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San Francisco : The Avenues

The Avenues is a popular nickname for western San Francisco, made up of Golden Gate Park and the neighborhoods of Richmond and the Sunset. It is bounded by the Pacific Ocean on the west, Lake Street on the north, Arguello Blvd and Stanyan Street (from Lake to Frederick Street) and 7th Avenue (from Lincoln to around Golden Gate Heights Park, or about Quintara) and 19th Avenue (from Quintara to Sloat) on the east, and Sloat Blvd on the south.


Green roof, California Academy of Sciences

The Richmond is a neighborhood bordered on the north by Lincoln Park and the Presidio, Arguello Boulevard on the east, Golden Gate Park on the south, and the Pacific Ocean on the west. The Richmond is divided into the eastern Inner Richmond and western Outer Richmond by CA Highway 1 (Park Presidio), which runs north-south. It's important to include the definite article and say "the Richmond" when referring to the neighborhood, or people may confuse it with the nearby City of Richmond.

San Francisco's Sunset District covers a large, mostly residential area on the west side of San Francisco. It is bordered on the west by Ocean Beach, on the north by Golden Gate Park, on the south by Sloat Boulevard, and on the east by a vague boundary roughly around 7th Avenue. It was built on a grid pattern and the vast majority of the housing in the area was constructed between 1920 and 1950. Sunset is divided into the eastern Inner Sunset and the western Outer Sunset by CA Highway 1 (19th Avenue).

The Sunset's majority population is Asian-American, and this increases west of 19th Avenue in the Outer Sunset, where Chinese and Chinese-Americans make up a little bit less than 40% of residents. A sizable Irish and Irish-American population also exists in the Sunset.

On clear days you will see many locals and tourists watching the sunset at Ocean Beach; still, the name "Sunset" is a bit of a misnomer as the area is often covered in fog due to its proximity to the cold Pacific Ocean. However, whether or not the sun is shining, it is a charming neighborhood to visit.

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Map of The Avenues

By MuniEdit

The Richmond's central east-west artery is Geary Boulevard. Frequent bus service [62] from downtown via Union Square is provided by the 38-Geary bus. Even though the district only spans eight blocks from north to south, there are also parallel bus lines 1-California and 2-Clement north of Geary and lines 31-Balboa and 5-Fulton south of Geary Boulevard.

Much of the Sunset neighborhood is accessible via the N-Judah and L-Taraval Muni Metro light rail lines. East-west bus lines through Sunset include the 23-Monterey, 48-Quintara/24th St, 6-Haight-Quintara, 7-Haight-Noriega.

North-south bus lines which connect the Richmond and the Sunset through Golden Gate Park include 18-46th Ave, 28-19th Ave (which goes onto the Golden Gate Bridge) and 29-Sunset. Additionally, the 44-O'Shaughnessy runs up from Twin Peaks to the southeast and through Golden Gate Park past the de Young Museum, continuing up 6th Avenue into the Richmond neighborhood. The 43-Masonic also goes through the edge of the Sunset.

Both the Richmond and the Sunset have 24-hour bus service, but much more limited than its daytime service. The 38-Geary and 5-Fulton run normal routes all day, but infrequently. The N-Judah and L-Taraval change to the N-Owl and L-Owl at night, operating on bus shuttles instead of light rail -- they largely follow the same route in the Sunset, but make detours due to tunnels in other parts of the city. Additionally, to replace all North-South service, the 91-Owl operates through both the Richmond and the Sunset on CA Highway 1 (19th Ave in the Sunset, Park Presidio in the Richmond). You can expect vehicles on all late night routes to have roughly 45min intervals.

By carEdit

Running north/south through the area and serving as the major traffic artery is Highway 1 (19th Avenue). In Sunset is another major road called Sunset Boulevard, located between 36th and 37th Avenues and running north/south from Lincoln Way to Sloat Boulevard. On the western edge of the district is The Great Highway, which runs north/south along Ocean Beach. Geary Street is the central east/west artery through Richmond. Fulton Street runs east-west, marking the northern edge of Golden Gate Park while Lincoln Way runs east/west along the southern edge of Golden Gate Park. The southern border is marked by Sloat Boulevard which runs east/west.


