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Cape May

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Cape May Point Flag Ceremony: correction to name, location, details, sponsor
*'''Cape May Bird Observatory''' 701 East Lake Drive, tel: (609) 884-2736. Daily 9AM-4:30PM. If birds are your thing, Cape May is the [[Mid-Atlantic]] answer to the [[Everglades National Park|Everglades]]. The wind currents carry migratory birds out over Cape May, so it is one of the best birding spots on this part of the East Coast. Everything from ospreys to herons, to gulls, plover and sand pipers, birding in Cape May is an attraction all by itself. Spring Weekend Festival in May.
*'''[ Cape May Lighthouse]''', Cape May Point State Park, Lower Township. The Cape May Lighthouse is one of the oldest continually operating lighthouses in the United States. It has beckoned to navigators from the mouth of the Delaware Bay since 1859, and is listed in the State and National Registers of Historic Places. Still an active aid to navigation, the light, itself, is maintained by the U.S. Coast Guard, while the tower is maintained, interpreted and opened to the public by the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities (MAC), and is one of Cape May's and New Jersey's most popular attractions. Since MAC restored the tower as a historic site and opened it to the public in 1988, over 2.5 million people have climbed the 199 steps to the tower's Watch Gallery for a glorious view of Cape May, Lower Township, Cape May Point and the mouth of the Delaware Bay. At 157.5 feet, the current tower is the third such structure to be built on the site. The light flashes every 15 seconds, operates nightly, and is visible 24 miles out to sea. MAC lighthouse keeper interpreters answer questions from the public on site about lighthouse history, the historic role of the lighthouse keeper and Cape May history. The Oil House Museum Shop is located on site and offers maritime and lighthouse souvenirs for purchase.
*'''Cape May Point Sunset Beach Flag Ceremony''' -- There is a poignant flag lowering ceremony, held daily at sunsetduring the summer months, at Sunset Beach, which is at the end of Sunset Boulevard, past the entrance to Cape May Point (the southern shore of the peninsula) , in honor of service men and women.This popular event has a 40-plus year tradition and attracts hundreds of individuals and families every evening. Each ceremony is dedicated to a deceased veteran whose family has arranged in advance for the honor. The event is sponsored by [ Sunset Beach Gifts]
*'''Cape May County Zoo''' -- actually located 10 miles away from Cape May in the small charming town of Cape May Court House, drive to the zoo and see lions, tigers, bears, giraffe, zebras, and many other animals.
*'''Dolphin and Whale watching''' -- some of the boat owners guarantee aquatic mammal sightings on every trip. Dolphins seem to be the normal sighting, as hundreds of dolphins summer around Cape May. Whales? Bottle-nosed dolphins are part of the whale family, but are not the only whales in New Jersey. Humpback and Fin back Whales are sighted with frequency throughout the year. Two or three hour boat rides are common. For example, aboard the '''Cape May Whale Watcher''', tel: (609)884-5445 [] (check out the whale videos on the website) you can enjoy a two hour dolphin watch and history cruise or sunset cruise around the island of Cape May, NJ. The "Cape May Whale Watcher" is the original whale and dolphin watcher in New Jersey. Tickets are available through the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts or on the website.