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*<sleep name="La Botanica- La Casa Azul" alt="" address="donde fue el tamarindo, 1/2 cuadra norte, poneloya" directions="" phone="(505)8124521577034189" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">Nice and quiet place to stay. Inside the local town of Poneloya but only 200 mtr from the beach. La Botanica is also a natural medicine store that sells and gives the local people advise about the use of plants as a medicine. La Botanica is painted and even you are allowed to write and paint in your room which creates a story book on the walls of travelers. In La Botanica you can use the kitchen and barbecue area and buy your supplies close with the locals. Also the owners have good contacts locally and can arrange fishing tours, explain how to prepare fish nica style or take you to the local pool house. Some very happy and friendly cats dogs and ducks live in harmony on the territory and welcome anyone who likes to play with them. It is located very close to the restaurants in a safe area where you can easily walk during the night, whatever hour. close to busstop. To get there you can ask the people of the bus (from Leon 12 cordoba) to drop you off at ´el tamarindo en Poneloya´ over there you see a sign and it is only a 100 mtr walk inside of the town. You recognise the place by the many plants and paintings outside inspired by Frida Kahlo´s house.Room price in dollar: 1 per person 10,- 2 persons 15,- 3 persons 206,- They have special discount prices for week or month stay. contact on website </sleep> 
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