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* '''La Meta''' (Ristorante & Tavola Calda) is a very good low-budget restaurant situated near the [ Engineering department] of the [ University of L'Aquila]. It is a self-service and a complete meal (two dishes and tab-water) costs about 10 euro. ''Via della Pineta, Poggio Roio - 67100 L'Aquila. Tel: 0862.602315.''
* '''La Matriciana''' (Trattorie) is a delicious and charming restaurant situated just next to the Plazza Duomo, in the very center of L'Aquila. Be aware, however, that they will not give you a written menu. Instead, the waiter will come to you and tell you very quickly and in Italian what dishes they have, and you will choose from that oral list. A complete meal (two dishes and a glass of wine) costs around 20 euro. ''Via dell'Arcivescovado, 5/A - 67100 l'Aquila (AQ). Tel: 0862 26065.''
* '''L'Antico Borgio''' (Ristorante). A delicious restaurant situated just next to the foutain of the 99 faces. This restaurant is slightly more expensive than the average, but of excellent quality. ''Piazza S. Vito, 1 - 67100 L'Aquila (AQ).''
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