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'''Puerto Galera''' is a town on the northeastern coast of [[Mindoro|Mindoro Island]], [[Philippines]]. Among travelers it is commonly known as encompassing the region surrounding it. While a small town itself, other adjacent smaller towns, such as [[Sabang (Philippines)|Sabang]] and White Beach, are the primary destinations; however, all are lumped together as Puerto Galera as it hosts the ferry terminal (to Batangas) through which most people arrive.
* <listing name="Immigration Office" alt="" address="" directions="in the public market buildiing, 3rd floor" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="M-W, 9AM-4PM" price="">Most visa related issues can be taken care of by Right Honerable Rudi and Nestor from the Calapan Immigrations Office(this building is in Puerto Galera, NOT Calapan). Be careful to calculate the fees yourself, as it is not uncommon for extra, non-existent, fees to be added-on and pocketed by the Immigrations Officer. They hold hours here Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday only ope open until noon .Xerox services are available nearby, often required for visa extension applications. Maps and where to go guides are also available there for a modest fee.</listing> 
===By car===
'''Puerto Galera''' is three hours away from Metro Manila. If you're already in [[Manila]], getting there is pretty easy. Having a car is very convenient, all you need to do is drive through '''South Luzon Expressway''' turn right to Star Toll gate and then head to Batangas Pier. From there, you can either park your car and ride a ferry going to Puerto Galera or have your car ride a RoRo(roll on, roll off) ship so you could take your car with you to Puerto Galera.
===By bus& van==='''From Manila''' Puerto Galera is easily accessible from Areas areas around Manila. Most tourists prefer to take a JAM transit or BLTB DLTB bus - from it's terminals along EDSA Cubao. These ply every hour between Cubao (Manila) and Puerto Galera the Batangas pier. The ''Sikat'' tourist service operates one trip per day and is convenient for people staying in Manila close to Ermita.
* <listing name="JAM transit, BLTB DLTB and Sikat tourist service" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="(+63)2-7089628" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax=""> Buses run every hour from the Manila (Quezon city) Cubao bus terminaland Buendia bus terminal (LRT Gil Puyat, in Malate). JAM transit is among the popular bus services. 197 PHP from Taft/Buendia (Gil Puyat). BLTB too runs buses every about 2 hours. These cost about 300 133-163 Pesos per trip. The Sikat leaves at 0830 daily from the City State Tower Hotel on Mabini Street, [[Ermita]], [[Manila]]. The round trip ticket costs Php1,400 800 (about US$3138) and includes both bus and ferry to either Sabang Beach or Puerto Galera. It reaches Sabang at 1 pm afternoon
For the adventurous traveler , go to Buendia (LRT Gil Puyat) station in Manila and from there you will see buses and shuttle services going to Batangas pier. It cost costs around P180 P197 for an AC charter bus from Buendia Bus Terminal to [[Batangas]] pier. There will be 1 stop at a Jeepney Terminal, about 10 minutes before the pier. There are no bathrooms on the JAM bus. And when you get to Batangas pier all you need to do is to ride a ferry boat going to [[Sabang]] - Puerto Galera.
[ JAM Transit] operates buses every hour from Manila Cubai Cubao and Buendia bus terminal to Puerto Galera pier. The AC trip costs about 200 197 pesos and takes about 2 hours
'''From Calapan'''
Regular jeepney and vans ply the route between Calapan and Puerto Galera. An air conditioned van ride cost ₱100 and took about 1 hour. While the jeepney cost ₱80 from the city center and ₱100 from the Calapan pier, taking about an hour and a half to complete the drive. In Puerto Galera there is a separate jeepney terminal (about 3 blocks west of where the Calapan van/jeepney will let you off) that connects to Sabang for ₱20 (as of Aug. 2016).
