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San Pedro Sula

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[[Image:San Pedro Sula cathedral.jpg|300px|thumb|San Pedro Sula cathedral]]
[[Image:San Pedro Sula cathedral.jpg|300px|thumb|San Pedro Sula cathedral]]
{{warningbox|As of March 2013 San Pedro Sula has been named as the most dangerous place on earth as people are murdered here everyday, it is one of the world's most violent areas.}}  
{{warningbox|As of March 2013, San Pedro Sula has been named as the most dangerous place on earth as people are murdered here every day; it is one of the world's most violent areas.}}  
'''San Pedro Sula''' is in northern [[Honduras]]. It is the second largest city in Honduras after the capital [[Tegucigalpa]]. The focus of industry in Honduras, it is mostly a modern city (unlike more picturesque [[Comayagua]], Tegucigalpa, etc). It is a good base for entering the country and visiting other parts, and offers modern amenites.
'''San Pedro Sula''' is in northern [[Honduras]]. It is the second largest city in Honduras after the capital [[Tegucigalpa]]. The focus of industry in Honduras, it is mostly a modern city (unlike more picturesque [[Comayagua]], Tegucigalpa, etc). It is a good base for entering the country and visiting other parts, and offers modern amenites.

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San Pedro Sula cathedral
Travel Warning WARNING: As of March 2013, San Pedro Sula has been named as the most dangerous place on earth as people are murdered here every day; it is one of the world's most violent areas.

San Pedro Sula is in northern Honduras. It is the second largest city in Honduras after the capital Tegucigalpa. The focus of industry in Honduras, it is mostly a modern city (unlike more picturesque Comayagua, Tegucigalpa, etc). It is a good base for entering the country and visiting other parts, and offers modern amenites.

Get in

San Pedro Sula has one of the main International Airports in Honduras.

International flights come in from New York City, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, Panama City, Mexico City, San Salvador and San José.

air viva connects San Pedro Sula with domestic destinations such as La Ceiba, Roatan, Tegucigalpa, Utila and Guanaja.

Bus service links it to other cities and towns in the country.

Get around

The center is fairly compact and can be gotten around by foot; cars, taxis, and buses run around the city and the surrounding area. The airport is about 5-10 miles from the city center, yet taxis are plentiful at the airport.


  • Cusuco National Park' [[10]]- Take a 4x4 tour through Sierra Merendon into Cusuco Park and check out the city from above, Join a volunteer program in the traditional villages, Explore the park with the famous Cusuco Mountain Backpacking route or take a private all inclusive tour.
  • Museum of Anthropology & History - This museum has a selection of pre-Columbian pottery, grinders and other items up through colonial times. Some Spanish would be helpful since few items have English labels.
  • People-watch at Parque Central, the main square.


Throughout San Pedro Sula and neighboring cities, you can find amazing markets. You can buy artisan things like leather work, textiles, silver, jewelry and much more. Bartering and shopping are a cultural experience all their own.

There are many day trips available at San Pedro Sula. You can hike through Cusuco National Park. Visit Taulabe caves and Pulapanzak Waterfalls. Have a boat ride and bird watching at Lake Yohoa. Swim at Punta Sal National Park exotic beaches. Walk through Copan's arqueological site and horse back ride in a coffee tour.

The Mall Multi Plaza, Mega Plaza and Metro Plaza all have cinema complexes. Closer to downtown you will find 2 or 3 cinemas, Multicines Plaza being the best. Movie releases are a few months behind the USA or Western Countries. Most movies are shown in English with Spanish subtitles. Ticket prices range from $1.20 to $2.50 depending on the cinema and to extent the quality of their facilities. So if you enjoy the movies and like nice chairs and good sound try one of the more up market places. Movies are usually shown at 3, 5, 7 and 9 PM. Tuesday is a popular day, with 2 tickets for the price of one, but be prepared to go early to get a seat, as sometimes tickets do sell out. All local papers have a daily cinema schedule.


