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Chavín de Huántar

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The access point for trips to Chavin de Huántar is [[Huaraz]], 3 hours away - on poorly maintained, unpaved road, clinging to the side of a mountain. From Huaraz' bus station there are occasional public buses, but most travelers choose opt to take the easier option, and go with one of the numerous tour groups offering a Chavin itinerary.
* <listing name="Chavin Express" alt="" directions="" address="Jr. Mariscal Cáceres 338" directions="" phone="(043) 45-4022" emailurl="" hours="" price="150 USD" faxlat="" urllong="" hoursemail="" pricefax="3 USD">Are the only company offering direct busses, which leaves at 7.30AM, 8.30AM, 11AM and 22PM - fills up quickly so book ahead</listing>
Several buses to destinations further afield does stop at Chavin around midnight, but then you'll need to have accommodation sorted out ahead.
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