  • Grand View Park, surrounded by 14th and 15th Avenues along Noriega Street in the Sunset district. Worth visiting because of the stupendous views it offers over downtown San Francisco, Golden Gate Park, the Pacific Ocean, Marin headlands, and across to the Sutro Tower.  edit
  • Moraga Street Stairs, on a steep pedestrian only section of Moraga Street between 15th and 16th Avenue. Stair risers comprise a colorful mosaic added during a 2005 renovation of the stairs. Climb to the top then go left or right to find a way into Grand View Park.  edit
  • Mountain Lake Park, located just north of the intersection of Lake and Funston at the southern end of the Presidio park, [1]. A small hiking trail winds around this scenic lake, noted for its historic importance in that it supplied water to the nearby colonial Spanish settlement of the Presidio. There is also a playground and a tennis court at the southern side of the lake.  edit
  • Sigmund Stern Grove, along Sloat Boulevard between 19th and 34th Avenues. Home to many concerts and performances during the summer months which are free to the public, including the Stern Grove Festival [2].  edit

Movie TheatersEdit

  • 4 Star Theatre, 2200 Clement Street (at 23rd), +1 415 666-3488, [3]. Independently-owned theatre showing Hong Kong and alternative world cinema.  edit
  • Balboa Theater, 3630 Balboa Street (at 38th), +1 415 221-8184, [4]. Catch a feature at this historic independent movie house.  edit

Golden Gate ParkEdit

de Young Museum

Between Fulton Street on the north, Lincoln Way on the south, Stanyan Street on the east and Ocean Beach on the west [63]. 5AM-midnight. Free.

Once an area of sand dunes, Golden Gate Park is a roughly 1/2 mile-by-four mile urban oasis, with windmills, bison, museums, lakes and a carousel hidden among its charms. At 1,017 acres, it is 174 acres larger than New York's Central Park, so unless you have a bike, you'll want to plan which area you want to visit, especially along the east (Stanyan street) to west (the Ocean) axis. During the summer to October, a free shuttle bus circulates. On Sundays and holidays, JFK Drive between Transverse and Kezar is closed to vehicular traffic; this car-free zone is popular with walkers, cyclists, and runners. The number 5 trolleybus runs along the park's north boundary (Fulton Street), and offers the most frequent service across the park and to downtown. The N streetcar runs two blocks south of the park's southern boundary with similar service as the 5 bus.

