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*If you visited the Castle and the Preserve you (hopefully) noticed the Cerro Pan de Azucar (Sugar Bread Hill) a massive granite formation with a large cross on top of it. The cross has a spiral stairwell in it that you can climb, but first you have to get to the top of the hill. The walk to the top is through a clearly marked trail (yellow arrows) and takes about 2 hours each way. It is not Mount Everest but is is a good idea to take some water, sun screen, rain gear and suitable shoes/boots. Check with the Preserve guards for access times and other conditions. Trail head (S34.815485,W55.255794) - through the Preserve car park and up the hill.
*After these five classic tours you still have to eat and drink. Try the brick oven pizza, chivitos (thinly sliced meat sandwiches) and local beer available at any of the seaside restaurants. You can try your luck at the casino or just stay up all night at one of the local discos. By the way, the discos open at around 11 pm but nobody would dream of showing up that early - 1 am would be just about right. If you are not the disco type, just prepare some mate and walk around town and enjoy the crowds and the South Atlantic breeze.
*Take the cable car to the top of San Antonio hill Hill (the old name was hill Hill of the English"Cerro del Ingles") what views. (S34.876117,W55.279365)