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Salkantay trek

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*'''Tierras Vivas'''
**Is a tour operator specialising in Inca Trail tours since 2006
*'''Peru Ecocamp'''
**Peru Ecocamp offers the first private sustainable luxury glamping experience that will bring you in close contact with Andean culture, thanks to our experienced guides. This ecological adventure will take you hiking along the Salkantay trail, across pristine mountainsides while sighting condors, passing Glacial Lakes, picturesque villages, and ancient Inca citadels like Machu Picchu. In addition to this, we have incorporated a strategic fine gourmet dining experience in accord to each ecocamps altitude, as well as additional eco-friendly activities.
==Tourist information==
* '''Official Tourist Information Office''' - Portal Mantas 188 (Next to the church of La Merced)

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