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Fars : Shiraz
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Hafez Tomb

Shiraz [2] (شیراز) is the capital of Fars province and a treasure trove of Persian culture. It was the capital of Iran during the Zand dynasty (1747-79), and also the celebrated birthplace of the great poets Hafiz and Saadi. It is also the origin of one of the best wines in world called Syrah. The city has a population of about 1,300,000.

Get in

By plane

Turkish Airlines is operating weekly 4 direct flights from Istanbul to Shiraz and vice versa.

By bus

Shiraz is well connected to most parts of the country by bus.

By car

Freeways connect the city to Isfahan, Kerman, Bushehr, Ahvaz and Yasouj, and Bandar-e Abbas is reachable by highway.

By Train

Shiraz Train station has recently been finished and there will be Trains to Persepolis, Isfahan and Tehran.

Get around

For non-Persian visitors, taxis are probably the most convenient mean of transport. However be sure to haggle for a good price prior to getting into the car.

If an unmarked car stops while you are hailing a taxi, don't be alarmed. Many taxis in Shiraz are unmarked and also as a means to supplement their income, is not uncommon to find private car owners touting themselves as taxis.

However it always best to find a taxi through a reputable "telephone taxi" agency. For a set fee, drivers of these agencies will take passengers to their destination, drive them around town and also wait for them while they shop or run errands. All hotels and local residents will have a phone number of one these agencies. There are also taxis driven by women that specifically cater to women passengers.

The city also has a reasonable bus service.


Dont hesitate to talk to people, especially youths. Almost all of them speak English well enough to talk to you, answer your questions and chat with you. They're all very welcoming and like getting into conversation with you. Some of them might even invite you to be their guest.


Saadi Thomb
  • Hafez Tomb - Recommended. Mausoleum of Hafez- Hafez (1324-1391), the greatest master of Persian lyric poetry and the literary giant of the 14th century, was born in Shiraz, lived all his life here, sang its praises in unsurpassed verse and was buried in a garden known after him as the Hafezieh, in the northeast part of the city. The extraordinary popularity and the wide appeal of this great poet among all Persian-speaking people make his tomb a cherished placed, visited by all. This mausoleum too was rebuilt in the early 50’s. A flight of stone steps reaches to the tomb under a tiled cupola resembling a dervish’s hat. The tombstone is beautifully inscribed with two of Hafez’s poems or Ghazals. Visitors to the tomb can still, as they have done for centuriesm take the omens, or faals, by picking a page at random from a volume of Hafez, kept for this purpose.
  • Saadi Tomb - Recommended. Mausoleum of Saadi: Here lie the earthly remains of one of Iran’s greatest poets-Sa’di. Even from the very early days after the poet’s death, the mausoleum of Sa’di became a place of pilgrimage to lovers of poetry and literature. In 1808 AD Karim Khan Zand renovated the mausoleum. The tomb was rebuilt in the early 50’s. The porch with its tall columns of pinkish marble is a traditional feature of Iranian architecture.
  • Arg of Karim Khan - formerly a prison, but now an architectural wonder on exhibit.
Afif Abad Gardens
  • Afif abad Garden (Bagh-e-afifabad) - a garden and houses owned by the Ghavami family. Highly recommended.
Eram Garden
  • Eram Garden (Bagh-e-eram) - Highly recommended.
  • Narangestan Qavam (Bagh-e-naranjestan) - highly recommended
  • Delgosha Garden (Bagh-e-delgosha)
Interior of Nasir al-Mulk Mosque
  • Nasir al-Mulk Mosque
  • Jame’e Atigh Mosque
  • Vakil Mosque
  • New mosque
  • Vakil Bath - Highly recommended.
  • Vakil Bazaar - hundreds of vendors housed in an ancient bazaar. Highly recommended.
  • Saray-e-Moshir - a caravansary at the south entrance of Bazaar Vakil, which now functions as exhibition space for Iranian handicrafts. highly recommended.
  • Mesgarha Bazaar
  • Moshir-e-Now Bazaar
  • Shah Cheragh - Highly recommended. Seyed Amir Ahmad, known as Shah-e Cheragh, the brother of Imam Reza, came to Shiraz in the latter half of the 8th century. He passed away in the city and his tomb is now a respected place of pilgrimage. The structure, tile work and the dome of the mausoleum have been rebuilt several times over the centuries. The tomb, the beautiful silver doors and the exquisite mirror work are the handicrafts of masters and contemporary artists of Shiraz.
  • Khwaju Kermani Tomb
  • Abesh Khatoon Tomb
  • Seyed Taj-e-din Gharib Tomb
  • Sheykh Roozbahan Tomb
  • Khan school
  • Ghal'eye Karim Khan
  • Christians Church
  • Qor'an Gate (Dar vazeh Quran) - the city's main entrance. The original gate was built as an ornamental decoration by the Buwwayhids (Buwayhid dynasty) about 1000 years ago, but this was replaced 60 years ago by new gate, which is considered one of the finest architectural designs in Iran and has won numerous awards. From the the gate walk up the stone stairways to enjoy picturesque and panoramic views of Shiraz. The tomb of Khajooyeh Kermanee, a famous poet is also located here. Hidden in the alleys on the hill-side are numerous restaurants that serve the finest chelo kabob. It is an excellent place for picnics and taking photographs.