===By boat===
'''From Bantangas (Manila connection)''' Scheduled ferries arrive at Puerto Galera mostly from [[Batangas]] but also from other islands. From there, most people immediately depart for [[Sabang]] (known for SCUBA diving) or White Beach (a stretch of white sand holding small restaurants and bars). At the Batangas pier, ignore all the porters and touts and walk past them to the ticket area where there are several windows where you can buy ferry tickets.  Crossing the waters between Batangas Port and White Beach can be a thrill by itself especially during the meeting of the tides when the sea can be quite rough. The first half of the journey is smooth though. However, the boatmen know these waters very well, so there is no need to be hysterical. These smaller ferry boats that run directly to White Beach and Sabang will be canceled if the weather is too rough for the boats. In that case it is possible to take a larger ferry to Calapan which takes between 1 and 3 hours depending on what you pay for. These ferries to Calapan range in cost from ₱100 promo fair for the slow open air boat to about ₱300 for air conditioned fast boat. Buy a round trip ferry ticket to avoid a fully booked ferry on your return. Returning on a Sunday without reserving a ticket can leave you stranded with no options from Muelle or Balatero. You will have to go to Calapan to return to Batangas. If arriving at Calapan Port, you can take a Tricycle for ₱20 per person to the Jeepney Terminal and from there take either an air conditioned van to Puerto Galera (₱100, takes 1 hour) or a Jeepney (₱80, takes 1.5 hours). The above pricing is current as of August 2016.
Crossing From the waters between ferry terminal in Batangas Port and White Beach can be , take MSL Shipping instead of Father & Sons (FSL aka Fickle & Slow Lines) for a thrill by itself especially during the meeting of the tides when the sea can be quite roughquicker ride. HoweverFather & Sons makes several stops, and it is faster to take MSL even if you have to wait an extra half hour for the boatmen know these waters very well, so there is no need boat to be hystericalarrive.
There are four main points of entry. Sabang pier is still closed in 2019 and the two closest piers to Sabang are Muelle port, on the east side, and Balatero port, on the west side. In 2018, the local authorities banned all small wooden-hulled boats from depositing tourists directly at White Beach. Montenegro Lines has a 12-12:30 pm departure from Batangas to Balatero that is not listed on the schedule at On arrival in Batangas, you will be overwhelmingly approached by porters. Ignore all of them and follow the signs to the ticketing kiosks and buy the ticket yourself, without any porter assistance. They will follow you to the desk and demand tips for their "service". Do not tip them unless they carried your bag for you, at your request. '''From Boracay'''  2Go Travel has regular ferry service between Caticlan Port (Boracay) and Batangas Port. These ferries are quite nice, with staterooms, restaurant, bar, etc. When coming from Caticlan, you will then take the ferry to Puerto Galera. Note that if you take the day ferry out of Caticlan, it will arrive at Batangas Port after the last ferry has departed for Puerto Galera. If you want to make a better connection, you should take a night sailing out of Caticlan, which will arrive in Batangas Port in the early morning. Alternatively, for a slower trip, you can go with the big ferry to Roxas and from there with a local jeepney or hire a van to Calapan and then transfer to another going to Puerto Galera/ Sabang Beach.
==Get around==
At the harbor you will find lots of people trying to get you to ride with their tricycle. For a 5 minute tripIn 2019, at Balatero port, they will try the lowest barter with the trike mafia was ₱50 per person. You may be able to make get ₱25 if you pay 200php, but walk 3 minutes to the real price main road. This is 15/20php (one person/two person) the official rate from the mayor''(8th March, 2011)'' so insist s office. You may have to share the ride with 3-4 people. There is no public bus to White Beach. The local government must be getting a cut from the tricycle drivers and do not crack down on paying thattheir swindling. You can also find them everywhere in town and get a ride to White Beach, Sabang etc. At night when it gets dark, the prices changes to higher rates (for example, instead of 20php you pay 50php). In Sabang there are 3 motorcycle rental providers. For 500php you can rent a scooter for the whole day. You have to mind the local traffic rules, of course. To get to Sabang there is a regular jeepney service that cost ₱20 per person as of August 2016. Supposedly it runs every 20 minutes throughout the day and into the early evening hours. To get to Calapan, take a tricycle (25php per person) to Bayan Jeepney Terminal near the Puerto Galera wet market. 80php to the Calapan City Center and 100php to the Calapan Pier. AC minivans also travel this route and the price is the same as the jeepney. 60-90 minutes. If all the ferries are fully booked at Balatero port, this is the next option to get a ferry to Batangas.
*'''Lush Forests''': The forests of Puerto Galera are home to many flora such as orchids, birds and fauna such as orchids and waterfalls.
