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Surabaya [8] is the capital of East Java and the 2nd largest city in Indonesia.

Surabaya CBD skyline


The story goes that Surabaya's name derives from the Javanese words Suro, meaning shark, and Boyo, meaning crocodile. With over 6 million people, unpretentious Surabaya is the be the second-largest city in Indonesia, but it's a little lacking in sights. However, many people come here on business, and Surabaya is also a gateway city for Mount Bromo and Bali. The city's tree-lined streets and renovated pavements will impress those newly arrived from other cities in the archipelago, though in general the city's attractions tend to be more apparent to those who make it their home rather than to short-term visitors.


Very tropical and you need to wear casual, light clothes: t-shirts, shorts, sandals or shoes. Temperatures vary little through the year, with daytime highs around 32-34 degrees Celsius, falling at night to 22-26 degrees. During the rainy season (November-April) be prepared for occasional flash floods and traffic jams, although it's not as bad as Jakarta.


The national language, Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian), is the medium of government, commerce and education. Many locals also speak the regional language, Javanese (sometimes with a local accent). There is a surprising amount of English visible in Surabaya on advertising and signs, and English is the most widely understood foreign language.

Get In

By plane

Surabaya's Juanda Airport (SUB) is the second busiest in the country after Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta, with very frequent flights to Jakarta and other major Indonesian destinations, as well as some direct international flights to destinations including Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taipei, Guangzhou and Bandar Seri Begawan. A new, fairly spiffy terminal opened in 2006, with all the facilities you'd expect (ATMs, car rental, etc), and international and domestic flights now depart from the same building.

Officially, you're supposed to buy fixed-fare taxi coupons from the "Prima Taxi" stand for the 18 km trip into town, around US$7-10 depending on your exact destination. In practice you may be able to get a driver dropping off passengers to pick you up. If you're going further away (eg. Mount Bromo), it'll be cheaper to a rent a car with a driver instead.

There is an Airport Bus service operated by DAMRI (same company as in Jakarta), which goes to the Bungurasih bus station. Buses stop in front of the terminal, are air-conditioned and reasonably comfortable, ticket costs Rp 15.000. The bus terminal, however, is hectic and is only slightly closer to the city center than the airport - going there makes sense only if you continue by bus to another city (e.g. Malang, Probolinggo), or do not mind to continue in a local bus.

Malaysia Airlines, ☎ +60 378433000, flies daily to Surabaya. [9]

AirAsia, flies daily to Surabaya, [10].

There is a large waiting room on the top of the airport terminal (accessible directly from outside), it could be very useful if your flight is delayed or if you have to wait here for one night.

An airport charge of Rp 150,000 is levied upon passengers departing on international flights, Rp 30,000 for domestic flights.

By train

Surabaya has two main stations, Surabaya Pasar Turi and Surabaya Gubeng. Seats in eksekutif (first class) and bisnis (second class) for any intercity journey can be reserved up to 30 days in advance at any major railway station in Java.

Stasiun Pasar Turi

Trains using the northern main line from Gambir Station in Jakarta take at least ten hours to arrive at Pasar Turi, while trains using the southern main line take no less than 15. Air-conditioned trains are available on both routes, though. The Argo Bromo Anggrek, Sembrani and Gumarang trains use the northern line, while the Bima uses the south line. All these trains have A/C eksekutif accommodations.

  • To Jakarta Gambir: the very good Argo Bromo Anggrek departs twice a day, at 8am (Pagi) and 8pm (Malam). Arrival 6:37PM / 6:37AM, Rp 265,000 during the week in eksekutif, no bisnis. Prices raise during the week end and the public holidays (usually Rp 380,000). Be aware that the A/C is extremely cold, thus bring some warm sweater. Moreover, television is usually very loud during the whole trip. Possible to order meals: Rp 18,000 for a nasi goreng, Rp 3,000 for a hot tea.
  • 5:30AM: Gumarang, from Rp 170,000 to Rp 320,000 in eksekutif, from Rp 104,000 to Rp 175,000 in bisnis; arrival 6:17AM.
  • 6:30AM: Sembrani, from Rp 170,000 to Rp 320,000 in eksekutif, no bisnis; arrival 6:23AM.
  • 8AM: Argo Bromo Anggrek Siang
  • 2pm: Rajawali, Rp 150,000 in eksekutif; arrival 7:09PM
  • 5:30PM: Gumarang
  • 6:30PM: Sembrani
  • 8PM: Argo Bromo Anggrek Malam

Stasiun Gubeng

Trains from Bandung and Yogyakarta use the Gubeng station. The Argo Wilis travels at daytime, allowing passengers to enjoy the scenery in the western part of the route. The Sancaka travels to Yogyakarta via Solo twice a day and takes approximately 6 hours. Railway connections to Bali are made by the twice-a-day Mutiara Timur express to Banyuwangi, transferring to buses before the ferry crossing to Gilimanuk. Don't forget to buy salak bali.

  • To Jakarta Gambir: Train Bima at 6PM, from Rp 180,000 to Rp 320,000 in eksekutif, no bisnis; arrival 6:20AM.
  • 7:30AM: Argo Willis, from Rp 200,000 to Rp 320,000 in eksekutif, no bisnis; arrival 7:56PM.
  • 4PM: Mutiara Selatan, from Rp 96,000 to Rp 130,000 in bisnis, no eksekutif; arrival 6:15AM.
  • 6PM: Turangga, from Rp 180,000 to Rp 320,000 in eksekutif, no bisnis; arrival 7:10AM.
  • To Bandung Kiaracondong: Train Pasundan at 6AM, from Rp 33,000 to Rp 43,000 in ekonomi only; arrival 10:18PM.
  • 7AM: Train Sancaka Pagi, from Rp 70,000 to Rp 115,000 in eksekutif, from Rp 40,000 to Rp 80,000 in bisnis; arrival 8:23PM.
  • 3PM: Train Sancaka Sore, from Rp 70,000 to Rp 115,000 in eksekutif, from Rp 40,000 to Rp 80,000 in bisnis; arrival 8:23PM.

Slow and packed local economy-class trains from Malang arrive at Kota station (also known as Semut) and passing through Gubeng station as they come in from the south.