Retail stores usually open between 9AM and 1PM, reopening again from 5PM to 9PM. It is customary to haggle for a discount, which is referred to as a takhfeef.

  • Bazaar Vakeel - a huge ancient bazaar specializing in fine carpets, textiles, antiques and handicrafts, and spices . There is also a wonderful courtyard with a pool located in the bazaar perfect for photographs. It is called 'SARAYE MOOSHIR'. Visit Sharzeh and Hamam Vakeel for a great dining experience located just outside the bazaar.

Shopping Malls:

  • Hafez Shopping Center, Afifabad Blv.
  • Setareh e Fars Shopping Center, Afifabad Blv.
  • Sina Shopping Center, Motahhari Blv.
  • Aftab Fars Shopping Center, MaaliAbaad Blv.
  • Zaytoon Shopping Center, Paramount Intersection.


  • Kebab with rice - like elsewhere in Iran, the mighty old kebab with rice is a common fare, though Shiraz does offer a local variation on the national dish.
  • Shirazi Salad - A delicious and famous salad available throughout Iran, made with cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and a simple lemon juice and olive oil dressing.
  • Masghati Halva - a great dessert and snack.
  • Nokhod(Chickpea) Cookie - delicious cookie made of chickpea, known as one of Shiraz's souvenirs.
  • Shirazi Paloodeh - Paloodeh is an ice cream made of rice starch, which takes the form of noodles. It is flavored with "sharbat" (sugar water), which can be of different flavors. Shirazian paloodeh is the best paloodeh in Iran especially when mixed with Bahar-e-Naranj Distill.

  • Soltanie Shopping Center, Motahari Square.


Almost all of these places have Live music playing

  • Bel passi, Italian Rstaurant
  • Brentin,
  • Lotus Restaurant, on the 13th floor of Pars International Hotel
  • Lotus Restaurant, on the top floor of Setareh-e-Fars Shopping Center
  • Kaktoos Restaurant
  • Shater Abbas
  • Sharzeh Restaurant, a classic old restaurant located just outside the Vakil bazaar
  • Soofi Restaurant, traditional restaurant located at Sattarkhan St.
  • Hammam-e-Vakil (Vakil Bath), classic old style restaurant
  • Parmin Restaurant
  • Shandiz Restaurant
  • Sita Traditional Restaurant, with Live Iranian Music
  • Gambron SeaFood Restaurant, serving famous food from the whole of Persian gulf
  • Dragon, Chinese Food
  • Noor , Lebanese Restaurant,Chamran Blv

Fast Food

You can find at least one fast food parlor in every Street of Shiraz.

  • Bagro, Experience the real and exellent taste of pizza and sandwich in a lovely place.
  • Givani, Modern restaurant offering Burgers,FC,Pizza
  • Safir SFC, another Modern themed restaurant
  • Exis, Italian and Mexican Fast Foods
  • Sand,A lovely Fast food with Unique interior design.
  • Iranwich
  • Hot
  • Rabo
  • Soofi
  • Shaverma
  • 110 Wimpy
  • Emperor
  • Zaver, Great Italian Pizzas.
  • Haft khan


You can find coffee shops at shopping centers and on the main streets. Some are big and some are small.

