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A number of products are unique to this area.  Sea Buckthorn(shājíshǔ; 沙棘属), a tree that grows along the riverbanks, produces berries that are used in a number of products.  Visitors can try the locally-made sea buckthorn juice, sold in small cans or as a powder.  The berries are also used to make various types and strengths of alcohol (shājíjiǔ; 沙棘酒), which can be purchased at most shops in the main street of Rilong.  There is also a locally-made red wine that can be purchased for around 120 yuan from liquor shops.
Dried yak can be purchased in vacuum-sealed packets from many shops, in addition to a large number of other Tibetan-style souvenirs.
During spring, Caterpillar Fungus (chóngcǎo; 虫草) can be purchased from street vendors in Rilong and around the region.  Caterpillar Fungus is a traditional Chinese medicine, and sells for 20-50 Yuan per caterpillar, however in Rilong it is collected from within the World Heritage site, depriving some native animals of a natural food source.  Refrain from buying this unusual product if you can.

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