By boat

  • PT Angkutan Sungai Danau dan Penyeberangan(ASDP): daily ferry service from Ujung Kamal, Madura to Tanjung Perak, Surabaya.
  • PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (PELNI) [11]: passenger ships from many major port cities throughout Indonesia to Tanjung Perak.

By bus

Surabaya has frequent bus connections from all parts of East Java and from major cities in other parts of Java and beyond. The main bus terminal is at Bungurasih, about 10 km south of the city. There are frequent shuttle buses from Malang (Rp 20.000 for air conditioned, less for "ekonomi") and Probolinggo (for Mount Bromo), so just turn up. Long-haul bus journeys are best booked in advance.

There are many people inside the terminal trying to solicit passengers to the bus of the company from which they get a commission, and they are especially bothersome to the foreigners. If you follow them to the bus, you are likely to get offered an inflated (Rp 200.000 or even more to Bali) price, even though there's an official price list (you can see it at the exit to the platform). Ticket offices do not guarantee you to be safe from overcharging - most of them are private, and there's no price posted on the window, so shop around. It may make sense to bargain if the price is certainly too high. Prices may be slightly higher during high demand periods like weekends and public holidays.

To Denpasar in Bali, fair price is Rp 100,000-120.000 by eksekutif night bus, including the ferry trip between Banyuwangi and Gilimanuk, mineral water and a meal. Buses depart from Bungurasih bus terminal in Surabaya, and arrive in Gubeng bus terminal in Denpasar. Duration: in 10-12 hr.

Ticket to Jakarta should cost Rp 130.000-150.000 in eksekutif bus - however the trip may be extremely tedious. The road is one of the busiest in Indonesia - despite that, much of it has only one lane in each direction, and there are lots of slow heavy trucks. There will be 3 or 4 rest stops on the way (20-30 minutes each), and at least some traffic jams near Jakarta, so even in an express bus what was advertised as 13-14 hours journey could easily turn into 18 or even 20.

By minibus

Another option is to go by minibus (known in Indonesia as travel). A number of companies run door-to-door minibus services from and to major destinations in Java, including Malang and Yogyakarta. These services are both more convenient and more expensive than public buses. Seats can be booked in advance through company offices, and also through many hotels and travel agents.

Get around

By taxi

Taxis are plentiful on the streets of Surabaya. Some taxis are not renowned for their reliability so stick to the well known firms: Blue Bird Group ☎+62 31 3721234, Orenz Taxi ☎ +62 31 8799999, Silver and Express. Always insist on a metered fare, though the above firms will generally turn theirs on as a matter of course. Figure on Rp 20,000 for a cross-town trip and Rp 70,000 to the airport.

Fares for almost all firms are Rp 5000 flag fall (including the first kilometer) and Rp 325 for every subsequent 100m or minute stuck in traffic. Most companies apply a minimum fare for phone orders ranging from Rp 10,000 (Orenz and Silver) to Rp 25,000 (Blue Bird). For taxis hailed from the street or taken from most ranks, this minimum doesn't apply so just pay what the meter reads. Fares are always rounded up to the nearest Rp 1000, and small tips are appreciated (though not mandatory). If the meter reads less than Rp 10,000, it is considered polite to round the fare up to this.

A trip from Stasiun Gubeng to Pasar Keputran should cost around RP 20,000.

By train

Commuter city trains are extremely limited, serving some parts of Surabaya and Sidoarjo.

Train Stations in Surabaya

  • Wonokromo Station ☎ +62 31 8410694
  • Gubeng Station ☎ +62 31 5033115
  • Pasar Turi Station ☎ +62 31 5345014
  • Semut Station ☎ +62 31 3521465

By bus

This is a large populous city and buses are usually crowded. There are two class of bus: standard buses which are usually very full and patas buses (supposed to be first class, but it is still... a bus.)

By minibus

Bemos in East Java are sometimes called Angkot or Mikrolet. They are plentiful in Surabaya and can be hailed fairly randomly.

Angguna (Angkutan Serba Guna or multi purpose transport) are basically non-airconditioned, non metred (bargain the price) taxis. This makes them cheaper than taxis but they are often in a poor state of repair.

By becak

Becak is a traditional transportation in Surabaya but they are rarely used by visitors as they are not allowed on major streets.

By car

Another option to discover Surabaya is by car and there are many car rental companies. Okka Rent Car Transport, Penjaringan Asri PS 1E No.8-9 ☎ +623170330661 ([email protected]) [12]

Mobil Sewa Surabaya, Penjaringan Asri PS 1E No.8-9 ☎ +623170330661 ([email protected]) [13]

Rental Mobil Surabaya, Penjaringan Asri PS 1E No.8-9 ☎ +623170330661 ([email protected]) [14]

Gannet Trans, Jl. Prapen No.11 ☎ +623188261936 ([email protected]) [15]

Tansu Car Rental, Jl. Jambangan Kebonagung IB No.V ☎ +628563450090 ([email protected]) [16]

Sewa Mobil Surabaya 45 Jl. Dr. Wahidin Sudirohusodo 736 B. ☎ +623188261936, ([email protected]) [17]

Sewa Mobil Surabaya Jl. Sememi Jaya IX No.1 ☎ +6281232912499, ([email protected]) [18]


