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Orange Walk Town

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There will be many '''street vendors''' selling tacos and the like in the morning. Try them. While you are in Belize, be sure to have some '''salbutes''' - fried corncakes, tomatoes, chicken - available at a couple of places along main street. There are a lot of Chinese restaurants in Belize, and they are usually pretty good, especially the bigger ones.
"*'''Sing Wong Chinese Restaurant''', Main Street.
One of the oldest and best Chinese restaurants (rated the cleanest) in town is Sing Wong Restaurant located between St. Christopher’s Hotel and the Banquitas House of Culture. It is only a five minute walk from the center of the town. The restaurant offers great Chinese food, sea food and vegetarian dishes for reasonable prices. Take out or dinning is available. Group reservations are also available. Telephone: (501) 322-0018
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