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A 1000 kilometer hiking trail that goes around all of skåne.

The trail is diveded into four sub-trails

  • Kust-Kust leden ( Coast to Coast trail )
  • Ås-Ås leden ( Ridge to Ridge trail )
  • Nord-Syd leden ( North to South trail )
  • Österlen leden ( Österlen trail )

Kust-Kust leden

Ås-Ås leden

Starts in Åstorp on Söderåsen and goes to Agusa on Linderödsåsen.

Weekend hikes

  • Röstånga - Åstorp

Fantastic trip that goes through one of skånes most beautiful national parks Söderåsen ( known as Skånes grand canyon ). A lenghty hike but not to hard if you are in ok shape. About 45 kilometers.
Day one: Take the train to Röstånga on friday afternoon, hike to Liagården and camp there. 6 km
Day two: Hike from Liagården to Krika skog ( Krika forest ) and camp there. 17 km
Day three: From Kirka skog hike to Åstorp and take the train back. 23 km
Trains leave to Malmö/Lund/Helsingborg every hour. Change trains in Helsingborg or Ramlösa if you are going to Malmö/Lund

Nord-Syd leden

Österlen leden

Getting there

Plan your trips on Skånetrafiken.


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