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Amami Islands

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=== Snorkelling and Diving ===
There is fantastic snorkelling and some good diving to be done around the island. There are many operators and your hotel or accommodation will be able to help advise a good one. Much of the snorkling can be done directly off of the beach, but to see the most I would recommend a guide. One of the top things to see here are the turtles, especially the big ones who lay there eggs on the beach in the right seasons!
=== SUP (Stand Up Paddle) boarding ===
A growing popular sport around the world is SUP (Stand Up Paddle) boarding, and Amami has great conditions and an excellent school / group of riders. Amami is a great choice for SUP boarding because it offers scenic landscapes and cruisy rivers as well as ocean swell and the opportunity to try your hand at SUP surfing!
Kazbo - contact Kazbo for any advice on getting into this while visiting Amami. Kaz (the guy in charge) runs a SUP team of riders and organises races and other fun events around SUP boarding. He can also help with getting you gear or a trainer and speaks excellent English.