* <see name="Tamaraw Falls" alt="" address="" directions="15km from Puerto Galera on the road of Calapan" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Tamaraw Falls is just about a few 20 minute ride from White Beach by rented van. The water from the Falls collects into a pool under a bridge. It is quite cold and invigorating. A few meters up from the pool, one can enjoy the pounding waters that gush through the boulders. Just a few kilometers down the road is a beautiful beach.</see>
*'''Coral Reefs'''
* <see name="Muelle Bay" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">A beautiful hidden hideout. It has a natural harbor where most ferries and boats dock, the bay is lined by a row of shops, bars and restaurants, enjoy the scenic view of the bay while having lunch or a romantic dinner. Get your cameras ready :)</see>
* <see name="Reptile Zoo" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">Not to be missed by reptile lovers, it has a set collection of snakes, crocodiles and lizards.</see>
*<see name="Talipanan Falls" alt="" address="Mangyan Village" directions="follow the trail out of the village up the stream" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">After a 20 minute walk, you can take a swim at a secluded little waterfall.</see>
=== Diving ===
Most visitors to Puerto Galera are attracted by the excellent [[scuba diving]] provided by the protected marine sanctuary. There are a number of dive shops in the area (estimated at around 35) that provide access to a macro (i.e. small life) diving heaven. The dive sites that feature a large variety of small sea life with the occasional shark or turtle. Several sites are drift dives and often turn into (strong) current dives with the best diving (for coral and small life) being at 20m or 60 feet. Almost all of the dive sites are within a 10 minute boat ride of Sabang which allows you to spend your surface interval on the shore and it also allows most shops to offer as many as four dive trips (single tank) each day. Prices for a single dive are around $26~$32 (estimated) for a single tank dive, including equipment rental, boat and dive guide, with discounts for more dives and if you have your own equipment. * <do name="Aura Dive Resort" alt="" directions="Small Lalaguna, Sabang" address="" phone="0063 917 856 74 48 " email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Aura Dive Resort is an inviting beachfront resort, located in peaceful and undisturbed Small Lalaguna Bay, just few minutes walk distance from famous Sabang, which is the main destination for foreign tourists. Aura is a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development and Dive Resort, which guarantees you the highest standards in dive operation and diver training at all levels from beginner to professional. Professional and friendly dive instructors and divemasters of the resort will make sure that you get the best out of your dives.</do> * <do name="Badladz Adventure Divers" alt="" directions="next to Muelle Pier" address="" phone="0063 (0)43 287 3693 " email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Small personal dive shop catering to beginners and experienced divers, operated by a bunch of very friendly Instructors and divemasters that go out of their way to make your diving safe and enjoyable. They offer all PADI courses from beginner intro dives and open water courses right through to Divemaster at very reasonable prices and small class sizes so that everyone gets a chance to learn the dive skills at their own speed and time , they also offer group discounts and multiple day diving discounts. Tell them what type of diving you want like corals , drift dives, wall dives or critter dives and they will go out of their way to make it happen .Also they have all new equipment and wetsuits .Tel: </do>
* <do name="South Sea Divers" alt="" address="" directions="Sabang Beach" phone="+43 287-3052" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]" fax="">One of the first dive shops in the area, founded in 1983. Experienced and knowable shop with lively staff. Owner sky is very inviting and will answer any diving or even give you cool anecdotes about life in Sabang. The atmosphere truly adds to your vacation. Proper shop with everything you could want and all the gear you may need. Learn to dive or just go on a fun dive. Tech courses offered as well. Very reasonable rates.Worth checking out. </do>