  • Gereja Kelahiran Santa Perawan Maria. The oldest church in Surabaya. Beautiful glass panels and serene surroundings.
  • Grahadi. The colonial-era residence of the Governor of East Java. You can watch Reog dance, a vigorous traditional dance at the nearby 'Balai Pemuda' (Youth Hall- one historical building in Surabaya) every Sunday at 8.30AM.
  • G-Walk located in west Surabaya (CitraLand). There are many food stalls and bazaars at night where you can find a lot of good food. It gets very crowded at night and it's a place for a lot of young people to hang out. A new food market just opened in 2011 and close to G-Walk you'll also find some bars. G-Walk is located between Pakuwon Super Mall and Ciputra Golf.
  • House of Sampoerna [19]. Situated in "old Surabaya"‚ this stately Dutch colonial-style compound was built in 1862 and is now a preserved historical site. Cited as the top tourist destination in Surabaya, the complex offers a museum, an art gallery, a cafe as well as souvenir shops. It also provides a City Sightseeing bus for free with a tour guide speaking English. Check out the timing for the museum's main attraction: hundreds of girls hand-rolling Indonesia's most prestigious cigarette, Dji Sam Soe, using traditional equipment. They do it at an unbelievable speed.
  • Kya-Kya Kembang Jepun is now defunct. At night the Kembang Jepun area in Chinatown is transformed into a street bazaar of food stalls. An interesting show of Indo-Chinese culture and atmosphere.
  • Loop located in west Surabaya (Graha Famili). There are many food stalls and bazaars at night where you can find a lot of good food. It gets very crowded at night and it's a place for a lot of young people to hang out.
  • Masjid Al Akbar Surabaya A huge mosque (some say it's the biggest mosque in SE Asia). The mosque has a tower which is equipped with an elevator, so that visitors can see Surabaya from top of the tower, 65 m (195 ft) above ground level.
  • Masjid Cheng Ho, a mosque with beautiful Chinese architecture. It is about 10 min walk from Surabaya City Hall, or 5 min by "becak".
  • Monumen Jalasveva Jayamahe A monument on Surabaya's seafront dedicated to the service of The Indonesian Navy.
  • Monumen Kapal Selam KRI Pasopati (410), A Soviet-built submarine display which proudly served in Indonesian Navy since 1962. Launched in 1952 and since her decommisioning in 1990, now preserved as a monument. The body/hull was slightly cut for stairs & door for easier public entrance & viewing. Right beside the monument, there is a building where a short movie about the history of the submarine itself can be viewed. It is located beside the river next to Delta Plaza. You also can see the Suroboyo monument near the river.
  • Pasar Ampel A large Arab market selling carpets and all sorts of other goodies. At the end of the main narrow lane is the mosque and grave of one of the nine Muslim saints of Java, Sunan Ampel.
  • Surabaya Zoo (Kebun Binatang/Bonbin), 3 km south of the city centre (near Joyoboyo bus terminal). One of the largest and best in South-East Asia. You also can see the Suroboyo monument near the zoo entrance.
  • The Suramadu Bridge (Jembatan Suramadu), also known as the Surabaya-Madura Bridge, is a bridge with cable-stayed which connects Surabaya on the island of Java and the town of Bangkalan on the island of Madura. The bridge is open for public since June 10, 2009.
  • Tugu Pahlawan A monument dedicated to the fallen heroes of Surabaya during the Independence war of 1945-49. It is located right in front of the Governor official building at Jl.Pahlawan.
  • Pakuwon Indah.


  • Swim and have fun with water in Ciputra Waterpark [20], a great place for swimming, it has a wave pool, slides, and more. This waterpark is located in the CitraLand complex. It is usually crowded on Saturdays, Sundays and other holidays. The waterpark is open until 8 pm.
  • Enjoy the local arts at Balai Pemuda, an art center in the heart of Surabaya, near the City Hall. You can watch the Reog Dance and other art performance. The big event is Festival Seni Surabaya (FSS), held every year on June. During the Dutch Colonial era, this building was a club called Simpangsche Societeit.
  • Get around the Old Town area (Around Kembang Jepun to the port) and enjoy the view of nice colonial buildings.
  • Surabaya has several golf courses. Try to golf in Bukit Darmo Golf [21]. This golf course is located in the elite housing area in West Surabaya. This course has 18 holes, designed by Jack Nicklaus II. Another alternative is Yani Golf. This course is built in hilly terrain and is the oldest course in town with the crypt of the last Dutch Governor on it. Otherwise, you can try Graha Famili golf course (18 holes), inside Graha Famili real estate site, near the Bukit Darmo Golf. Also Ciputra Golf found within Citraland Estate. For beginner, try Pakuwon Golf instead within Pakuwon Estate - a 18-hole par 3 course, the 'back nine' - just opened in 2011 - are quite challenging. There's also excellent Taman Dayu golf located about an hour drive south, towards Malang. There you also find the very nice course of Fina Golf. Another 9-hole Par 3 course can be found on the estate of Semen Gresik in the town of the same name. Generally Golf in Surabaya is both Great and Cheap if you compare with most other countries.
  • Watch movies in 21 Group cinemas, a nice cinema. 21 Cinemas have air-conditioners and nice seats. You can identify if a cinema is part of Group 21 from the last name, like Empire 21 or Tunjungan 21. And now there are also XXI which is still the same group of 21. The XXI cinema available at SUTOS (Surabaya Town Square) and Tunjungan Plaza. The XXI cinemas are more expensive than 21 Cinema. This is where you can see the schedule of the cinemas [22]. Beware of other cinemas , which are usually dirty, unsafe, and without air-conditioner.
  • Get special souvenirs of Surabaya at Roode Brug Soerabaia, Jl. Pucang Anom TImur 70. You can bring the memory of old Surabaya on a t-shirt, miniature of KRI Pasopati Sub Marine, replica of WWII army uniform, british helmets, Japanese helmets, KNIL helmets and old fashion clerk hats. You can also ask for heritage tour to kolonial buildings and kampong of Surabaya.


Surabaya boasts some of South-East Asia's largest shopping malls. Try to shop between 1st May and 30th June when the Surabaya big sale is on. Discounts up to 50% at this time.



  • Tunjungan Plaza (TP), Jl Basuki Rahmat. Anchored by SOGO, Matahari, and Hero. The largest in central Surabaya, with four interconnected buildings (TP 1 - TP 4) selling everything. Good selection of restaurants on the top floors and the basement. Enjoy yourself at Stingers, a game area near the food court, or Timezone, a popular arcade.
  • Galaxy Mall (GM), Jl Dharmahusada Indah Timur (Middle East Ring Road). Anchored by SOGO, Centro, Ranch Market 99, Cinema XXI and more than 400 shops selling well known brands such as Mango, Guess Marks ans Spencer, LaSenza, Next, Nine West, The Body Shop, L'Occitane, Mothercare and many more. There are two Food Courts one completely dedicated to the best local Indonesian food and an International Food Court plus o The Dining Town which gathers many fine-dining restaurants on one exclusive floor. The largest Mall in the eastern part of Surabaya, with two interconnected buildings lavishly finished throughout with marble floors and stainless steel finishes.. .
  • Supermal Pakuwon Indah (SPI) and Pakuwon Trade Center (PTC), Jl Puncak Indah Lontar (Middle West Ring Road). Anchored by Matahari, Hypermart, ACE, and Index. The largest in the western part of Surabaya. SPI contains the exclusive part of the mall and PTC is the less exclusive part. PTC has an area that sells pets.
  • Surabaya Town Square (Sutos), Jl Adityawarman. Anchored by Foodmart. A shopping mall with the largest cinema studio in surabaya. Open until midnight.
  • Grand City Mall, Jl Gubeng Pojok. Next to Grand City Convention and Exhibition Hall. The luxurious mall in Surabaya.
  • Lenmarc Mall, Jl Bukit Darmo Boulevard. Full glass facade and the first golf-view mall in Surabaya.
  • Ciputra World Mall, Jl. Mayjen Sungkono. The longest escalator in Surabaya.

