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At the time of writing, Wikitravel:Activity listings#Tour listings states: "Tours can be listed on Wikitravel as long as they constitute a value-added activity. If a traveller could fulfill the substance of the tour on their own, the tour should not be listed..."

There are also some additional qualifications besides the "value-added" part, such as having a "real world" office with a phone number and an address in the location where the tour operates.

It is for those reasons that I believe this "Do" listing qualifies:

  • Jugaadus tours, Above Salon 16, near Kalra Hospital, Ajit Nagar, Sultanwind Rd ([email protected]) ☎ +91 856 880 0020 offers a number of different tours to help you explore the holy city. Perhaps the only one that you could not do the substance of the tour under your own steam is their Village Tour, organized to give visitors a taste of traditional ways of life and culture. Visitors will be taught things like how to milk a cow the Indian way and ride on a traditional bull cart. By special arrangement, they will also see common farming practices, visit a local primary school and observe a village embroidery workshop. 5h duration, INR300 per person, not including tips for the guide.

-- 04:43, 9 December 2014 (EST)

I went to the link the site has multiple tours and hosts a hostel booking service as well. The village walking tour would be fine as a tour or staying at the hostel would be fine under the 'Sleep' section, one not both. We can't host multiple listings for the same company. Please see our Don't tout and Wikitravel:External links policies. IBcaldera (talk) 15:16, 9 December 2014 (EST)
I was the editor that removed the non-compliant tour listings.
I believe that Jugaadus run their own backpackers hostel as opposed to an aggregation service for a variety of other accommodation options.
Previously we have been very clear that we should not host different listings for the SAME business in different sections (unless there are truly exceptional reasons) eg, the same business should not be listed once under "Eat" and again under "Drink" where it's the same premises. However, here there are affectively 2 independent businesses - an accommodation business and a tour business. I hope that a representative of either of the businesses will write here to clarify this... -- 15:57, 9 December 2014 (EST).


This is Sanjay here, I am the representative of Jugaadus. We can also talk at [email protected] to discuss this more.

I have a tours business where the village tour satisfies the criteria for Tours. I do run a hostel and book homestays in the city. You can add the listing as you think is right. Also please visit to get more information about what we do.

THanks, Sanjay

listing discussion[edit]

Can you please talk to me on [email protected] before editing my entries in wikitravel.


Hello Sanjay! You can definitely add a sentence in your "Sleep" listing to tell about the best features of your tours. For the reasons mentioned above, it's better than having a separate listing. Please understand Wikitravel's objectives are not to please the business owners, but rather the travellers themselves.

Please also note we prefer communication through talk pages rather than emails, so everybody could add their mind to the conversation. Suggestion: A good way to indirectly help your business would be to contribute to Amritsar page where it is still a bit weak. Or it could be to add 1 or 2 original pictures, for instance. Please understand most of the Wikitravel Users are seasoned travellers; who are not impressed and driven by flowerish language or fantastic promises, only by facts that meet their tastes. I don't imply your listings are bad, it's just to give you some friendly directions. Cheers! PierrB (talk) 03:14, 25 December 2014 (EST) Hi PierrB:

I do completely understand the importance of not having classifieds on wikitravel and that is not the purpose as well. I am trying to add the tour as its a way to show our culture to tourists. Mentioning tours in hostel doesn't make sense to me since no one is going to read about tours in the budget sleep section. Tours and hostel are two individual businesses. Please let me know how to take this forward. I have already discussed tours with some people here and they added village tour saying that satisfies the criteria. The tours are open for people in hostel or from the city in general.


Thanks for your message on my talk page about the removal of your link. I did follow the discussion here before removing your edit, and I still feel that the listing should be removed, as was done previously by other admins here. The purpose of Wikitravel is not to promote businesses but to add valuable content. So instead of listing your company to offer a Village tour, describe the information, which villages could be visited, what can be seen there. I doubt that a traveler can´t do a village tour on his own, but you could add indepth information, those travelers interested will find you, they can see who made the edits. So unfortunately, I will remove the listing again. Read our tips, don´t just keep re-adding it again in the same format. Any questions, let us know! Adzas (talk) 06:50, 27 December 2014 (EST)
The listing for Jugaadus tours should be deleted according to our policies. It looks to me that the listing was added only for promotional purposes. The tour does not add additional value to the traveler. I will re-edit the Do listing so that it follows our mantra the traveller comes first. Thanks! IBAlex (talk) 12:25, 27 December 2014 (EST)