South Georgia Island

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South Georgia Island

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South Georgia Island is a sub-Antarctic island located 1390 km southeast of the Falkland Islands and 2150 km from South America. It is the home of vast numbers of birds and marine life, but its remote location and lack of access makes it a rare destination for tourists.

Get in

There are no airstrips on the island, so aside from an occasional visit from a military seaplane the only access to the island is by boat. Most tourists arrive on icebreakers and other large vessels as a part of a trip to the Antarctic Peninsula, although a handful of smaller boats also brave the rough passage to the island. Whether on a small or large boat, even the crustiest old seaman should expect to become seasick during the crossing and should bring appropriate medications.

Companies that can help to arrange travel to the islands include:

  • Cheeseman's Ecology Safaris - A family owned company that leads a trip to the Falklands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula almost every year.
  • Golden Fleece Expeditions - Run by Jerome Poncet, a resident of the Falklands who has been visiting South Georgia longer than anyone else. His boat, the Golden Fleece, holds eight passengers.


Some people believe that St. Andrew's Bay holds more density of wildlife than any other place on earth, and a first view of the massive king penguin colony and seal rookery makes this claim hard to doubt. This island is a paradise for wildlife lovers, with literally millions and millions of animals going about their lives with little concern for the handful of humans that occasionally appear.

  • St. Andrew's Bay
  • Salisbury Plain
  • Grytviken
  • Drygalkski Fjord
  • Albatross Island
  • Elsehul
  • Cooper Bay


  • Photography
  • Skiing
  • Hiking
  • Sailing
  • Research




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