  • AIDS Memorial Grove, at the intersection of Bowling Green and Middle Drive East, +1 415 765-0497, [5]. A national memorial to AIDS victims. Free.  edit
  • Beach Chalet and Park Chalet, 1000 Great Hwy (at John F Kennedy Dr south of Fulton), +1 415 386-8439, [6]. A beautiful 1930s building, the Beach Chalet is open for lunch, drinks, or dinner overlooking Ocean Beach and its brave surfers. Inside the Park Chalet are some exhibits with artifacts related to the history of the Golden Gate Park and San Francisco. They also operate a small brewery on-site, and their beer can only be found there.  edit
  • Buffalo Paddock, along John F Kennedy Drive between 36th Avenue and Chain of Lakes Drive. An unusual attraction is the herd of buffalo which have been here for over a century. Free.  edit
In the treetops at the California Academy of Sciences
  • California Academy of Sciences, 55 Music Concourse Dr., +1 415 379-8000 (), [7]. M-Sa 9:30AM-5PM; Su 11AM-5PM. An absolutely stunning museum and an excellent place to take the children. Among the many highlights of this museum is the building itself; ride the elevator to the top to see the Living Roof, a literal green roof and marvel of architecture with soft hills covered in grass and flowers. On the ground floor are numerous interactive science exhibits, outdoor gardens, an aviary, and towering over the massive exhibit halls is the sphere-like Planetarium on one side of the building, while the other side is overshadowed by the domed Rainforests of the World exhibit, a massive transparent dome which contains a winding pathway that takes you to the top, past towering trees and animal displays. As if all that wasn't enough, the building also contains a fantastic aquarium on the bottom floor, which showcases the more unusual sea life such as octopus, jellyfish, sea dragons, and sea stars among its displays of coral reefs, kelp forests, and tidepools. It's a big museum; be sure to give yourself at least a few hours to see it all. $29.95 adults, $24.95 seniors/teens, $19.95 children, free for ages 3 and under.  edit
  • Children's Playground, just off Bowling Green Drive north of MLK Drive, +1 415 831-2700. A large and unique kid's play area, and the first official public playground in the US. Next door is the century-old historic Herschell-Spillman Carousel, which runs 10AM-4:30PM daily from Memorial Day-Labor Day and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays the rest of the year ($2 to ride, $1 age 12 & under, free age 5 & under) . Carousel rides $1.50 adults, $0.50 children..  edit
  • Conservatory of Flowers, 100 John F Kennedy Drive, +1 415 666-7001, [8]. Tu-Su 9AM-4:30PM. This antique palatial greenhouse, one of the first structures of its kind in the county, is filled with a huge variety of beautiful and exotic plant species. $5 adults, $3 teens/seniors/students, $1.50 children, free for children 4 and under, free on the first Tuesday of each month.  edit
  • de Young Museum, 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive, +1 415 750-3600, [9]. Tu-Th, Sa-Su 9:30AM-5:15PM, F 9:30AM-8:45PM. A modern and ethnic art focused museum, with three levels of fascinating exhibits with contemporary and historical pieces from America as well as art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas in a uniquely-designed building with courtyards and sculpture gardens. One corner of the building has a large tower which offers a lovely 360-degree view of the park and surroundings. $11 adults, $8 seniors, $7 teens/students, free for children 12 and under. Special exhibits may require extra admission; first Tuesday of each month free.  edit
  • Dutch Windmill, next to the Beach Chalet. Once used for park irrigation in the past, now a scenic oddity at the western end of the park. A lesser-known windmill, the Murphy Windmill, is located at the southwestern corner of the park, but is under restoration. Near the windmills is the lovely Queen Wilhelmina Tulip Garden. Free.  edit
  • Japanese Tea Garden, on Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive just north of MLK Drive, +1 415 752-4227. March-October daily 8:30AM-6PM, November-February daily 8:30AM-5PM. The oldest public Japanese garden in the country, with beautiful plants, ponds, bridges, and Japanese-style structures including a tea house. Tours are available every Wednesday and Sunday at 1PM starting at the main gate. $5 adults, $1.50 seniors/children.  edit
  • Rose Garden, between John F. Kennedy Drive and Park Presidio Drive, just west of the de Young Museum. A wide variety of roses on display. Free.  edit
  • San Francisco Botanical Gardens (formerly the Strybing Arboretum), main entrance on 9th Avenue just north of Lincoln Way, secondary entrance at the Friend Gate at MLK Drive and Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive, +1 415 564-3239, [10]. M-F 8AM-4:30PM, Sa-Su and Holidays 10AM-5PM. One of the largest botanical gardens on the west coast, the Botanical Gardens cover 55 acres with thousands of varieties of plants from around the world and multiple specialized gardens and miles of trails (seriously, the place is huge). One of the most unique attractions is the Redwood Trail, which runs through a naturalistic redwood forest reminiscent of the ones north of San Francisco along the Californian coast. There is also a bookstore and library on the premises, near the main entrance. Free guided tours of the gardens depart from the bookstore daily at 1:30PM with an extra tour on the weekends at 10:30AM. On Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays another free tour departs from the Friend Gate at 2PM. Free.  edit
  • Shakespeare Garden, at Martin Luther King Jr. Drive and Middle Drive East. With roses and other flowers mentioned in his plays. Free.  edit
  • Spreckels Lake, on the northern side of the park near 36th Avenue. As the home of the San Francisco Model Yacht Club, one is likely to see model yachts sailing on the lake.  edit
Sunrise at Stow Lake
  • Stow Lake, Boathouse: +1 415 752-0347. This pleasant lake surrounding Strawberry Hill, a scenic island with excellent views and great picnic spots, is an excellent place to relax. Boating (several types for rent) is available from a boathouse, which is open daily from 10AM-4PM. Boat rentals $13-$17 per hour.  edit

Lincoln Park and Lands EndEdit

Lincoln Park and Lands end define the extreme Northwestern corner of San Francisco. It provides majestic views of the Marin Headlands, the Golden Gate Bridge from the Ocean side, and the Pacific Ocean itself. A portion of the Coastal Trail runs through Lands End and then Lincoln Park from the Cliff House north to the Golden Gate Bridge. The North-South running 18-46th Ave Muni bus goes from the Legion of Honor museum at the center of Lincoln Park to Ocean Beach via Balboa, while the very frequent East-West 38-Geary buses terminate at the edge of Lands End. Drivers will want to take the El Camino del Mar Drive through the small Seacliff area on the northwest side to view some fancy mansions between Lincoln Park and the Presidio.

