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Sighnaghi (Signagi) (Georgian: სიღნაღი) is a town in Georgia's easternmost region of Kakheti and the administrative center of the Sighnaghi District. It is one of the country's smallest towns with a population of about 3000. Sighnaghi's economy is dominated by production of wine and traditional carpets. Sighnaghi has recently undergone a fundamental reconstruction program and has become an important center of Georgia's tourist industry. Although for Sighnaghi itself half day of sightseeing will be more than enough, but this town is probably the best base for exploring the region on daily trips. You can follow the road from Sighnaghi to Telavi via Gurjaani visiting wineries on the way, escape for a day to Kvareli lake resort or Lagodekhi National park, go visit Davit Gareja monasteries on Azerbaijan border. Do not expect wild night life here. Sighnaghi is the place to drink local wine and enjoy delicious Kakhetian food in one of the many restaurants. Getting there and away: From Tbilisi marshrutkas run daily 7 am - 6 pm from Samgori station. Travel duration 1.5 hours, cost 6 gel, with a same schedule returning.

  • XVIII century Sighnaghi town wall, (Sighnaghi fortification is one of the biggest in Georgia, its area occupies 40 hectares. Town wall has 23 bases and 6 gates, its width is 1.5 m, height 4.5 m and total length is 4.5 km.).
  • XVII century St. Giorgi church.
  • St.Stephen church in Sighnaghi fortress.
  • Bodbe Convent, (Located 2 km outside of Sighnaghi it is one of the most important places of pilgrimages. St.Nino, IV c. apostle of Georgia is buried here. Monastery itself was constructed in the end of V century by Vakhtang Gorgasali. Bodbe monastery was reconstructed in XIX century.).
  • St.Nino spring, (If you go down the hill from Bodbe Convent you'll find St.Nino spring. You can wash your self in holy and allegedly healing water here).
  • Khornabuji fortress, (Located near Dedoplitskaro this is an ancient fortification on the rocks, first mentioned in V century. It was invaded by Mongols in XIII century).
  • Pirosmani museum, (On the ground floor you can see archeological artifacts of Georgian history and on the first floor there are 16 original paintings of the most famous Georgian painter Nikolos Pirosmani). Working hours 11.30-18.30. Ticket 1.5 Gel.
  • Sunday market in Bodbiskhevi, (You can enjoy traditional market here every Sunday morning and buy everything that your heart desires - from fresh fruits and home made wine to handcrafts or even cattle.).
  • Host of Sighnaghi, Baratashvili str., first restaurant you see entering Sighnaghi coming from Tbilisi. Delicious khinkali, mtsvadi and other Georgian specialties.. For full meal plus wine you shouldn't pay more than 15-20 gel per person.


Hotel Maia is really nice place with hospital hostsst, proie is 15 $ per person (incl breakfest), st gieorgy street 7 [email protected], + 99599554371. There are plenty of home-stays in Sighnaghi as well as high class hotels.

  • Hostel Tura, (Hostel is located 3 km outside Sighnaghi in Qedeli neighborhood. Follow the main road to/from Tbilisi then turn to unpaved road when you see a sign Hostel Tura. Follow that road for about 500 meters and you'll find it), +995 555 61 66 11 (), [1]. checkin: 24/7; checkout: 24/7. 20 gel/ person, breakfast included.
  • Tura Tours, +995 555 61 66 11 (), [2]. Day (or longer) trips to Davit Gareja, Vashlovani National park,Lagodekhi, Dedoplitskaro etc.; wine tours. 60-200 gel per trip.