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Snowkite Skyline Drive

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Snowkite Skyline Drive

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Skyline Drive Utah

Skyline Drive at the top of Fairview canyon in Central Utah is an excellent place to Snowkite. At an altitude of nearly 10,000 feet, the Wasatch Plateau creates plenty of wind, snow, and excitement! The wind is fairly steady at 5-15 MPH.

Snowkite Launch Site

Get in

To access the Skyline Drive Snowkiting complex head up Fairview Canyon on highway 31. Snowplows keep the road cleared all winter. Pull-out parking is located at the launch site near mile marker #14 for convenient unloading.

The Skyline east of the town of Ephraim is also a good place to snowkite. The road in the wintertime, however, is not plowed and you will need to snowmobile the groomed trail up the canyon until you reach the 10,000 foot summit.

Get around

Your snowkite will take you where you want to go on the top of the skyline along highway 31. If you want to snowkite in the back country you will need a snowmobile. Rentals are available in Fairview.


Snowkiting equipment can be purchased and lessons taken in Mount Pleasant from Windzup]


There are no restaurants in the national forest so you will either need to drive down to the valley communities or bring your own food. Head to Fairview, Mount Pleasant, or Ephraim


Lodging can be found in Fairview, Mount Pleasant, or Ephraim. These communities are only a short drive down the canyon from the Skyline Snowkiting Complex.

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