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Boa Vista (Cape Verde)

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This island considered to be the birth place of Morna, one of the main musical genres of the country, went through some economic improvement only in the beginning of the 17th century when great amount of salt were found in it. At that time, salt was already sold in the island of Maio. Before the discovery of this product, the island's economy was based on cattle breeding, just like the other arid islands of the Archipelago Cape Verde, which had little or no water available.
==Get in==
The airport is in Rabil, approximately 10 minutes drive from the West coast hotels, 15 minutes from Sal Rei, and 40 minutes from the Southern coast resorts. Taxis await all flights outside the entrance.
The TUI travel group provide flights. This means from the UK Thomson are the provider, flying to Boa Vista from Manchester, Gatwick and Birmingham airports.