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==Get in==
Dolmus (minibus) services run to Elmalı from [[Antalya ]] city, as well as [[Kaş]], [[Kalkan]], [[Patara]], [[Kemer]], [[Gombe ]] and other towns in the region.
From Kaş, buses leave at 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2:30pm and 5:30pm. A return service leaves at 9:15am, 12:30pm and 5:15pm. The trip takes 2.5 hours and costs 12 TL.
==Get around==
Elmali is small enough to cover on foot. The bus station is in the centre of town. To leave the bus station, walk away from the vehicle entrance, past the filling station, cross the roundabout then continue uphill a short distance to reach the main street. Taxis are also available at the bus station.
Elmalı is one starting point for hiking Mt. Kizlarsivrisi. This 3000m peak, the highest in western Antalya, is a fairly challenging 2-3 day hike. Most of the route, up to around 2200m, follows one of various dirt tracks in good condition. These tracks are regularly used by locals in tractors (but not so regularly that you can rely on one passing on any given day.)
The hike starts from the village of Söğle ("Serlay"), 10km east of Elmalı. Expect to be harrassed by large shepherds' dogs in the first few kilometres; carry a strong stick and be prepared to throw stones, and keep walking as they are defending their territory. The route alternates between farmland and sparse forest for the first approx 12km before emerging above the treeline and passing high mountain pastures.
There are a number of wells along the route. Bucket and rope is NOT provided - bring at least 10m of cord. Check with locals about water availability, as these wells run dry in the summer before the first rains.
Wildlife includes wolves, wild horses and eagles. Wolves target goats but are not a threat to humans. Snakes and scorpions are a possible danger as with anywhere in Turkey. The presence of hunters means that most wildlife keeps well away from people. A large house below the steep final section (visible on Google Earth) is run by the local mountain climbers association. It is locked and shuttered when not in use, however the covered porch could provide uncomfortable emergency shelter.  The final stage passes north of the summit, curves around from a comma-shaped valley (clearly visible on Google Earth), follows a footpath over a southbound pass, then breaks off to ascend the eastern ridge. This part is difficult talus and scree. Immediately below the summit ridge is a small valley. A stone circle here acts as an unroofed emergency shelter. Bear in mind that at this altitude, night-time temperatures will dip below freezing even in summer.
There's a reasonable selection of shops including supermarkets, ATMs, hunting shops (which may stock some outdoor/hiking gear, clothes shops etc.
There is no shortage of typical inexpensive Turkish restaurants on the main street. Prices are lower than more touristy towns.
SEHA is a pleasant cafe/patisserie on the main street, a little downhill from the hotel area. Upstairs is an airy, partly open-air spot for people-watching and with a good view of the mountain behind.