  • Legion of Honor Museum, 34th Avenue and El Camino del Mar, +1 415 750-3600, [11]. Tu-Su 9:30AM–5:15PM. Inside this building, a model of the Palais de la Légion d'Honneur in Paris, is an incredible collection of mainly European art, with works of the Renaissance, Baroque, and Impressionist periods, with art from some of the fundamental artists of their times, as well as some works from the 20th century from the likes of Picasso. One of the highlights of the collection is a collection of sculptures by Rodin, including The Thinker at the front entrance. Free parking available, but fills up on weekends. $10 adults, $7 seniors, $6 teens, children 12 and under free.  edit
  • Cliff House, 1090 Point Lobos Avenue, +1 415 386-3330, [12]. The Cliff House, a well known landmark at the extreme western end of the park, provides both semi-casual and a more formal eating and drinking place [13]. Next door is the ruins of the Sutro Baths, a former massive public bath house which once held multiple swimming pools. Just off shore is Seal Rock, home to a population of sea lions.  edit
  • Louis' Diner, 902 Point Lobos Ave, +1 415 387-6330, [14]. Louis' Diner is a classic, but small diner situated near the Cliff House (pronounced like Louie", not Lewis). With fantastic views of the ocean, Sutro Baths and the Marin Headlands, it provides a casual and cheaper (but not too cheap) alternative to the formal Cliff House. Cash only (ATM on-site), and there may be short waits. Ask for and wait for a booth, you won't regret it. Free parking nearby, but can get full.  edit
  • Sutro Baths, [15]. Sutro Baths, or more specifically the ruins of Sutro Baths, is an oceanfront location filled with walking trails and gorgeous views. free.  edit


  • Ocean Beach, along Great Highway between Point Lobos Avenue and Sloat Boulevard. A good place to walk, watch surfers, or just look at the ocean. Do not swim under any circumstances: the beach has an unusual riptide which claims several lives (usually tourists) each year. If you want to ocean swim, head to China Beach. Bonfires often line Ocean Beach on warmer days. Permits are legally required for bonfires (so be forewarned), but often spur of the moment bonfires happen on weekends. Local grocery stores usually sell cords of wood for this very purpose. Please remember to clean up after yourself, and don't leave any broken glass on the beach!  edit
  • China Beach, at the end of Sea Cliff Avenue just off El Camino del Mar. A small, secluded beach at the bottom of a steep slope, with beautiful views to the north towards the Golden Gate Bridge. You can swim here, but the water is quite brisk.  edit
  • Golden Gate Park Segway Tours, 70 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive (Behind Band Stage in Music Concourse across from entrance to Japanese Tea Garden), +1 415 474-1944, [16]. 9AM-5PM. A narrated 2.5 hour segway tour through the park. Advance reservations suggested. Ages 12 and up. $70 per person.  edit


  • 6th Avenue Aquarium, 425 Clement Street (at 6th Ave), +1 415 668-7190, [17]. M-F 11AM-10PM, Sa-Su 10AM-10PM. Small store selling aquarium supplies and fishes, but its small scale beats many public exhibits for fun and colorful fish.  edit
  • Amazing Fantasy, 650 Irving Street (between 7th and 8th), +1 415 681-4344, [18]. A comic book store, owned by a guy named Frank. Friendly staff. They have a small collection of back issues, and will order anything for you by request.  edit
  • Citi Shoes, 751 Irving Street (between 8th Ave and 9th Ave), +1 415 665-6112, [19]. M-F 11AM-7PM, Sa 10AM-6PM, Su 11AM-5PM. Many styles from sneakers, to dress shoes, to stilettos.  edit
  • Green Apple Books & Music, 506 Clement Street (at 6th Ave), +1 415 387-2272, [20]. Su-Th 10AM-10:30PM, F-Sa 10AM-11:15PM. Renowned independent book and record store dating back to before the Beat Era. Both used and new books.  edit
  • Kamei Restaurant & Household Supply, 547 Clement Street (at 7th Ave), +1 415 666-3699. Daily 9AM-7PM. Huge, affordable selection of kitchen supplies and household items.  edit
  • Tutti Frutti, 718 Irving Street (between 8th Ave and 9th Ave), +1 415 661-8504. M-Sa 10:30AM-6:30PM, Su 11AM-6PM. A fun shop with great gift items that range from "Worst Case Scenario" guides, to dictators-of-the-world finger puppets, to knitting kits, to Sesame Street T-shirts, to "nerdspeak" flashcards. This store has the kitsch you are looking for. Kind staff will ask you if you need anything.  edit


Clement Street, Inner Richmond
This guide uses the following price ranges for a typical meal for one, including soft drink:
Budget $10 or less
Mid-range $10 - 20
Splurge $20 or more

A thriving restaurant area is to be found in the Inner Sunset around 9th Avenue and Irving Street. There is also a major Asian shopping district in the Outer Sunset on Irving from 19th to 27th Avenues with restaurants, supermarkets, a Taiwanese bakery, and tapioca drink places. Another small restaurant and shopping district in the Outer Sunset is located along Noreiga Street.