* <do name="Frontier Scuba" alt="" directions="west Sabang Beach" address="" phone="+63 917 540 8410" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Run by Rick Kirkham, one of the most experienced instructors in the Philippines, this 5-Star Instructor Training Center is one the busiest, smaller dive centers. They offer complete packages with guided diving, transfers, accommodation and meals. The attached restauarant Hemingway's is consistently voted the best restaurant in Puerto Galera. They offer the complete range of recreational dive courses from Discover Scuba (experience a dive),PADI Open Water, PADI Divemaster and SDI Instructor courses. TDI technical diver and instructor courses are offered up to Advanced Wreck and Advanced Trimix. Nitrox, trimix, sodasorb and rebreather tanks are available to rent </do>
* <do name="Badladz Adventure Divers" alt="" directions="next to Muelle Pier" address="" phone="0063 09062214972" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">Small dive shop, operated by a very friendly Instructors. They offer all PADI courses from beginner intro dives right through to Assistant Instructor at very reasonable prices with group discounts and multiple day diving discounts. Also available are snorkelling trips, kayak rental and Beach BBQ's. Tel: </do>
*<do name="Scuba Scuta" alt="" address="Palangan Puerto Galera" directions="2 mins from Muelle Pier" phone="+63909205843032" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long=""></do>
*<do name="Sea Rider Dive Center" alt="" address="Small La Laguna Beach" directions="" phone="+63 921 588 5994, +63 906 454 5602" url="" email="[email protected]" hours="" price="900 pesos per dive" lat="" long="">Locally owned with an excellent instructor, friendly and helpful staff.</do>
*Puerto Galera has 3 ATMs
*Sabang Beach only has one and it's often "offline". There are three ATMs in Puerto Galera that accept international ATM cards (Cirrus, Plus etc, Mastercard is not listed but works anyway) Max. withdrawal 10,000 PHP per transaction. The ATM in Sabang Beach has been offline for weeks as of Feb 1 2014. Bringing US 100's in cash is a smart move if you plan to stay in Sabang and do not want to go into town every other day, not to mention this avoids the 200 peso ATM fee. Or do your banking in Manila before you arrive.
=== Other activities ===
*'''Souvenir items'''.
* <buy name="ATM machine" alt="" address="" directions="Allied Bank, on the hill before the pier" phone="" email="" fax="" url="" hours="" price="">This is currently there are two ATM in Puerto Galera and one in Sabang that accept international ATM cards (Cirrus etc, Mastercard is not listed but works anyway) Max. withdrawal 10,000 PHP per transaction.</buy>
* <eat name="Le Bistro D'Agathe" alt="" address="Muelle Pier" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">A French restaurant that also has a bakery for fresh baguettes that is no longer there.</eat>
* <eat name="Foodtrip sa Galera" alt="" address="White Beach" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="24 hours" price="$2 up" lat="" long="" email="" fax="">open good food, great value.</eat>*<eat name="Foodtrip Chicken Inasal" alt="" address="White Beach" directions="At the beach front" phone="" url="" hours="24 hours, " price="" lat="" long="">Very good grilled food, great valueVery nice seafood menu, very reasonable prices.</eat> 
Sabang beach at night is famous (or infamous) for girly bars that tend to close just as quickly as they pop up. It also has billiard rooms and discos where you can party into the wee hours of the morning.
The Jager Bar (
* <sleep name="Manalo′s Guesthouse" directions="five-minute walk from famous White Beach" phone="09176096072 and 09176674077" url="" price="Rates start at PHP 1000">Each room is air-conditioned and fitted with a living room/ lounge area, kitchenette, and private toilet and shower. </sleep>
* <sleep name="Myra and Medelaine’s Place" alt="" address="" directions="" phone="+63 043 287 3602" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rates start at PHP 1,050" lat="" long="" email="[email protected]">Myra and Medelaine’s Place is located right along the famous White Beach, is conveniently near many attractions and dive spots, and provide a host of conveniences. The Resort is all about comfort and variety. You can choose among nine guestrooms: Standard, De Luxe, and Family Rooms. Some rooms feature a queen-size bed instead of a single or twin bed and all rates includes daily breakfast. White Beach, San Isidro, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. </sleep>
* <sleep name="White Beach Resort, Bar and Restaurant" address="White Beach" phone="09178258643, 09228358643" url="" price="Best rates on official website start at Php 1,110.00">In the tropical paradise that is Puerto Galera lies White Beach Resort, Bar and Restaurant – a modest beachfront retreat that is big in comfort, but easy on the pocket. Why look for frills when the necessities are already at hand? This Puerto Galera accommodation comes with air-conditioning, a toilet and shower, and dining area. In the morning, see the sunshine spill from the skylight through your room's balcony.</sleep>
