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Everest Base Camp Trek

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The lodges and teahouses along [Everest Base camp trail cook ][] variety of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Although the taste of the food may not be same as that of cities because of remoteness and supplies are not in easy access. The higher you go the fewer varieties you will get but still you can enjoy plenty of cuisines like Nepali, Tibetan, Continental, Italian, and Indian. Pizza, pasta, noodles, potatoes, eggs, daal bhat (boiled rice and lentil soup), Tibetan bread, tsampa porridge, muesli, soup, fresh vegetables (variety depends on the season) and even some desserts like apple pies, pancakes can be enjoyed.
For breakfast, Tibetan bread, Tsampa porridge, hashed brown eggs, oatmeal, omelettes, pancakes, muesli, cheese and juice from packs are in the menu of most of the eateries and lodges and you eat breakfast in the same lodge where you spent the night. Lunch is eaten along the way in teahouses. Dal, green vegetables and boiled rice (bhat) is mostly offered for lunch as it is most eaten food by Nepali people (light and rich in carbohydrate) but you may choose noodle soups, steaks, sandwiches, Momo, macaroni dishes and pizzas from the menu. Dinner is usually eaten in lodge where you are staying overnight and the menu is similar to lunch menu. Drinking plenty of fluids (except alcohol) and being well hydrated is recommended. Garlic soup is very popular as it is believed to diminish altitude sickness.
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