In the Richmond district there is a major Asian shopping district on Clement Street from 2nd to 12th Avenues with restaurants, markets, a number of dim sum (Cantonese snacks, literally `touch-the-heart') vendors, Hong Kong style bakeries, as well as Japanese, Thai, Burmese, and Korean restaurants, and tapioca drink places. Most other ethnic cuisines are represented as well. Not many tourists here.


  • ABC Bakery Cafe, 2500 Noriega Street (between 32nd Ave and 33rd Ave), +1 415 681-8800. Daily 7AM-3AM. Hong Kong style restaurant and bakery. $4-$7.  edit
  • Arizmendi Bakery, 1331 9th Ave (between Irving St and Judah St), +1 415 566-3117, [21]. Tu-F 7AM-7PM, Sa 7:30AM-6PM, Su 7:30AM-5PM. Chocolate things (!!!) and yummy pizza.  edit
  • Art's Cafe, 747 Irving Street (between 8th and 9th), +1 415 665-7440, [22]. Tu-F 7AM-3PM, Sa 7AM-4PM, Su 7:30AM-3:30PM. Tiny traditional diner with some Korean specials. $4-$7.  edit
  • Bashful Bull Too, 3600 Taraval Street (at 46th Ave), +1 415 759-8112. Chicken-fried steak with country gravy and American breakfast standards: It's the last full breakfast before the Pacific. $5-$15.  edit
  • Cafe Bunn Mi, 417 Clement Street (between 5th Ave and 6th Ave), +1 415 668-8908. Daily 9AM-9PM. Super tasty Vietnamese Sandwiches and other treats. Fast and Cheap.  edit
  • Chabaa Thai Cuisine, 2123 Irving Street (between 22nd Ave and 23rd Ave), +1 415 753-3347, [23]. Daily 11AM-1AM.  edit
  • Cheung Hing Chinese Restaurant, 2339 Noriega Street (between 30th Ave and 31st Ave), +1 415 665-3271. Cantonese BBQ classics and the best roast duck in the city. $4-$7.  edit
  • Gordo's, [24]. Daily 10AM-10PM. Cheap, reliable, rapid burritos and tacos.  edit
  • 2252 Clement Street (between 23rd and 24th), +1 415 387-4484.
  • 5450 Geary Boulevard (between 18th and 19th), +1 415 668-8226.
  • 1239 9th Ave (between Lincoln and Irving near Golden Gate Park), +1 415 566-6011.
  • Howard's, 1309 9th Ave (between Irving St and Judah St), +1 415 564-4723. M-F 7AM-9PM, Sa 8AM-9PM, Su 8AM-3PM. Awesome breakfasts.  edit
  • Jenny's Burgers, 1233 9th Ave. (between Lincoln Way and Irving St.), +1 415 753-1453, [25]. Mon-Sat 11AM-10PM, Sun 11AM-9PM. Great burgers cooked to order on a rotating grill right outside Golden Gate Park.  edit
  • Joe's Ice Cream, 5420 Geary Blvd (between 18th Ave and 19th), +1 415 751-1950, [26]. Su, Tu-Th 11AM-10PM, F-Sa 11AM-11PM, closed Mondays (grill closes at 9PM). A classic American ice cream parlor with an Asian twist.  edit