A diveshop is part of the resort.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Tropicana Castle Resort" alt="" address="Sabang Beach" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="2:00pm" checkout="12:00nn" price="Php1750.00" lat="" long="">Tropicana Castle Resort is located in the tropical surroundings of Sabang Beach, Puerto Galera. The resort offers fully-furnished rooms and a a roof-garden restaurant that serves local and international cuisines.It looks like a real castle.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Scandi Divers" alt="Scandi Divers Puerto Galera Resorts" address="Big La Laguna" directions="" phone="+63 43 287 3551" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="From $45USD" lat="" long="">Scandi Divers (Scandinavian Divers) is one of the resorts in Puerto Galera on Big La Laguna Beach. It's a short walk to Sabang, but quiet and relaxing. It's a great place to come for scuba diving as they have their own fully-equipped dive shop and boat; 25 USD per dive. The restaurant is fantastic too, with great-tasting dishes from all around the world.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Campbell's Beach Resort" alt="" address="Big La Laguna Beach" directions="End of beach walking from Sabang" phone="63-43-287-3466" url="Www" checkin="2 pm" checkout="Noon" price="From 29 usd" lat="" long="">Quiet all waterfront rooms at the end of the Big La Laguna Beach, a 15 minute walk or a short boat or tricycle ride from Sabang. Restaurant featuring international food with emphasis on Thai food. Guests use pool and dive center 50 meters next door at Scandi Divers. Free Wi Fi</sleep>
*<sleep name="Encenada Beach Resort" alt="" address="Brgy. Palangan" directions="" phone="63-43-2873083" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="Rates start at PHP 1,400.00" lat="" long="">Their Puerto Galera resort offer rooms equipped with private toilet and shower. Some of the facilities and services offered are restaurant/bar with free Wifi, meeting room for 30 pax, beach football activities, group adventure tours, jeepney, motorcycle, scooter rentals, diving and snorkeling activities.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Bangera Inn" alt="" address="white beach" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="2pm" checkout="12nn" price="1000" lat="" long="">just a few steps from the beach, affordable and nice.</sleep>
*<sleep name="Squares Cafe & Apartment" alt="" address="Small Tabinay Beach" directions="Only 1km from Puerto town" phone="+63 9158070628" url="‎" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">Fully furnished apartments right on a quiet beach in the village Small Tabinay on the outskirts of PuertoGalera. Have WiFi. All apts have a separate bedroom and a kitchen.</sleep>*<sleep name="El Canonero" alt="" address="Muelle Pier" directions="" phone="+63 9476901352" url="" checkin="2 p.m." checkout="noon" price="600" lat="" long="">Located directly at the Muelle pier. Each room has optional aircondition, private bathroom with hot shower, good cable TV and free WiFi. The Bar and Restaurant is nice too. Rates start at P600 for a room without aircon</sleep>*<sleep name="Bahay Isla" alt="" address="Baclayan Road, Sto. Nino, Puerto Galera, Philippines 5203" directions="" phone="+63432871731" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">Bahay Isla offers an exceptional value for budget minded travelers.The Bahay Isla Inns have two locations in Puerto Galera. The Dalaruan Cove for a serene & peaceful stay & The Santo Nino Inn- The Warehouse near the Muelle Port & Yacht Club.</sleep>*<sleep name="Habitat Guest House" alt="Budget Rooms" address="Sabang Beach" directions="" phone="639184587485" url="" checkin="2:00PM" checkout="12:00PM" price="USD 34" lat="" long="">Located along Sabang Beach and in the same building as Sea Rider Dive Center, Habitat Guest House bridges the gap between high-end expensive accommodations and unpleasant cheap rooms available in Sabang, Puerto Galera. It's the perfect choice for budget travellers in need of clean, comfortable and stylish rooms. Shared kitchen, a spacious 3rd floor balcony overlooking Sabang Bay and WiFi are available</sleep>
==Stay safe==
==Get out==
Jeepney to Calapan (1.15h, 90P) leaves from the end of the main road several times daily. Also, air conditioned mini vans now operate for 100P and have fewer stops. From Calapan you can take a minivan (3h, 180P) to Roxas.
Jeepney/Tricycle (25php per person from the main road) to Balatero port where a boat, M/S Caribbean, leaves daily at 10AM for Abras de Llog, 180php one-way, 10php terminal fee. Easy entry into Mindoro Occidental. An easier and cheaper option compared to chartering your own pumpboat or going to Abras via Batangas. 
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