There is an artisan market very close to the park that contains a vast array of touristy Honduran products. For more quality pieces, try Casa del Sol across the street.

  • Danilo's Pura Piel (Danilo's Leather), Col. Trejo, 18 AVE S.O., 8 y 9 Calle, San Pedro Sula, (504)504-552-0656, [1].


A few restaurants have sprung up recently: for meat try La Estancia and El Portal de La Carne. You can eat Mexican food in Cebollines and Fogoncito and for authentic Italian food try Tre Fratelli, Bel Paese and Dai Santi. All popular American fast food chains are available in the city, however, try Pollo Campero, a Guatemalan fried chicken chain and Pollos el Hondureño, autentic Honduran fast food chain. The Skandia cafe at the Grand Hotel Sula is open 24 hours with a good selection. Most selections are good but the rotisary chicken is great. Skip the scrambled eggs or omlets. For a wide selection, go to City Mall food court with lots of choices, both US fast food and Honduran versions. Another great option only found in San Pedro Sula is Power Chicken, the most popular location right in front of the City Mall. Here you can try familiar food with a Honduran twist. Very good and very cheap

  • Don Udos. Don Udos is located on Boulevard Morazon a few blocks up from the Circunvalacion. A favorite amongst foreigners it has a good variety of international dishes and a good variety of wine. Meal prices: US$8 to US$15
  • Arnie's Diner and Grill, is located on 7 st, 19 Ave SO in Barrio Rio de Pierdas. The Restaurant has an international menu, friendly staff and good service and is one of the best value for money restaurants in San Pedro Sula. Meal Prices: US$6 to US$12. Web Page: [11]
  • Chef Marianos, Chef Marianos is located in Zona Viva and offers a range of Honduran and Garifuna dishes, seafood dishes being a specialty. Meal Prices: US$6 to US$12
  • Las Carnitas, Las Carnitas is located in Zona Viva and is a local favorite, for its open-air atmosphere, occasional live music and Honduran style beef and chicken dishes. Meal Prices: US$5 to US$10
  • Pamplona, Pamplona is located in Central Park and is a local icon. The place gets very busy during lunch times and breakfasts. It offers a range of national and international dishes at very good prices, such as chicken soup for only $1.50. The restaurant is AC and offers a nice place to escape with a cool drink and coffee from the downtown heat. Meal Prices: US$1.50 to US$6

The Antojitos Mexicanos, Antojitos Mexicanos has 2 popular locations, one downtown in Central Park the other on the Circunvalacion near Zona Viva. Antojitos is one of the cheapest places to eat in the city, with Mexican style tacos, enchiladas, tortas and so on. The Circunvalacion branch has its own groups of Mariachis who strum and blow their stuff in the evenings for the patrons, nice place to eat cheap, drink a beer or two and to soak up some local atmosphere. Meal Prices: US$2 to US$5

San Pedro Sula is home to a lot of additional eating options, which have a wide range of prices from budget to upper class. There is far to many to list here the above places are just some recommended places to start. Other notable Restaurants are Ruby Tuesdays, TGI Fridays and Applebee's. Also if you missing Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, Church's Chicken, Popeye's, and so forth, San Pedro Sula has no shortages of fast food places. Or better still try some of the local fast food places such as Pollo Campero, Bicos, Power Chicken (great name) or 2 x 1 Pizza.

  • La Hamaca Hostel, 19 avenida, 12 calle, Colonia Trejo, 98224985, [2]. 24. Food is an integral part of the every Latin culture. To understand why, you need to travel and most of all experience it, enjoying every moment one bite at a time . Honduran food is a fusion of African, Spanish, and indigenous cuisine. Ingredients like coconut, beans, corn, plantains and fresh seafood will cause a flavor fiesta in your mouth. If you like it spicy, we can serve you our house salsas that will finally make you roll your ¨r´s¨ but don’t worry we also serve cold beer to help you get through it. We believe that food should be a part of your Honduran experience, thats why we try to incorporate in our menu the essence of the main dishes in every breakfast, lunch, dinner or any other in between cravings you might have. We also have a regular menu and we will always have a vegetarian option.