  • Khan Toke Thai House, 5937 Geary Blvd (between 23rd and 24th), +1 415 668-6654. An excellent and reasonably priced Thai restaurant with much better ambiance than your average Thai place.  edit
  • King of Thai Noodle House. Cheap and consistently good.  edit
  • 639 Clement Street (between 7th and 8th), +1 415 752-5198.
  • 346 Clement Street (between 4th and 5th), +1 415 831-9953.
  • Le Soleil, 133 Clement Street (between 3rd and 4th Avenues), +1 415 668-4848, [27]. Su-M 11AM-10PM, F-Sa 11AM-10:30PM. Gourmet Vietnamese cuisine. Try the soft shell crabs and the appetizer platter - yum!  edit
  • Ming Tai Wun-Tun Noodle, 2455 Noriega Street (between 31st Ave and 32nd Ave), +1 415 681-0430. Huge shrimp wontons/shui gow/shrimp dumplings.  edit
  • Nizario's Pizza, 3840 Geary Blvd (at 3rd Ave), +1 415 752-7777, [28]. Sa-Th 11AM-2AM, F 3PM-2AM. Pizza by the slice.  edit
  • Pho Hoa Clement, 239 Clement Street (at 4th Ave), +1 415 379-9008. Super-cheap Vietnamese pho and sandwiches. Daily 10AM-10PM.  edit
  • Pho Phu Quoc (PPQ), 1816 Irving Street (between 19th and 20th Ave), +1 415 661-8869. M-Sa 10:30AM-11PM, Su 10:30AM-10:30PM. Recently renovated neighborhood favorite. Savory and affordable Vietnamese dishes in a crowded, bustling atmosphere. Excellent rice and noodle dishes.  edit
  • Pho Quan Ngon, 2511 Noriega Street (between 32nd and 33rd Ave), +1 415 566-3275. Northern Vietnamese.  edit
  • Polly Ann Ice Cream, 3138 Noriega Street (between 38th Ave and 39th Ave), +1 415 664-2472. Boasts a collection of over five-hundred homemade flavors. Fifty-four flavors are available daily.  edit
  • Sunrise Deli and Cafe, 2115 Irving Street (between 22nd Ave and 23rd Ave), +1 415 664-8210, [29]. M-Sa 9AM-7PM, Su 10AM-5PM. Awesome falafel. $6-$10.  edit
  • Sweet Delite, 519 Clement Street (at 6th Ave), +1 415 386-8222. Excellent tapioca drinks and a large selection of Asian sweets.  edit
  • Taiwan Restaurant, 445 Clement Street (at 6th Ave), +1 415 387-1789. Famous for their dumplings. Cheap.  edit
  • Toy Boat Dessert Cafe, 401 Clement Street (at 5th), +1 415 751-7505. M-Th 7:30AM-11PM, F-Sa 8:30AM-12AM, Su 8:30AM-11PM. Filled with vintage toys and a lively atmosphere, this fun restaurant serves ice cream, cakes, tortes, muffins and more. You can grab a breakfast or lunch there, but really just come for the treats.  edit
  • Underdog, 1634 Irving Street (between 17th Ave and 18th Ave), +1 415 665-8881. Daily 11:30AM-9PM. Great menu with several varieties of both meat- and veggie-based hot dogs, with an emphasis on local, organic ingredients. Super-friendly staff and a great atmosphere. In a very tiny space, with only a couple tables.  edit


  • Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant, 1000 Great Highway (on the western side of Golden Gate Park south of Fulton Street), +1 415 386-8439, [30]. Su-Th 9AM-10PM, F-Sa 9AM-11PM. Brewery and restaurant featuring live music, American bistro cuisine, hand crafted ales, and a panoramic view of the ocean.  edit
  • Burma Superstar, 309 Clement Street (at 4th Ave), +1 415 387-2147, [31]. Su-Th 11AM-3:30PM, 5PM-9:30PM, F-Sa 11AM-3:30PM, 5PM-10PM. Outstanding Burmese restaurant that draws people from all over the city. Get there early; it will be crowded--the line will be huge.  edit
  • Clement Street Bar & Grill, 708 Clement Street (at 8th Ave), +1 415 386-2200. Tu-Th 4:30PM-9:30PM, F-Sa 4:30PM-10PM, Su 10AM-3PM, 4:30PM-9PM. Traditional American food in a casual environment. A popular spot for weekend brunch. $8-$25.  edit
  • Crepevine, 624 Irving Street (between 9th Ave and 10th Ave), +1 415 681-5858, [32]. M-Sa 7:30AM-11PM, Su 7:30AM-10PM. A laid back California-style eatery with a largely Brazilian staff. Scrambles, omelettes, sandwiches, soups, and, of course, crêpes, fill the chalkboard menu. The chicken vegetable soup is a favorite. Free refills on coffee. No reservations necessary.  edit
  • Ebisu, 1283 9th Ave (between Irving St and Lincoln Way), +1 415 566-1770, [33]. M-Th 11:30AM-2PM, 5PM-10PM, F 11:30AM-2PM, 5PM-11PM, Sa 11:30AM-11PM. Often cited as the best sushi on the West Coast of the United States. $10-$16.  edit
  • Giorgio's Pizza and Italian Dining, 151 Clement Street (at 3rd), +1 415 668-1266, [34]. M-Th 11AM-10PM, F-Sa 11AM-11PM, Su 11AM-9PM. Fun Family style pizza and Italian restaurant. Great authentic Italian pizza and pasta dishes in a warm and cozy environment. Can get busy during peak dinner hours, also has pizza by the slice for fast take-out.  edit
  • Golden Gate Pizza, 1388 46th Ave (at Judah St), +1 415 564-5514, [35]. Daily 11:30AM-11PM. Italian and Indian favorites, delivery available.  edit
  • Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant, 2578 Noriega Street (between 32nd Ave and 33rd Ave), +1 415 665-8338. Sit-down dim sum. $6-$16.  edit
  • Mandalay Restaurant, 4348 California Street (at 6th Ave one block north of Clement), +1 415 386-3895, [36]. M-Th 11:30AM-9:30PM (closed 3:30PM-5PM), F 11:30AM-10PM (closed 3:30PM-5PM), Sa-Su 11:30AM-10PM. Burmese/Chinese, a friendly, local favorite. $9-$12.  edit
  • Marnee Thai, [37]. Daily 11:30AM-10PM. $6-$12  edit
  • 1243 9th Avenue (between Irving St and Lincoln Way), +1 415 731-9999.
  • 2225 Irving Street (between 23rd Ave and 24th Ave), +1 415 665-9500.
  • New Eritrea, 907 Irving Street (between 9th Ave and 10th Ave), +1 415 681-1288, [38]. Tu-Th 5PM-10:30PM, F-Sa 5PM-11PM, Su 5PM-10PM. Huge platters of Eritrean (Ethiopian) food are served up here, along with native beers and lots of Injera bread. Portions are not for the timid. The staff is very friendly. Don't miss the sauteed mushrooms. $7-$10.  edit
  • Park Chow, 1240 9th Ave (between Irving St and Lincoln Way), +1 415 665-9912, [39]. Su-Th 8AM-10PM, F-Sa 8AM-11PM. Eclectic menu, all delicious; busy on any given night. Whether in the mood for a hamburger, thai noodles, or a portobello sandwich, this place has it, which is good for when friends cannot decide on what to eat. Heated outdoor seating when it's not raining. Bar seating also. Has a sister restaurant in the Castro District.  edit
  • S & E Cafe, 2406 19th Ave (between Taraval St and Ulloa St), +1 415 665-7868. Daily 11:00AM-2AM. Midwestern American food as seen through Hong Kong eyes: complete meals include soup, roll, coffee or HK milk tea, entree, rice or spaghetti, Jello or Chinese bean soup dessert. Extensive list of unusual beverages from Ovaltine to Ginger Coke to green tea milk shakes; Chinese food available after 10PM only. Coffee shop ambiance with TVs at low volume usually tuned to a Chinese station. $7-14 for complete dinners; $3-7 apps and other dishes; $2-4 for beverages.  edit
  • San Tung, 1031 Irving Street (between 11th Ave and 12th Ave), +1 415 242-0828. Th-Tu 11AM-9:30PM. Lines form down the block to eat at this dumpling house.  edit
  • Schubert's Bakery, 521 Clement Street (at 7th Ave), +1 415 752-1580, [40]. M-Sa 7AM-6PM, Su 9AM-5PM. Cakes, pastries, cookies, and more; first opened in 1911 by a German immigrant.  edit
  • Ton Kiang, 5821 Geary Blvd (at 22nd Ave), +1 415 752-4440, [41]. M-Th 10AM-9PM, F 10AM-9:30PM, Sa 9:30AM-9:30PM, Su 9AM-9PM. Arguably the best dim sum outside of Chinatown, this restaurant serves moderately priced Hakka cuisine, but make sure to go there between the hours of 10AM and 4PM where they serve a traditional dim sum with servers that walk around and proffer dishes and tea. Make sure to come early on the weekends, as many locals and tourists line up to have a dim sum lunch. $10-$24.  edit
  • Troya, 349 Clement Street (at 5th Ave), +1 415 379-6000, [42]. M-Th 5PM-9:30PM, F-Sa Noon-10PM, Su Noon-9PM. Turkish/Mediterranean cafe with occasional live music and some outdoor seating.  edit


