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this article is about a village called Monju; do not write in first person, Wikitravel is not a personal blog
'''BenkarMonju''' (2800m) is a village in [[Khumbu]].
 One can also stay at Benkar Village on the first day instead of Monjo because this village is quiter and shows you cultural dance at evening. And is much more cheaper. Service is Hospitable. Which hotel to stay at Benkar?  I being visited there many times I suggest you to Reserved at "HOTEL WATERFALL" I have been their many times, the sherpa family is very friendly and cozy place with waterfall view, My. Thamserku, Small monastery on the top of village. Benkar is just one hour before Manjo. Monjo seems quite expensive and Crowdy. The [[Sagarmatha National Park]] entrance is just outside the village. Here, travelers are required to show their passports and pay a 1,000rps entrance fee.
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