San Pedro Sula is home to a lot of bars. A fun night can be had in Zona Viva going from bar to bar. A local favorite and fun place to hang out is La Cava in Barrio Los Andes 2 and 3 Calle, 16 Ave NO. Great Karaoke nights and occasional live music on the weekends packs the people in. Jerry the owner mixes a range or cocktails. Watch out for the Barcardi 121 or ask if he has some Guaro for a fire packed drink. There is a good selection of music and the patrons are always happy to have a chat.

Karaoke Club in Zona Viva is a popular place with the locals and even if you are not a Karaoke fan it can be a good place to catch some quality music. The quality of the singers is at times surprising and at other times not so surprising. Big Daddies, Caribbean and Gators Sports Bar are also all popular spots in Zona Viva. Bars do come and go regularly in San Pedro Sula, so just look for a place with some people and some music.

TGI Fridays, Applebee's, Ruby Tuesdays and Fogancito's are all popular places to eat and drink on the weekends. All places are well located near the Circunvalcion.

For a bit more local color and atmosphere, consider visiting a local disco. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights are the most popular. But most discos are open every night except Monday. Check the local papers for promotion nights such as ladies night, live music, beer promotions or open bar (cover charge, then all you care to drink).

The pick of the discos is Kawamas Bay, which is located on the Circunvalcion. The disco plays a lot of Latin music and has a friendly staff. It can get very busy on the weekends usually around 11.00 PM. The disco stays open to 5 AM or 6 PM and it is a place to dance. You will find more people on the dance floor than at the bar or tables and chairs for most of the night. So put on your dancing shoes and be ready for some Salsa, Merengue and Punta. No need to worry, since you will still get a bit of house, rock and techno music. Cover charges vary from $2.50 to $6, depending on the night.

Millenium Disco is located in the Social Club Arabe at the end of Barrio Rio Pierdas the disco is the classiest place in town. Friday and Saturday nights are busy and cover charges vary from $3.50 to $6.

The Sampedrano Cultural Center holds regularly events such as concerts, performances and art shows. Call (504) 553-3911 or 553-3768 for event schedules.

For safety reasons, be sure to take a taxi when traveling even just a few blocks after dark. Walking around Zona Viva is OK but only within a block or two radius of the area. Otherwise just get a taxi, most fares cost $2 to $3, but prices do go up the later the night gets.

  • Atucun Bar/Pub, 3 calle entre 18 y 19 avenida (1 block from burger king main), 98224985, [3]. 8:30 pm to 2:00 am. Open from wednesday to saturday ! drink specials with honduran traditional liquors ! Conveniently located off of avenida circunvalacion, Great music and great people make for an even greater party in this cozy little bar. $1.50 beer.
  • Power Chicken, Barrio Suyapa Esquina Zona Viva (Frente a City Mall), 2553-5353, [4]. Traditional Honduran food served fast-good style. A staple of Honduran cuisine with 4 locations within the city.


There is a hotel which costs 6 USD per night (although there are flyers saying $8). It's in the 9a Calle A between 10a and 11a Avenida.

  • Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula, [12]. Located near the new City Mall, this hotel features 120 rooms, great amenities and a superb swimming pool. This hotel is really comfortable and in a fairly safe area. It has an amazing view from their glass windowed hotel.
  • Real InterContinental San Pedro Sula, Colonia Hernández y Boulevard del Sur. San Pedro Sula, 3818. Honduras, +1 504 5452500 (fax: +1 504 5452527), [5]. The Real InterContinental San Pedro Sula has 149 rooms with internet access, 7 suites, executive floors, restaurant, gym, spa, pool, mail service, copier, among others Prices range between $100 - $450.
  • Grupo Christal, [13]is a new concept in boutique hotels in Honduras; Villa Toscana is in San Pedro Sula in an exotic tropical garden, in a site that is walking distance from the main shopping centers of the City. [14]
  • Best Western Hotel Gran Sula. Located right on the Parque, accessible to all parts of the city, and good prices. Also, try the Oro Verde bar near the entrance.
  • Hotel Copantl. Located 10 minutes from the San Pedro Sula airport and close to the Circunvalcion, Multi Plaza Mall and Zona Viva. The hotel has 190 rooms, business center, conference rooms, 2 restaurants, cafeteria, swimming pool, tennis court, gym, Jacuzzi, a lobby and piano bar and a casino.
  • Metrotel Inn and Suites, (504) 25590300 The hotel has 60 rooms, and offers cable TV, free breakfast, business center, swimming pool and children's area. The hotel also organizes day trips to the surrounding attractions of Tela, Lake Yojoa and Copan.
  • Hotel Terraza. Close to Central Park and popular with national visitors and travelers. The hotel offers a range of room types with varies prices. The hotel also has a restaurant, which serves up good value meals.
  • Hotel Los Jicaros, 2 calle, 11 avenida, N.O. (Atras del Crowne Plaza), 504-550-7003, [6]. checkin: 12:00; checkout: 12:00. Private parking at the hotel. $50-$60.
  • Hotel Guacamaya Inn (Bed & Breakfast), Col. Los Arcos, 19 y 21 ave 16 cll (Frente al Hotel Copantl), (504) 2556-8406, [7]. checkin: 14:00 (2 PM); checkout: 12:00. 9 room Bed & Breakfast hotel with triple, double and single rooms. Ideally located near two major malls, business centers and other shopping. Offers very comfortable rooms from USD 45.00 to USD 70.00. Includes a/c, hot water, free wi-fi, cable tv, covered private parking, and personal safe in room. Transportation available to/from airport shuttle and tours. US45.00.
  • Casa Maya Guesthouse (Guesthouse), Col. Casa Maya, near Villas Mackay, (504) 9514-2667, [8]. checkin: 14:00 (2 PM); checkout: 12:00. A small, new, relaxing guesthouse in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Clean, fresh, safe, and with a view to write home about! The view faces the Merendon mountain range, home of Cusuco national park. A/C, central hot water, Wifi, free espresso bar, purified water, and chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Airport & Bus terminal transportation available (free with 3+ nights' stay). $29.00/night, $23/night for 3+ nights, $130/week.
  • La Hamaca Hostel, Colonia Trejo, 19 avenida, 12 calle, +50497626620, [9]. checkin: 2:00 pm; checkout: 12:00 noon. The real hostel experience in San Pedro Sula. Excellent location 3 blocks from the City Mall. Facilities include restaurant, dorms, private rooms, movie and bbq nights, free wifi, breakfast for private rooms, pool table, 24 hour security and tours. Airport and bus terminal transfer available. $14.00.

Stay safe

Travel Warning WARNING: As of March 2013 San Pedro Sula has been named as the most dangerous place on earth as people are murdered here everyday, it is one of the world's most violent areas.

Just like everywhere in Honduras, common sense should be used.

The Parque Central should be avoided at night.

There are certain areas of the city, including neighborhoods in the outer parts of the city, which should be avoided even during the day, but these areas are off the tourists' trail.

Get out

San Pedro Sula is a good base for getting out to the beaches at Puerto Cortes and Omoa, the Bay Islands in the Caribbean Sea, the amazing Maya ruins of Copán, or south towards Lake Yojoa, Comayagua, and Tegucigalpa. The coastal town of Tela is only about an hour drive from San Pedro, which has nice Caribbean beaches. TelaMar is the place to stay. Leaving from San Pedro Sula you can visit Cusuco National Park. The diversity of activities at this park is huge. Hiking, Mountain biking, Rappelling, Camping, Bird watching, Waterfall swimming, Caving, Night tours.

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