Factory outlet

  • Family Outlet, Jl. Raya Darmo Permai Selatan No. 11. [23] Baby, boys, girls, mens, womens are available. Open 10AM-9PM.


  • The Square, Jl Sumatra. At Big Box Complex. Mens, womens and children's apparel, featuring many branded items at discount prices. Open till 10pm
  • Pasar Atom & Pasar Atom Mall, Jl Bunguran. Anchored by Hartani. A large, indoor Chinese and local market, selling foods, clothes, jewelery, catering to Chinese locals. You can bargain the prices here.
  • City of Tomorrow (Cito), Jl Raya Jendral Ahmad Yani. Anchored by Matahari and Hypermart.
  • Plaza Surabaya (Delta Plaza), Jl Pemuda. Anchored by Matahari and Superindo. One of the oldest shopping malls in town. Beside Delta Plaza is the Monkasel (Monumen Kapal Selam) or the Submarine Monument.
  • Royal Plaza, Jl Raya Jendral Ahmad Yani. Anchored by Matahari, Hypermart, ACE, and Index. Another medium size shopping mall in Surabaya.
  • BG Junction, Jl Bubutan. Anchored by Carrefour and Cahaya. A lot variety of jewellery store so if you want to buy jewellery you definitely have to go to this place.
  • ITC, Jl Gembong. Anchored by Carrefour.
  • Golden City Mall, Jl Abdul Wahab Siamin. Anchored by Carrefour.
  • Maspion Square, Jl Margorejo Indah. Anchored by Giant. A shopping mall situated in Southern Surabaya.


  • Jembatan Merah Plaza (JMP).
  • Pusat Grosir Surabaya (PGS).
  • Darmo Trade Center (DTC).
  • Kapas Krampung Plaza (Kaza).
  • Royal Square (due to open in 2010).


  • World Trade Center (WTC), off Jl Pemuda. Despite its name, the building is actually more famous as the place to shop for cellphones. Beware of pickpockets. For locals, WTC is often referred to as 'World Telephone Center'.
  • HI-TECH Mall (THR Mall), Jl Kusuma Bangsa. The ultimate place to shop for computers, software, and computer peripherals.
  • Plasa Marina, Jl Margorejo Indah. a shopping area for computers, softwares, and cellphones.
  • Tunjungan Electronic Center (TEC), Jl Tunjungan.
  • Empire Palace, Jl Blauran. A place specialising in weddings and jewelry.
  • "Roode Brug Soerabaia" Jl. Pucang Anom Timur 70. Surabaya heritage souvenirs specialist. You able to find reference books about old Surabaya, miniatures of Suramadu Bridge and KRI Pasopati Submarine which is done with highly detail. Heritage buildings on t-shirt such as the lindeteves-stokvis & haven kantoor building. You can ask for special heritage tour to Surabaya old kampong and heritage building. Find it more at


  • Pasar Genteng, Jl Genteng Besar. Around this market you'll find shops selling bandeng asap(smoked milk fish) and kerupuk(local chips). Also called the largest electronic spare part market in Indonesia.
  • Pasar Ampel A large colourful Arab Market. You are able to find unique food here


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Surabaya is famous for rujak cingur, a local salad with sauce and cingur (slices of cooked cow nose). Try also the sate kelopo, satay with coconut rasp which you can find in Jalan Walikota Mustajab.

Surabaya is home to a huge number of restaurants - this is an eating culture.

Don't forget to try pecel, rujak cingur, gado-gado, semanggi, bakso, es cendol, es campur, es teler, and es kacang Ijo.


  • Kafe Bromo, Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers, Jl. Embong Malang 25-31, +62 31 546 8000. Offers delicious all day dining in a relaxed setting with a view that gives to pool.
  • Lung Yuan Chinese Restaurant, Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers, Jl. Embong Malang 25-31, +62 31 546 8000. Enjoy the exquisite Chinese dishes at Lung Yuan Chinese Restaurant. The menu features fresh seafood, premium fish and other renowned Cantonese cuisine. Its private room is prefect for business meeting or family gathering
  • 'Myoung Ga, Puri Matahari Jl. HR. Mohammad. Korean restaurant, many Korean expats as well as local come to this restaurant. Perhaps this is the best Korean restaurant in the city
  • JW Marriott Hotel. International buffet, French, Tang Palace Chinese and Japanese themed restaurants.
  • 'Sushi Hana, Surabaya Town Square, 1st floor, ☎ +62 31 563 4781 . Fusion Japanese restaurant
  • Angus House, World Trade Centre &amp HR. Muhammad. Premium quality steak.
  • Platinum Grill, Graha Famili Golf Course ☎ +62 31 545 8888. Steakhouse, romantic setting for fine dining.
  • Peking Duck, Tunjungan Plaza 4. Crispy Peking duck.
  • Sea Master, Mayjend Sungkono. Fresh seafood.
  • Boncafe, Mayjend Sungkono. Popular steakhouse next to the Sea Master restaurant.
  • Trattoria Valentino, Jl. Bukit Darmo Golf R-12, (next to the golf club). ☎+62 31 734 3124. Italian owned Restaurant, Wood fried pizza , hand made pastas. Family style, popular prices. Italian, English and Indonesian speakers.
  • 'La Rucola, Jl Dr. Soetomo 51. ☎ +62 31 567 8557 . Mediterranean restaurant at the central of the city. Excellent pizza and steak. Rudolfo Feurer is the chef owner.
  • Surabaya Suki, Jl Raya Gubeng 34. ☎ +62 31 501 5979 . Popular steam boat hang out. Also serves a variety of Chinese, Thai and other asian cuisines. Try "Thai Singkong" dessert. Also serve Hong Kong style Dim Sum all day and night.
  • Portofino, Shangri-la Hotel, Mayjend Sungkono. Great Italian Food, can be pricey.
  • 'Sitara, Jl Hayam Wuruk 54-A. ☎ +62 31 561 6218 . Indian restaurant. Open daily 11.00-15.00 and 18.00-22.30
  • 'Pisa Kafe, Jl Bukit Darmo Boulevard No. 6E-F. ☎ +62 31 732 0220 . Italian cafe on the west side of the growing city. Very good pasta and gelato.
  • Food courts, in all the main shopping malls offer a variety of Indonesian, Western Chinese and Japanese dishes at reasonable prices. The shopping malls also have good variety of small restaurants.
  • Ahimsa Restaurant, Kusuma Bangsa 80, +62 31 5350466. Open from 7AM-10PM daily. Best known vegetarian restaurant in stylish decor. Pan asian, chinese and Indonesian cuisine.
  • American Grill, Tunjungan Plaza 3 Lower Ground Floor. All you can eat American style salads soups hot appetisers, desserts,

