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Ilha Grande

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[[Image:Lopez Mendez.jpg|thumb|300px|Lopes Mendes beach]]
'''Lopes Mendes''' beach in Ilha Grande was once voted one of the top 10 most beautiful in the world by Vogue Magazine 3 years ago. The sand is very fine and white, and the water is shallow a long way out, making for good surfing conditions- although sometimes the waves close out very quickly. The usual boat route takes Boats leave Abraão and drop you in Pouso, from the main settlement to another beach on the opposite side of the island (40' long trip, R$ 15 one way, R$ 20 return). From here, there are 20 minutes of relatively steep footpath to Lopes Mendes is about 20minutes walk on a jungle path to get you nice and ready for a dip. Beware of strong currents a bit outand observe the lifeguard's red flag areas. Speedboats charge R$25+ each way, but there are also slower (45minutes), larger boats (50+ passengers), for R$15. It is also possible to hike to Lopes Mendes from Abraão, the trail starts at the end of the main beach. It is over 7km long and takes approximately 3hours - there are some steep inclines and declines.
'''Parnaioca''' best beach but only by boat or 3 hour hike from Dois Rios. Two Campings. [,-44.253745&spn=0.005089,0.021136&t=h&z=16&layer=c&cbll=-23.189166,-44.253745&cbp=11,0,,0,0&photoid=po-35513717]
'''Praia do Aventureiro''' the postcard beach! []
===Other Activities===
* '''Snorkeling'''
at Sitio Forte
* '''Trails (Trilhas)''' - There are thirteen well marked trails. Hiking -Hike in the rain forest at rainforest to '''Papagaio Peak''' , at 980+m the 2nd- A highest point on the island. It is the pointed peak you will see towering above Abraão, so called because from certain angles it resembles a parrot's head and beak. It is a 2-3 hour 3hour hike to the peak. Markedtop, the trail is marked - despite some warnings you may hear, - (no need for a guide) and with a beautiful view at from the top, a huge granite rock. Bring lots of water. There is also a company offering a sunrise tour, you start at 2am.