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Southern Yunnan

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Trekking in southern Xishuangbanna. There are a number of cafes in Jinghong where you can meet up with guides who will take you on treks to see old Dai and Bulan villages in Southern Yunnan. Cost varies, but plan on about ¥300 per person for a four day trek.
The treks are pretty easy, since you will be staying in villager's homes every night along the trail. There's no need to camp, and the terrain you'll be hiking over is hilly, but not mountainous.  Southern Yunnan has a lot of homestay opportunities with the local tribes. It is possible to stay in the jungle and experience another culture from within, eating home cooked meals, living with the local people. It's both cheaper and more interesting than staying at a hotel. One homestay, close to JingHong and convenient to visit, is the Anthropolodgy Hani Homestay, in which you will get hosted by a local Hani family.

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