steak, seafood, chicken and salad.


  • Ayam Goreng Sriwijaya, Jl.Sriwijaya 30-32 ☎ +62 31 5682815, Jl. Raya Jemursari 84 ☎ +62 31 8439742, Indonesian food, specialty: fried chicken (ayam goreng), fried quail ( burung dara goreng), noodles, milk fish. The food is all prepared with traditional Indonesian spices. Finger licking good.
  • Soto Ayam Ambengan, Jl. Ambengan. Serves soto, a yellow soup with chicken meat, noodle, and cabbage. The soup is yellow because of the turmeric and other spices.
  • Indragiri, Jl. Indragiri 10. ☎ +62 31 567 5531. Popular choices of Indonesian food, particularly Surabaya style. Try semur lidah or beef tongue soup, tahu telor or tofu omellete with peanut sauce, and gurame pencak or fried freshwater fish with sliced tomatoes. You can safely order anything and it will come out good.
  • Nasi Campur Tambak Bayan, Jl. HR. Mohammad. Popular Surabaya's nasi campur or literally mixed rice. Ask them to separate the chilli, it's spicy hot but tolerable.
  • Ayam Penyet Bu Kris, Bukit Mas. Literally means smashed fried chicken by Mrs. Kris. You can order the chicken with chillies from non-spicy chilly to very hot one.
  • Hary Hary Restaurant, Jl. Musi 47. Special Indonesian grilled fresh fish and prawn in Dutch colonial house with cozy and classy atmosphere. Many other heritage recipes like tahu tek-tek,nasi goreng,sate kelapa, etc.
  • Puri Garden, Plaza Surabaya 1F. Tasty selection of Indonesian food with dishes for Rp 10,000-20,000. Try puri kuali asam, an Indonesian twist on the spicy Thai tom yam kung soup.
  • Bakwan Dempo, Jl Dempo, Bakwan and fried or braised stuffed intestines.
  • Bakwan Gili, Ps Atum, Authentic Bakwan.
  • Bakwan Kapasari, Mayjend Sungkono. Serving meatballs (called bakwan), soup, tofu (called tahu), siomay and more since 1930s.
  • Nasi Uduk Kebon Kacang, Jl HR Muhammad, Jl. Ahmad Yani. Serving nasi uduk, Indonesian version of nasi lemak.
  • Bakwan Dempo 19, Jl. HR Muhammad 46. Try Bakwan campur, meatballs (bakwan) with siomay, tahu.
  • Depot You Yuen, Jl Undaan Kulon 87. Local vegetarian cuisine. Indonesian speakers only.
  • Ayam Bakar Prima Rasa, Jl.Kusuma Bangsa 3a, Jl.Raya Manyar Kertoajo 78, Jl.Raya Kupang Indah 1a, Jl. Indonesian food, especially grilled chicken (ayam bakar). BBQ fish (gurame bakar) with nice soy sauce, fresh fried fish (gurame goreng) looks like it is flying when served.
  • Ikan Bakar Cianjur, Mayjend Sungkono, Jl. Manyar Kertoarjo V. Try the ikan pesmol, fried fish with delicious local sauce or Nila Goreng, fried Nila fish with sambal or 'hot sauce'.
  • Ayam Goreng Kertajaya, Jl Pemuda (opposite Bonnet Supermarket and to Jl Jaksa Agung Suprapto.
  • Kartika Pujasera, Jl. Diponegoro. Pujasera is the abbreviation of 'Pusat Jajan Serba Ada' or if translated in English, 'complete snack Centre'. Here you can order various local food, ranging from semanggi, bakso, pecel, tahu tek, mie kluntung, gado-gado, lontong balap, bakwan kotak, bebek goreng.
  • Rawon Setan, Jl. Embong Malang, (opposite JW Marriot Hotel). Open 24 hr a day. Favourite among the locals.
  • Sate Klopo Ondomohen Jl. Walikota Mustajab. Local minced beef satay mixed with shredded coconut. One of Surabaya Cuisine

Fast food

  • A&W, TP3 food court. SuperMall
  • McDonald's, TP3 food court, Galaxy Mall, Surabaya Plaza, and almost any other mall/plaza
  • KFC, Jl. Basuki Rachmat 16-18 (Gelael Supermarket). The original KFC, available in many larger malls.
  • Burger Bunder, Jl. Gayungsari Barat 125. The original recipe surabaya burger

