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Four major parks in Zhenjiang provide the most common destinations to tourists. Entrance to each park is between 30 and 50 RMB, and the parks with pagodas charge another entrance fee (about 10 RMB) if you wish to climb the pagoda.
Jiaoshan Park is located on a small island in the Yangtze River and includes a large pagoda, peacock farm, and many winding paths through dense foliage. Bamboo forests partially cover the island.
Jinshan Park is located on the Northwest side of Zhenjiang and includes another large pagoda. The Buddhist temple complex and a large lake (complete with paddle boats available for rent) form the majority of the park.
Beigushan Park is located on the North side of Zhenjiang and has paths lit with lanterns after sundown. The park is surrounded by great landscaping and the Yangtze River.
Nanshan Park is located on the South side of Zhenjiang. It includes a hill with various paths snaking up and down it. A large pagoda at the top of the hill offers great views of the city, the river, and the surrounding countryside. The climb is very easy and takes less than an hour. Many people barbecue at small pits next to a lake to the East of the park entrance.
The parks are all nice, but unfortunately, if you've seen one "park" in the city, you've seen them all. Jiaoshan is enjoyable if you want to get away from people (it's nearly empty all the time), and Jinshan is nice if you want to boat around the lake (paddle and electric boats are available). Nanshan is currently being renovated (early 2008) and will hopefully be greatly improved.
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