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Everest Base Camp Trek

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Mt.Everest in Tibet is with untamed valleys, highland glaciers, towering mountains, rare wildlife, etc. So, Mt. Everest is considered as one of the most attractive trekking areas in the world. There are three popular Treks in Everest Region Tibet Side.
* <do name="Everest BC to ABC Trek" alt="Everest Base Camp to Advanced Base Camp Trek" address="Tingri, Tibet" directions="" lat="" long="" phone="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="http://www.tibetctriptibettravel.comorg/tibet-trekking-adventurestibet/everest-advance-base-camp-tibetabc-sidetrek.html" days="5">Everest BC to ABC Trek, is a challenging trek requires some mountain climbing experience. This trek starts from the Tibet Base Camp (5200m) of Everest and ends at Advanced Base Camp Trek(6400m) with 28km ascending mountain path,On the way to ABC, trekkers will pass Camp I ,Intermediate Camp, Camp II and be able to enjoy the grand Rongphu Glacier range, peculiar ice serac( a pinnacle of ice on the surface of a glacier), Kangshung Face of the east ridge of Mt. Everest, yaks caravan,etc. The trek takes 5-6 days.</do>
* <do name="Everest Base Camp Trek" alt="Tingri to Everest Base Camp Trek" address="Tingri, Tibet" directions="" lat="" long="" phone="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="http://www.tibetctriptibettravel.comorg/tibet-trekking-adventurestibet/tingri-toeverest-Base-everestcamp-trekking.html" days="4">Tingri to EBC Trek is very popular among tourists, and recommend by Lonely Planet. This is a miled trek requires less physically challenging and manageable. It provides a heady mix of solitude,wildlife sighting and physical challenge, onagers and gazelle thrive around the trail. It takes 3 to 4 days with 70km walking path.</do>
* <do name="Gama Valley Trek" alt="Gama Valley Trek in Tibet" address="Shigatse, Tibet" directions="" lat="" long="" phone="" tollfree="" email="" fax="" url="http://www.tibetctriptibettravel.comorg/tibet-trekking-adventurestibet/lhasa-khartagama-valley-trek.html" days="7">Gama Valley Trek is known as the most stunning Trek in the world but few tourists have been there.On the east slope of Mt. Everest lies the Gama Valley region. As early as 1920’s, Gama Valley was recommended as the most beautiful valley in the book ‘Exploration of Mt. Everest’, written by British explorer Barry.</do>
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