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Singles travel

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Singles travel

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Singles travel is travel undertaken by single people, at least partly with the purpose of meeting other single travellers.

Almost any form of travel can be singles travel. Resorts like Club Med and others cater to an upscale singles market, as well as to other vacationers. For a younger and more budget-conscious set, urban backpacking can offer many opportunities to meet people. Organised activities such as scuba diving or rock climbing can bring together people who share a common interest. Almost any resort area, surfing beach or tourist town offers some opportunities as well.

There is also increasing marketing aimed specifically at singles. In particular, many cruise ships offer cruises for singles, and some resorts cater to that market as well. There are also land tours, generally hosted by a travel agency which provides organized activities and is available if any problems arise.

Meet People

Single traveling can be an opportunity to meet new people. Some of the ways to meet new people are:

  • Talk to people while traveling - ask for directions, ask about interesting things to do around the place and then take the conversation forward
  • Offer to take pictures or ask someone to take your pictures
  • Stay in hostels instead of Hotels. People in hostels are younger and easier to make friends with
  • Try sites like Mingle Trips to find other single travelers who will be in the same city on same dates as you. Plan to meet
  • Take public transport. You are more likely to meet people in buses and trains than a taxi

While meeting strangers, always be respectful and aware of cultural issues. Smile and be helpful. Don't be pushy. And remember, always use your common sense and be safe. When in doubt, stay out.

Stay safe

When you are traveling alone, it is very important to be careful.

  • Stay on the tourist areas or places that have a lot of people around. Don't stray into empty lanes.
  • Never accept food or drinks from strangers
  • If you are drinking with a stranger, make sure your drink is made in front of you. Don't leave the drink unguarded. If you have to use the washroom, come back and buy another drink
  • Don't wear very expensive jewelry or accessories
  • Select clothes based on local culture. In many countries like in Middle East, Central Asia, wearing very revealing clothes will draw unnecessary attention and harassment
  • Be respectful to local culture and people. Don't get into unnecessary arguments, political discussions or a fight
  • Buses are safer than taxis
  • Keep your travel documents, cash, etc in lockers in your hotel room

Stay healthy

  • If there is any chance at all of having sex with anyone other than a long-term partner, carry condoms.

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