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Fundamentals of flying

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Finding cheap tickets
You are likely to pay less for a ticket if you are flexible in your travel times and routes, and you are happy to have restrictions on changes and ticket refunds. Keep in mind:
* '''Last-minute flights are expensive'''. Book as early as you can to get the best deals, as the cheap fare classes fill up fast. Also, '''you have no claim about a special deal until you pay for your ticket(s)'''.
*'''Return (or round-trip) tickets''', where available are priced lower than flights purchased separately. Especially for legacy or full-service carriers based in East Asia, single (one-way) tickets are almost always charged the full fare.
* '''Monday morning''' and '''Friday evening''' are the most popular times for business people to fly, which increases demand and can limit the available seats.
* '''Holiday seasons''' are times of high demand, because everybody else is also on the move. Worldwide biggies include late December to early January (Christmas/New Year and southern summer vacations) and July-August (northern summer vacations), but watch out for local holidays as well, such as the Golden Weeks in [[China]] and [[Japan]]. However, flights on the actual holiday days, such as Christmas day, are often discounted, as are flights against the peak travel flow.