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The parks are all nice, but unfortunately, if you've seen one "park" in the city, you've seen them all. Jiaoshan is enjoyable if you want to get away from people (it's nearly empty all the time), and Jinshan is nice if you want to boat around the lake (paddle and electric boats are available). Nanshan is currently being renovated (early 2008) and will hopefully be greatly improved.
*<see name="XiJinDu Ancient Street" alt="西津渡" address="Foothills of Yuntai Mountain, Jingkou District" directions="Number 2 Bus from DaShiKou (downtown, in front of Pizza Hut)" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long=""></see>
*<see name="Zhulin Si" alt="竹林寺" address="" directions="" phone="" url="" hours="" price="" lat="" long="">Bamboo forest temple located in the folder. The folder is located in Zhaoyin mountain, due to diffuse mountain bamboo is also known as bamboo hill. Bamboo forest temple name folder temple, the law on Jackson was built. Because of the temple in the deep forest, from afar, and the bamboo does not see the temple, so the name.</see>
Like most Chinese cities, Zhenjiang houses a variety of restaurants serving dishes from each of the four main culinary traditions in China. More exotic food includes Japanese, Korean, and Russian cuisine. A Brazilian barbecue can even be found near the city center.
Western fast food restaurants in Zhenjiang include McDonalds, KFC, Papa John's Pizza, Burger King, and a Pizza Hut.
*<drink name="1880" alt="(Yao Ba Ba Ling Jiu Ba)" address="" directions="On the same street as the Night Market" phone="" url="" hours="9-3" price="50 RMB for cocktails,bottle service strats at 400 RMB" lat="" long="">A typical Chinese bar, with entertainers and live music.</drink>
*<sleep name="Donghan Hotel Zhenjiang" alt="" address="39 Xianhe Alleyway (Xianhe Xiang), Jingkou " directions="between the Dashikou commercial area and Zhongshanqiao business district" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">
A tranquil ambience, budget prices and tasty dishes are among this Zhenjiang hotel's top selling points.</sleep>
*<sleep name="XiaoShanLou Youth Hostel" alt="镇江小山楼国际青年旅舍" address="西津渡利群巷11号 " directions="From the train/bus station take bus number 2 to Boxian Park Stop then walk right towards Zhenjiang Museum right towards Xijindu Ancient Ferry Street. The Hostel is on a lane veering to the right." phone="0511-85286708" url=" " checkin="" checkout="" price="50 RMB for a dorm, 100 for a private" lat="" long="">A cute little hostel with a wooden structure it provides food and drink in a nice little patio to the side. Confortable beds, the staff is friendly and although not much English is spoken they do try.</sleep>
*<sleep name="zhenjianghotel" alt="镇江大酒店" address="West side of Zhenjiang Railway Station square zhenjiang" directions="" phone="" url="" checkin="" checkout="" price="" lat="" long="">Zhenjiang Hotel (Zhenjiang Dajiudian) is located in the west of the square of Zhenjiang Railway Station.
The hotel offers a total of 185 guestrooms and there are business rooms, standard rooms and suites.
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