Ice cream and pastry

  • Jasmine Ice Cream and Pastries, Grand City Mall lt 2-38, Jl. Gubeng Pojok no. 1, Galaxy Mall Lt 2 - 315. ☎ +62 31 594 7452, ☎ +62 31 7099-1431
  • Ibu Hasan, Jl. Manyar Rejo 8, Surabaya. Tel.: (62)(31) 594 8710. Jl. Kutai 25 A, Surabaya. Tel.: (62)(31) 709 9975. Website: Ibu Hasan. Local bakery chain.
  • Baskin and Robbins, JL. Komp Ruko Mangga Dua Blok A.9 No. 10. ☎ +62 31 843 2545. Galaxi, Jl. Dharmahusada Indah Timur No.37 Lt.2.☎ +62 31 593 7159. Plaza Tunjungan 4 - Jl. Embong Malang 7-21, ☎ +62 31 535 5081. Pakuwon Supermall, Perumahan Pakuwon Indah, ☎ +62 31 739 0331. Golden City Mall, Jl H. Abdul Wahab Siamin 2- 8.☎ +62 31 565 3386. Baskin and Robbins. Ice cream parlour.
  • Es Krim Zangrandi, Jl Yos Sudarso. The oldest ice cream stall in town. Located in downtown area, at Jl. Yos Sudarso, near the Balai Pemuda
  • Turin Italian Es Krim, Jl Embong Kenongo.
  • Amore, Jl Raya Kertajaya Indah.
  • Cocofrio Ice Cream, Jl Dharmawangsa 113-A-B


  • 15 Palms (Pub and Sports Bar), Taman Gapura, Blok H 1 (Citraland), [1]. 4:30PM-12midnight.
  • 360 Royal Plaza, Jl.Ahmad Yani.
  • Big Box Cafe, Jl.Sumatra.
  • Colors Pub & Resto, Jl. Sumatra 81. Popular and very, very loud nightclub.
  • Coyote Top Ten Bar, at Plaza Tunjungan
  • D'esperados, (Shangri la Hotel), Jl. Mayjend Sungkono.
  • Foreplay Eclectic Lounge, Sutos, Jl.Adityawarman No 55.
  • Ice Club, Lenmarc Mall. Drinking of spirits in a club environment.
  • Kantor Discotheque, Jl Semut Kali. Very nice place to hang out and drink at decent price.
  • Kowloon Palace Discotheque, at Delta Plaza or known as Plaza Surabaya building. Very nice place to hang out and chill out.
  • Lava Lounge, Jl. Sumatra 40 (near the Japanese consulate office), +62 31 5043151. 4PM-1AM, midnight on Fri/Sat. Cheap beer, great outdoor setting. Nice regulars that are expats and Indonesian. Arak Bali (an Indonesian vodka-like spirit), cocktails, coffee, tenderloin steak, nachos.
  • Lido, off Jl Mayjen Sungkono. Expat-oriented bar.
  • Tavern, at the Hyatt Regency.
  • The Penthouse, East Plasa, Ngagel.
  • Vertical Six, (V-Six at J.W. Marriot Hotel), Jl. Embong Malang.
  • The Capital Restaurant & Lounge, Lenmarc Mall G-12, +623151162899, [2]. 10:00AM-02:00AM. It serves Californian Fusion, Texmex favorites and Asian delights. Authentic beverages from the classic days and famous cocktail recipes of the era will be presented with a twist of modern style “cooking cocktail”. Foam Infusion, CO² Cocktails and Jelly Noodles are just some examples of our Molecular Mixology. Special liquors price rate on special hours. $$$$.
  • The D Club, Jl. Mayjend Sungkono 83, +62315677999, [3]. 12:00AM-11:00PM. A place with a unique concept that combine business aspect and lifestyle. Designed for the who wants comfort place tohave business meeting and dealing, enjoy wine, and premium cigar from Indonesia, Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua, and etc. $$$$$.
  • Citilites Skyclub & Bistro (Java Paragon Hotel), Jl. Mayjend Sungkono 101-103, +625621234, [4]. 06:00 PM - 11:00 PM. One of the icon of Java Paragon Hotel and Residences is the Citilites Sky Club and Bistro which is the first and only rooftop restaurant in Surabaya. Located on the 21st floor with the most wonderful view of the city lights in the nights from the height. Offering fine selected regional and international beverages, snacks and pastries. Cozy stylish it is a setting for networking and meeting people. Citilites Sky Club and Bistro its majestic surrounding is truly the only place to see and be seen. $$$$.



  • Krowi Inn, Jl Ciliwung 66, +62 31 77231600, +62 31 77231700, email: [email protected], facebook: Krowi Inn. checkout: 12 noon. Located in city center, business district of Darmo and Diponegoro, very closed to Zoo, SUTOS Mall, Ciputra World, Terminal Joyoboyo. From Rp 125,000 per person, all 6 rooms are air conditioned, non-smoking rooms. It provides dormitory style and private rooms. Facilites include hot shower, spring bed and bed sheets of 4 star quality, personal locker, free wi-fii, free drinking water, towel for hire. LED TV with cable channels is available in Common area..
  • Merdeka, Jl Bongkaran No 6,, +62 31 3520654, +62 812 3231762. checkout: 14pm. Very close to station Kota. From Rp 60,000.
  • Family Guest House, Gubeng Kertajaya 8C no. 15 (find Bank International Indonesia at Kertajaya Main St), +62 31 5022268, [5]. checkin: 10AM; checkout: 1PM. Clean room and familiar service. Serve good coffee, hot chocolatte, and tea all day long. Free 24 hr internet connection through wifi. Rp 300,000.
  • Green House Homestay, Unimas Garden Regency H 23 Waru Sidoarjo (nearby Surabaya West), +62 31 8537629, +62 31 8544241, +62 813 30426696. AC, cableTV, free WiFi, bathube, breakfast. Rp 100,000-200,000.
  • Puri Kencana, Jl Kalimantan. Worn rooms with A/C and cold water for US$10-15 including decent Indonesian breakfast.
  • Kassanda. Hot water bath rooms, without breakfast. From US$19 for a 2 bed room
  • Soerabaya Place Homestay, Jl.Jaksa Agung Suparapto, ☎ +62 31 5342851. (Beside the City Hall of Surabaya). Quiet and friendly with wifi available in room. Very neat and clean, hot & cold water for shower. Tea/ coffee in the morning are provided for your self service. No breakfast, but you can ask them to make some food for you as on the list given. They also provide you refrigerator if you want to buy some food or drinks and keep it fresh. Hot water to make a cup of coffee or tea available all the day. Rp 175.000-200.000 (for weekend).
  • Pavillijoen Hotel, Jl.Pasar Genteng. A classic old Dutch colonial era hotel. Mostly for backpackers and family stays. The rooms are spacious. No A/C but not so hot due to the high ceilings, and a fan is provided. Breakfast with hot tea. At night, this street becomes a night market where you can find cheap goods and food. Close to Tunjungan Plaza-SOGO, the biggest shopping centre in Surabaya, banks, business district and government offices. ☎ +62 31 5343449. Rp 90.000-185.000, single bed, double, or 3 beds.
  • Sparkling Backpacker hotel. [24]This is definitely at the city central. Very close to train station and Central Business District, shopping centre, and the 24 hour convenience store - Circle K. ☎ +62 31 5323311. From Rp 105.000-185.000. No dorm, just private rooms. All are A/C, not for long term.
  • Da Rifi Hostel Jl. Duku II /190, Pondok Candra Indah. [25] Home away from home. Owner/Receptionist Dyana speaks English, takes care of you and helps wherever she can. Free breakfast, tea & coffee all day long, free laundry, fridge, free Wi-Fi lockers, hot shower and western toilet. The place is in a residential area, next to a mosque. Close to the airport, rather far from the city center (around 30 min by public transport, Rp. 3.000). They offer motorcycle-pickup from the airport for Rp. 25.000. ☎ +62 81 334743870. From Rp 75,000 for dorm with Fan.


