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San Cristobal de las Casas

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==Get in==
[[Image:San_Cristobal_de_las_Casas.jpg|thumb|Church in San Cristóbal de las Casas]]
Private tranportation Car for 4 people ([email protected]), also we have Vans (toyota, mercedes benz, etc for 10 & 15 people for private tours) [email protected] (also Group tours everyday, they pick you up at your hotel (967)6788630,
cel with whats app +529671005131
The '''express bus''' system for getting around Mexico is advanced. The buses are generally comfortable and clean and there are multiple lines to choose from in a user-friendly way with professional and helpful ticket clerks at most main stations. The roads to San Cristóbal are winding and can be dizzying so some choose the option to take a bus and let a professional driver do the work. You can see the beautiful greenery of Chiapas all around you on the trip through the big bus windows, or pull the curtain to nap.
* <listing name="Spanish Immersion School La Casa en el Árbol" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">An enthusiastic and socially committed language school. La Casa en el Árbol offers intense Spanish Immersion Programs as well as volunteering programs.</listing>
* <listing name="Tierras Mayas Spanish Language School" alt="" directions="" address="" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">At Tierras Mayas, in addition to learning Spanish in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, you will also find opportunities to come in contact with and immerse yourself in the various cultures of Mexico. We offer one One on one, intensive and group classes. Also have weekly outings where students can visit other sites of cultural significance in and around San Cristóbal. We take pride in not only teaching you Spanish, but also in bringing you into the experience of the Mexican way of life.</listing>
* <listing name="Instituto Jovel" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">One of the oldest and most respected schools for learning Spanish as a second language. It is the only Spanish school established in its own and beautiful building. Instituto Jovel is the only school for credits to college and university students.</listing>
*'''El Arcotete''' - The Arcotete is one of San Cristóbal´s best kept secrets. Similar to Rancho Nuevo but much nicer and closer to San Cristóbal, located about 5-10km from the City in the direction of Tenejapa (signs are well placed to find El Arcotete). 10 pesos per vehicle. Recently remodeled into a park offering nice walking grounds surrounded by Pine trees, picnic areas, and nice look out vantage points. A great day trip to spend a couple of hours or the whole day enjoying a picnic or a pickup soccer game. It costs 5 pesos to enter the part of (Las Grutas) The Caves. El Arcotete will provide a wonderful experience enjoying Natures work at best. Check it out for yourself.
*[ '''ORQUIDEAS MOXVIQUILOrquideas Moxviquil'''] - Periferico Norte #4 Barrio Ojo de Agua, San Cristobal de las Casas. 9 till 16.00 daily. 6785727. A beautiful botanical garden 1.5 kilometers from the town center. For a small entrance fee one can enjoy over 400 species of native plants all that have been rescued by the founder Cisco. In 1994 Cisco began a campaign to rescue a few of the discarded plants that he found on his wanderings through Chiapas. The collection has now grown to over 20,000 rescued plants, all from the forests of Chiapas. The grounds have beautiful areas to rest and meditate, large bodies of water and wetlands, walking trails, a growing collection of sculptural art and two beautifully designed greenhouses to highlight plants. 1. from the "Tierra Caliente" and 2. plants from the Lagos de Montebello. Be sure to bring a camera. Come and enjoy!
*'''El Chiflón''' - El Chiflón is a series of waterfalls and pools reminiscent of Agua Azul or Semuc Shampey a few hours from San Cristóbal. To get there, take a bus or van to Comitán (1.5 hours, 40 pesos), and another van heading to Socol or Tuxtla and ask to be let off at the entrance to El Chiflón (40 minutes, 25 pesos) - it's just 1km from the road to the entrance. 30 pesos to get in, it includes a small museum explaining the formation of the river, a space to see iguanas, campsite, and some amazing vivid blue pools to bathe in. The trail itself is fairly short, a little less than 1.5km, but at the end you have an amazing view of a huge waterfall, Velo de la Novia, which definitely makes it worth your while. There are some small ziplines across the river as well, but the place has a much less touristy feel than Agua Azul, mostly it's frequented by Mexican families. Tours of el Chiflón cost 350 pesos (July 2013) and include the Lagos de Montebello.