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Ilha Grande

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Other Activities
* '''Hiking the trails (Trilhas)''' - There are thirteen well marked trails.
- Hike in the rainforest to '''Papagaio Peak''', at 980+m the 2nd-highest point on the island. It is the pointed peak you will see towering above Abraão, so called because from certain angles it resembles a parrot's head and beak. It is a 2-3hour hike to the top, the trail is marked - despite some warnings you may hear - (no need for a guide) and with a beautiful view from the top, a huge granite rock. Bring lots of water. There is also a company offering a sunrise tour, you start at 2am.
- '''Cachoeira da Feiticeira''' is a beautiful waterfall located about 4km from Abraão. The trail begins at the end of the beach (left hand side if you are facing the sea) and is well signposted. You can continue on to a number of beaches, from where you can take a boat back.
- The 7km trail to Lopes Mendes starts at the other end of the main beach in Abraão, near Che Lagarto.

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