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===Geography===The Camargue delta of the river Rhône is the region in one of the largest river deltas in Europe. From Just south of [[Arles]] , the [[river Rhône]] splits into the Grand Rhône and Petit Rhône. In between, we find the so-called '''Grand Camargue'''. The area in and around here to the west of the Petit Rhône is the known as ''"Petit Camargue'''. Largely The Grand Camargue is a protected nature reserve. The areaconsists of extensive wetlands, it is flatthat progressively become more brackish the closer to the Mediterranean Sea you go. In the north of the region, with almost as much water as land. Wildlife most of the area is abundantgrassland, paticularly birds where cattle and wild white horses. Salt is produced in great quantity from the vast number of saltflats and highly regarded locally. There are only two small townsraised, Les [[Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer]] and [[Aigues-Mortes]]with some vineyards on the higher elevations. The terrain only allows lower and wetter areas are used for a few minor roadsrice cultivation. Travel by boat might be more interestingIn the south, but the opportunity seems limited except there are many lagoons ('''étangs''') with an abundance of bird wildlife. The lagoons are traditionally also used for a trip from St Maries up the Petit Rhône for an hour or twoproduction of salt.

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