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Mount Kilimanjaro

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Kilimanjaro Tour Operators
==Kilimanjaro Tour Operators==
There are ca. 300 local Kilimanjaro outfitters, thousands of agencies selling climbs contracted with these local outfitters, as well as myriads of unlicensed local guides all selling Kilimanjaro climbs. Choosing a suitable tour operator can therefore be a daunting task. To make sure you are contracting with an ethical tour operator, refer to the [ KPAP Partners for Responsible Travel companies]. To [ get your best offer amongst local KPAP Partner companies] or [ join an ethical group climb], visit [ Fair Voyage].
Here are more listings. Please note that all listings are being created directly by tour operators and be mindful that they have not been verified for being duly licensed, providing certain quality standards or operating responsibly.

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