  • Singgasana Hotel Surabaya, Gunungsari Street, Surabaya 60224, Indonesia, +62 31 5682703, [6]. 120 rooms and 4 self contained villas, all have a cableTV, Internet and telephone, mini-bar, private toilet and bath with tub and shower. Airport/city transfers and car rental, business centre, currency exchange, banquet and meeting venues, swimming pool and spa. From US$73.
  • TS Suites, +62 31 5631222, [7]. 126 rooms of 2 CEO Suites, 5 family suites of 2 bedrooms and 119 Executive Suites. .
  • Puri Darmo Service Residence Darmo [26]. A variety of restaurants, business organisations, banks, shopping malls, entertainment and international schools are provided in the Darmo commercial area. The Central Business District of Surabaya (Jalan Basuki Rachmat) is a short drive away and access to other regions of the city is easy with the major toll roads and highway nearby.
  • Ibis Rajawali [27] Good discounts online for advance bookings
  • Sahid Convenient for Gubeng Railway Station, but maintenance of rooms can be spotty. Around US$30-35 including breakfast.
  • Weta International Welcoming and modern hotel in a central location. Around US$30 including breakfast.
  • Mercure Grand Mirama [29] **** Located in the center of Surabaya, group of Mercure hotels.
  • Equator, [30]. Nice bungalows, on cobblestone roads, some with attached garages.
  • Novotel,. [33] Nice resort hotel with outdoor hallways. Pool with abundant plants and waterslide. From US$50.
  • Garden Palace, (Next to Surabaya Plaza), DIM SUM, Japanese & Chinese food.
  • Hotel Tunjungan, Located next to Tunjungan Plaza. Convenient to mall and mall's food court.
  • Surabaya Plaza Hotel, [34]. Conventional business hotel, close to Surabaya Plaza.


  • Sheraton Surabaya Hotel & Towers [36] Embong Malang 25 - 31, ☎ +62 31 546 8000. (Next Tunjungan Plaza)
  • JW Marriott, [37].
  • Majapahit Hotel [38]65 Jalan Tunjungan, . ☎ +62 31 5459002. Opulent colonial-era boutique hotel. Built by the Sarkies brothers in 1910, whose other hotels include the Raffles Hotel in Singapore, the Eastern & Oriental in Penang and the Strand Hotel in Yangon.. Unlike other high-rise 5 star hotels, it will make your trip to Surabaya truly memorable. Good service and staff. From US$70; local travel agents may get better deals.
  • Shangri-La Hotel Surabaya, ☎ +62 31 5661550, [39]. Close to golf courses in Darmo area. Pool with abundant plants and waterslide. From US$80.
  • Hotel Bumi Surabaya (Previously known as Hyatt Regency), [40] Conventional business hotel. Indonesian President stays here.

Stay Safe

As with any big city, never let your guard down, because big cities such as Surabaya have a reputation among Indonesians for a mid crime rate. That said, Surabaya has few real dangers for visitors apart from the perils of crossing the very busy roads (the secret is to raise an arm while crossing, and to progress with a predictable speed and bearing, allowing the traffic to flow around you). Don't walk on the streets, especially at night other than the CBD area, if you can avoid it since you won't have anything to sightsee. Bring along your face mask if you travel by foot during rush hour since the traffic will be chaos and the air pollution is bad. (Around 4.30 PM to 6.30 PM) Be polite to the people, since Surabayans tend to swear easily which are very common. Do not easily trust people you have just met, even if they look friendly.

Stay Healthy

Surabaya has hospitals with 24 hr emergency rooms Unit Gawat Darurat (UDG) (ER)

  • RSUD Dr. Soetomo, Jl. Prof. Moestopo 6-8. ☎ +62 31 5340061.
  • RSUD Haji, Jl. Manyar Kertoadi. ☎ +62 31 5947760.
  • RS Darmo, Jl. Raya Darmo. Unit Gawat Darurat. ☎ +62 31 5676253.
  • RS Mitra Keluarga, Jl. Satelit Indah II Darmo Satelit. ☎ +62 31 7345333. (Worst Hospital for emergency, doctors chat with med reps before seeing patients, very unprofesional)
  • RS William Booth, Jl. Diponegoro 34. ☎ +62 31 5678917.
  • RS Vincentius. A. Paulo, Jl. Diponegoro 51. ☎ +62 31 5677562 hunting [41]
  • Rumah Sakit PHC Surabaya,Jl. Prapat Kurung Selatan No. 1 Tanjung Perak Surabaya. ☎ +62 31 3294801 - 3. (Fax +62 31 3294804) UGD 24 hr ☎ +62 31 3294118. ([42]')
  • RS Adi Husada Kapasari, Jl. Kapasari 97-101 ☎ +62 31 3764 555 (Fax:+61 31 3764 666 [email protected])
  • RS Adi Husada, Jl. Undaan Wetan No. 40 - 44. [43]
  • RS Surabaya Internasional (Ramsay Health Care), formerly HCoS, Jl. Nginden Intan Barat No. 1-6. ☎ +62 31 5993211. (Fax:+62 31 5993214).
  • Siloam Hospital, Jl Gubeng Raya 70. ☎ +62 31 5031333, +62 31 5031821, +62 31 5038211
  • RS Husada Utama, Jl. Mayjen Prof. Dr. Moestopo 31-33-35. ☎ +62 31 5017975


By phone

The international code for Indonesia is +62. Local Surabaya phone numbers will start +62 31 xxx xxxx or +62 31 xxxx xxxx for the CDMA provider or +62 8xx xxxx xxxx for the GSM provider.

