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Seraiki phrasebook

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Down: neeche
Down: neeche
Where is ...?: keeta hey....?
Where is ...?: keeta hey....?

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Seraiki is spoken mainly in the Pakistani provines of southeren punjab and sindh. Seraiki is an old language. You mostly hear it in the countryside but people in multan and Bahawalpur mainly speak Seraiki. The language itself is usualy considered a dialect of Punjabi or Sindhi.

Sounds and Guide to Pronounciation

kh: Think of how the Scottish say loch or a German ch. gh: a guzzle type sound from deep in the throat hard for westerners. Have someone from nNrth Africa the Middle East or Asia to help you pronounce it. au: think,owww!

General Conversation

How are you?: ap ka kya kal hay?(Formal to be used with strangers and the elderly). kya hal hay?(Less formal).

I'm fine: Main teek hoo.

I'm bad: Kharab

Whats your name?: Teda na kya hay?

My name is...: mera nam .... hey.

Thank you: Shukrian.

Good Bye!: khuda hafeez!

Yes: jee, or, haa. No: nehee


Forwards: agay

Backwards: pichay

Left: daya

Right: baya

Up : ooper

Down: neeche


Where is ...?: keeta hey....?

Bathroom:?: ghulstak hannah

police:?: police

I need a doctor!: Docktor!!!

I've been hurt.: mere zakhm ho gaya!!

Stop!: rukh


Water: panni

Soda: pepsi

Bread: naan

Chicken: murgha