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I'd like to offer words and pictures from [ a few days' travels around Melbourne] to Wikitravel. If there's anything good in there (or in anything else I've put on my site) that fills a hole in Wikitravel, grab it, or give me a shout and I'll rustle something up. You can use all of my [ Travel] stuff under the WikiTravel Creative Commons licence. --[[User:Iain|Iain]] 13:16, 2 Mar 2005 (EST)
"While there is some reasonable food on Chapel St, South Yarra, travellers who are not into pretentious phallic symbolism may wish to avoid the place while the local automotive parade is taking place on Friday and Saturday nights (there are more genuine phallic cars in Williamstown on a Sunday afternoon). The clothes here are overpriced."
Whilst I concede that this particular quote is both hilariously worded and absolutely true, I don't think it is appropriate for this page.
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