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Silicon Valley

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Silicon Valley

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The Silicon Valley lies at the southern tip of the San Francisco Bay. Once best known for its prune orchards, the area underwent explosive growth with the creation of the high-tech industry in the 1960s. Although much of the area suffers from the suburban sprawl typical of much of the western United States, it still has some remarkable charm. The nearby Santa Cruz mountains make for a welcome respite from bustling 21st-century cyberliving.


The term Silicon Valley was invented in the mid 1970s. Naturally, the local residents had names for their region prior to this newfangled name, and still use them. The term Silicon Valley overlaps several of the pre-existing names for this region including parts of the South Bay and Peninsula.

Because the electronics industry is considered somewhat prestigious, nearby communities often redefine the term Silicon Valley to include themselves.


The following cities are generally included in Silicon Valley, even though are outside of Santa Clara County