page. It's not confusing as it is, unless someone was going to try to transliterate back to the Russian. Rachelfleet 17:14, 7 Jan 2006 (EST)

It will only become really confusing if two (or more) articles get written about the same place. What you could do is Wikitravel:plunge forward and write the alternative spellings into the article itself, together with the Russian original. That way a search on the alternative names finds the article. Would saying:
(Russian: Бахчисарай) (also transliterated as Bakhchisaraj or ISO:Bachchisaraj, generally written Bakhchisaray or (less common but more modern) Bakhchisarai

-- Huttite 18:28, 7 Jan 2006 (EST)