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Saxon Switzerland

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[[Image:SaechsischeSchweiz03.jpg|thumb|300px|The Saxon Switzerland is really ideal for hiking. By [[user:Fluglotse2000|Felix Gottwald]].]]
The '''Sächsische Schweiz''' (Saxon Switzerland) is an area in [[Saxony]], Germany.
[[Image:SaechsischeSchweiz01.jpg|thumb|300px|Typical sandstone formation in the Saxon Switzerland. By [[user:Fluglotse2000|Felix Gottwald]].]]
The mountain range was created after the sea retreated and left sandstone as the remains. It was once a wild area, known for robbers and hard to conquer strongholds. Many of those still remain and can be visited. The most impressive is certainly the fortress of [[Königstein]] that was used for centuries as jail for high-ranking prisoners.
[[Image:SaechsischeSchweiz02.jpg|thumb|200px|One of the many inns along the hiking trails. By [[user:Fluglotse2000|Felix Gottwald]].]]
There are a number of inns along the hiking trails and small restaurants in every town.