There are four main telecommunication providers in Surabaya: Telkom, Telkomsel, Indosat, and XL.

To make an international call from Surabaya, dial the access code 001 (for Indosat), 007 (for Telkom/Telkomsel), or 008 (for Indosat), followed by the country code, area code and party's number. Recently the providers have started offering cheaper rates for calls using Internet telephony routes (VOIP). The access codes for this cheaper service are 01016 for Indosat provider and 01017 for Telkom and Telkomsel provider.

By net

If you have your own laptop, it may run free wifi networks at many malls. Ask at the information desk for access codes. Free hotspots are also available in most restaurants and cafes. Several hotels also provide free hotspots in their lobby. All major hotels provide internet access in one or more ways; simply ask them about this when you make your booking.

Alternatively, if you have a compatible 3G mobile phone and a laptop, tethering to your PC is the quickest way to gain internet access although speeds might not impress. Note that prepaid SIM cards can be purchased very easily and cheaply, and that service activation is completed on the user's phone very quickly. Once activated, recharge with credits as necessary. Internet access is usually available at this stage; refer to your phone's user manual for tethering instructions. Operators will usually offer internet packets that offer cheaper access fees - instructions to access these services are available in the booklet that comes with your SIM card (i.e. XL's services are accessible by dialing *123#). BlackBerry Internet Service is readily available and can be registered similarly on the prepaid SIM.

Internet cafes are available in many parts of the city with a price of Rp 4,000-Rp 5,000 per hour. However, most of them only have dial-up capabilities. Most of the internet cafes can be found around universities, and in most shopping malls.

Internet speeds in Surabaya are rarely fast, regardless of your connection. They are usually sufficient to make decent Skype voice calls, although HD video calling may not be possible. Temporarily disabling software updates (Windows Update, security software updates, Adobe Updater, etc.) may help maximise access speeds.

Tourism Information office

1.Jalan Wisata Menanggal, . ☎ +62 31 8531815, +62 31 8531820. 2. TIC Balai Pemuda, Jalan Pemuda Surabaya, Telp : 031-5340444


  • Ambulance ☎ 118.
  • Police ☎ 110.

Police stations

  • East Java Police HQ: Jl. Ahmad Yani. ☎ +62 31 8280748.
  • Surabaya Police HQ: Jl. Sikatan 1. ☎ +62 31 3523927.
  • East Surabaya, Jl. Sidodadi. ☎ +62 31 5341053, +62 31 3711052.
  • North Surabaya, Jl. Raden Saleh. ☎ +62 31 5688099, +62 31 5341053.
  • South Surabaya, Jl. Dukuh Kupang Barat 16. ☎ +62 31 3711052, +62 31 5670641.
  • Tanjung Perak, Jl. Kalianget 1. ☎ +62 31 3293023, +62 31 62 31 3293023.



  • Ez-flag.png Czech Republic, Wisma Dharmala Lt. 2 Room 5, Jl. Panglima Sudirman No, 101-103, +62 31 548 2710 (fax: +62 31 548 2709).
  • Da-flag.png Denmark, Jl. Sambas No 10, +62 31 567 6754.
  • Fr-flag.png France, Jl. Darmokali No 10, +62 31 561 5246,+62 31 562 0079.
  • De-flag.png Germany, Jl. Dr. Wahidin 29, +62 31 563 1871.
  • Hu-flag.png Hungary, Hotel JW Marriot Lt. 3, Jl. Embong Malang, +62 31 531 6000.
  • Ja-flag.png Japan, Jl. Sumatera 93, +62 31 503 0008.
  • Nl-flag.png The Netherlands, Jl. Untung Suropati No. 1, +62 31 567 6219, +62 31 568 8109.
  • Rp-flag.png Phillipines, Jl. Kaliwaron 128, +62 31 594 6748.
  • Sw-flag.png Sweden, Jl. Sambas No. 10, East Java, +62 31 567 6754.
  • Uk-flag.png United Kingdom, c/o Lamipak Primula Indonesia 26, Jl. Sawunggaling, Gilang-Taman, Sidoarjo, +62 31 788 1418, +62 31 788 4348.
  • Us-flag.png United States, Jl. Raya Dr, Sutomo No. 33, +62 31 568 2287, +62 31 568 2288.

Get Out

  • Taman Safari II is the second and probably biggest Taman Safari in terms of acreage in Indonesia, located on the foothills of Prigen. This park runs of the most successful Javan tiger conservation program in Asia. This park is not like an ordinary zoo. You must drive through the park in your own car or in the sightseeing bus provided within the park, passing interesting and amusing collection of local and international animals clustered within areas themed according to their original habitat - Americas, Asia, Africa and Indonesia. There's also food court, mechanical and animal rides, petting zoo and animal shows. The park is usually crowded on the weekend and public holiday. However, it is mostly deserted during weekdays.
  • Tretes and Trawas are 2 hr away. Pleasant villas among hills. Good eats. There are many roasted corn stalls at night.
  • Malang and Batu is 3 hr away. Malang a cool, mountain city full of nostalgic charming houses and boulevards laid and preserved from colonial period. Hotels, recreation areas, villas such as picnics and sports clubs are widely available.
  • Trowulan is believed to be the capital of Majapahit Empire that reached its golden days in the 14th Century. If you love culture and history, this is definitely a worth visit place. What you can see there? There are few remains of Majapahit Empire, such as Ancient Pool (Kolam Segaran), Tikus Temple, Brahu Temple, Bajang Ratu temple, museum and many more. Here you can also see sacred graveyard where people round the area on from other places in Java usually visit for pilgrimage.Create category
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