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* '''Street Eats''' There are few street eats as at Nov 2016. Some near the hospital south along the main road, but the ones which were at the in town market are now only takeaways.
* '''Night market''' Around 50 to 60 food stalls are gathered next to the Hop Inn hotel on Sukhumvit Road. Many Thai classics such as som tam, kao ka moo, wantans, pad thai, pla pao as well as local delicacies and deserts can be enjoyed in a nice environment.
Local food and Thai dessert: Salim, Lodchong(rice noodles made of rice eaten with coconut cream), grass jelly, Baht-ice cream, peeled and chopped sugarcane, boiled potatoes, local oranges, Kanom tom(Thai coconut dumplings), Kanom chan, Pad thai, Kow ho gap and many more.

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