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no need to shout
Be aware that you can't drink in public places or in the street.
*Basically whiskey , beer and tequila will be the alcoholic drinks of choice. Remember, although you are in Mexico, you are in the middle of the desert and so Piña Coladas and Strawberry Daiquiris are likely to be at your disposal. However due to the large amount of Texans crossing the border all places will have margaritas ready,they were invented in juarez!!!!!.
*Most people arrive in Mexico expecting Corona to be free flowing, but this beer popular in Mexico. If you are in a tourist place, you will find Corona (Modelo is essentially the domestic version of Corona), but outside of touristy Juarez, the local beer Carta Blanca is the beer of choice. This beer is definitely worth a try as it is a favorite of the locals. The most popular beer with locals is a dark beer called "Indio" and for locals, other brands you can try are "Sol" or "XX lager". If you are thirsty try a "Caguama" in a 1Lt bottle. "Victoria" beer is also a special treat, as it is never exported from Mexico.
*Visit the "Kentucky" Bar, one of the oldest bars in Juarez where many famous people like John Wayne, Steve McQueen, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and Jack Dempsey have walked out on all fours. Kentucky bar is supposedly the birthplace of the Margarita and is across the Santa Fe bridge, and is only a few blocks down on the strip.

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