  • Brentin ,Sattarkhan Blv
  • Blensi ,Dena Building, Moali abad Blv
  • Wafi ,Dena Building, Moali abad Blv
  • Parmin ,Parmin Building, Moali abad Blv
  • Tulip ,Khakshenasi st
  • Safir ,Ghasr dasht st
  • Soofi ,Chencheneh Intersection

Food Gardens

There are a lot of gardens out of Shiraz, most have been remodeled as restaurants. Most have live music playing in the evenings and offer great view.

  • Nakhlestan Garden
  • Padra Garden, relatively new
  • Darband Garden
  • Silvia Garden


Alcohol is illegal in Iran, though available on the black market. Shiraz is internationally famous for its distinctive red wine.

  • Doogh is a popular and delicious naturally-carbonated yogurt drink. It is generally served with ice and a dash of mint.
  • Distill's - Shiraz have many kind of aromatic distill's.



There are a few budget hotels located about 200m south of the roundabout at Arg-é Karim Khan. Darya Hotel is clean and 50,000 rials per night (5,000 tomans)( about four euro)

  • Niayesh Boutique Hotel, No. 10, Shahzadeh Jamali Lane, Bibi Dokhtaran Mausoleum Lane, Namazi junction, Lotfali Khan-e Zand St., +98-711-2233623 (), [1]. checkin: 14.00; checkout: 13.00. A new hotel with a nice inner courtyard and an OK restaurant serving standard fare. Nice and clean dorms. Bit difficult to find, but it's not far from Shah-e Cheragh Shrine. From the police station 300 meters or so up the road it's clearly signposted. Great value for money. Optional extras like tea and laundry are quite expensive, so make sure you settle on a price before agreeing to use additional services. Dorms go at US$ 10 (excl breakfast).


  • Shiraz Hotel reservation - Pardis Reservation Network [3]
  • Aryo-Barzan Hotel, Roodaki Ave. Tel: +98 (711) 2247182-4 . Fax: +98 (711) 2228959 [4]
  • Parseh Hotel, 22Bahman St. Tel:+98 (711) 2226600 . Fax: +98 (711) 2223003
  • Parsian Hotel, Roodaki Ave. Tel:+98 (711) 2304965-69 . Fax:+98 (711) 2331000
  • Apadana Hotel, Ahli St. Tel:+98 (711) 2301336 & 2359322 . Fax:+98 (711) 2301337
  • Shiraz Eram Hotel, Karim Khan-é Zand. Tel:+98 71 230-3884 [5]


  • Homa Hotel, Meshkinfam St., next to Azadi Park. Tel:+98 (711) 2288000-9 . Fax:+98 (711) 2288014 & 2288021 [6] - housed in the former Intercontinental.
  • Pars International Hotel, Zand Boulevard. Tel:+98 (711) 2332255 . Fax:+98 (711) 2307006 & 2336380 - highly recommended.
  • Persepolis International Hotel, Atlasi Sq. , Azadi Blvd., Tel: +98 (711) 2271280-94 . Fax: +98 (711) 2280941 [7]

Get out

Pasargad was a Persian capital built by Cyrus the Great in the 6th century BC. Around 500 BC, Darius built a new capital at Persepolis 50 km away. Both are now on the UNESCO World Heritage List and both are near Shiraz.

Persepolis (Takht-e-Jamshid)
  • Takht-e-Jamshid (Persepolis) - The center of the great Persian Empire, ceremonial capital of the Achaemenians and the showpiece of Achaemenian art, Persepolis (Capital of Persia in Greek) is a historic site in Fars Province, 60 km to the northeast of Shiraz. Iranians call it Takht-e Jamshid (The throne of Jamshid), Jamshid being the first, probably mythical, ruler of Iran. This magnificent court was the summer residence of the Achaemenian emperors and their official reception quarters. It must be by some strange accident of history that Persepolis was never mentioned in foreign records, for it was here that representatives of all the varied peoples of the empire gathered to pay homage, and bring tribute, to the King of Kings, probably each spring, at the time of the ancient Now Ruz festival. Although set on fire and destroyed by Alexander in a gesture symbolizing the destruction of Persian imperial power, its still impressive ruins permit a fairly complete reconstruction of its original appearance.

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