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South Holland

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| region5name=[[South-Holland-South]]
| region5name=[[South-Holland-South]]
| region5color=#578e86
| region5color=#cbcc51
| region5items=
| region5items=
| region5description=Flat landscapes surrounded by rivers, including the typical Dutch [[Kinderdijk]].
| region5description=Flat landscapes surrounded by rivers, including the typical Dutch [[Kinderdijk]].

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South-Holland [1] (Dutch: Zuid-Holland) is a province in the Netherlands.


South-Holland consists of the southern half of the historic County of Holland. It can roughly be divided into 5 regions:

Bulb Region
This area is famous for it's enormous flower fields, considered a typical landscape for the country. The Keukenhof is visited by millions of tourists each year.
Green Heart
In the middle of the Randstad conurbation lies the Green Heart, a green agricultural zone between the four biggest cities of the country. The flat polders and canals, considered typical for the country, can be explored by hiking or cycling.
The Hague is the political heart of the country, with numerous attractions like Madurodam and the Binnenhof. Interesting towns lie around it, such as the historic Delft, famous for it's typical blue-white Delftware ceramics.
Greater Rotterdam is an economic and urban giant and had the largest harbor in the world till 2005.
Flat landscapes surrounded by rivers, including the typical Dutch Kinderdijk.
Southern Islands
The islands Voorne-Putten and Goeree-Overflakkee are a good destination for water sports, but also for hikers and cyclists. Historic towns like Brielle, Hellevoetsluis and Middelharnis can be found here as well.


  • Alphen aan den Rijn — One of the oldest towns of the Netherlands with plenty of remains and museums about prehistory.
  • Delft — Old city of the Dutch East India Company, famous for it's Delftware pottery.
  • Dordrecht — Historical city with numerous museums.
  • Gouda — Historical city, most famous for it's Gouda Cheese and cheese market.
  • Leiden — Not just a historical city, but a very vibrant one, as it is a university city.
  • Rotterdam — Formerly the world's largest harbor. The modern town centre consists of modern architecture built almost completely after World War II.
  • Schiedam — Historical city known for it's jenever, a Dutch alcoholic drink, and the five largest windmills of the world.
  • The Hague — Seat of the government and numerous attractions like Madurodam.
  • Zoetermeer — A typical suburbian city, which exploded from 10.000 inhabitants in 1962 to 120.000 inhabitants currently. Snowworld is one of the few interesting events for tourists.

Other destinations

  • Kaag — Nice area with lots of lakes for waterfun. Good for walking, fishing, sailing and swimming.
  • Keukenhof — Millions of tourists visit these enormous flower fields.
  • Kinderdijk — These mills show the typical Dutch landscape in all it's glory.
  • Nieuwkoop — The lakes offer lots of opportunities for enjoying water sports.
  • Noordwijk aan Zee — Historical city with a nice beach.
  • Noordwijkerhout
  • Scheveningen — Largest and most-populous beach of the Netherlands. A part of the city of The Hague



Get in

Get around


  • The windmills of Kinderdijk (on the Unesco heritage list)



  • Go sailing on the Kager Plassen.
  • Go cycling through the polders or the coastal dunes or from historic town to historic town.



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