  • Cliff House, 1090 Point Lobos, +1 415 386-3330, [43]. Daily 11:30AM-3:30PM, 5PM-9:30PM (bistro open daily 9AM-9:30PM). At the far end of the Outer Richmond, overlooking the ocean, with a great restaurant (Sutro's) and a more informal bistro. Ideal to watch a sunset or a fogbank over the Pacific Ocean. Reservations strongly recommended for Sutro's. $20-$40 (bistro: $15-$28).  edit
  • Thanh Long, 4101 Judah Street (between 46th Ave and 47th Ave), +1 415 665-1146, [44]. Su, Tu-Th 4:30PM-10PM, F-Sa 4:30PM-11PM. Vietnamese restaurant featuring roasted crab. Dinner only. $10-$25.  edit
  • El Mansour, 3119 Clement St (between 32nd and 33rd Ave), +1 415 751-2312, [45]. Moroccan restaurant with a traditional atmosphere and serving style. During dinner service, a traditional belly dance (ie, not overly-sexualized) is performed for the diners by a professionally trained dancer.  edit

Food MarketsEdit

  • 4th and Geary Farmer's Market, 3931 Geary Blvd (at 4th), +1 415 831-1067. Inexpensive fresh fruits and vegetables, and a decent selection of your basic grocery needs which might not be covered as well by the local Asian groceries. Only takes cash and check.  edit
  • New May Wah Supermarket, 707-719 Clement Street (at 8th), +1 415 221-9826. Daily 7:30AM-7:30PM. Huge (compared to others in the area) authentic Chinese supermarket. They have just about everything.  edit
  • Safeway. A large chain grocery store with a decent selection. The one on Noriega Street has a parking lot on top. The one on La Playa Street is one of the largest Safeway stores in San Francisco proper -- Don't go there on a Sunday evening, as they only get deliveries on weekdays, and often the beach crowds will deplete inventory until restocking on Monday morning. A nice tip is to get to Ocean Beach, and get a picnic of your choice at the Safeway, then go enjoy it at the beach.  edit
  • 735 7th Avenue (between Cabrillo and Fulton), +1 415 752-4073.
  • 2350 Noriega Street (between 30th Ave and 31st Ave), +1 415 665-4565.
  • 850 La Playa Street (right by Ocean Beach), +1 415 387-4664.
  • 730 Taraval Street (between 18th Ave and 17th Ave), +1 415 665-4136.
  • Village Market, 4555 California Street (at 8th), +1 415 221-0445. Small, inviting food market featuring organic produce, wine, beer, and coffee to-go.  edit



  • 540 Club, 540 Clement Street (at 7th Ave), +1 415 752-7276, [46]. Daily 10AM-2AM. Friendly bar with cool art, above-average beer selection, free wi-fi, and a great Sunday trivia night.  edit
  • The Bitter End, 441 Clement Street (at 6th Ave), +1 415 221-9538, [47]. M-F 3PM-2AM, Sa-Su 10AM-2AM. Two-level Irish bar with billiards, darts, pub food, and Tuesday night trivia.  edit
  • Durty Nelly's, 2328 Irving Street (between 24th Ave and 25th Ave), +1 415 664-2555. Daily 11AM-2AM. One of the last authentic Irish pubs in the city, from the fantastic bar food to the Irish laborers that drink there every night.  edit
  • The Little Shamrock, 807 Lincoln Way (between 9th Ave and 10th Ave), +1 415 661-0060. M-Th 3PM-2AM, F 2PM-2AM, Sa-Su 1PM-2AM. The oldest Irish pub in San Francisco. Here you will find free popcorn for patrons, a few TVs tuned into all manner of sports, eclectic but cozy furniture, a shelf full of games at the back, and a fireplace. With very kind bartenders (and regulars), the Little Shamrock feels like a safe cozy den on any weeknight.  edit
  • Park Chalet, 1000 Great Highway (at John F. Kennedy Dr.), (415) 386-8439, [48]. A pleasant bar with outdoor seating next to Golden Gate park and offering delicious appetizers. Adjacent to the Beach Chalet restaurant.  edit
  • Pizza Orgasmica & Brewing Company, 823 Clement St, +1 415 386-6000, [49]. Su-W 11AM-Midnight, Th 11AM-1AM, F-Sa 11AM-2AM. Popular microbrewery serving California-style pizza.  edit
  • The Plough & Stars, 116 Clement Street (at 2nd Ave), +1 415 751-1122, [50]. M-Th 3PM-2AM, F-Sa 2PM-2AM. One of the best Irish bars in San Francisco. Traditional live music almost every night.  edit
  • Tommy's Mexican Restaurant, 5929 Geary Blvd (at 23rd Ave), +1 415 387-4747, [51]. W-M Noon-11PM. Self-proclaimed "Premier Tequila Bar on Earth". A must-visit for tequila and margarita enthusiasts. Arrive early to avoid the (drunken) crowd.  edit
  • Trad'r Sam, 6150 Geary Blvd (at 26th Ave), +1 415 221-0773. Popular tiki bar featuring specialty blender drinks. Gets loud and crowded on weekends.  edit
  • Yancy's Saloon, 734 Irving Street (between 8th Ave and 9th Ave), +1 415 665-6551. Lots of seating (wooden tables & chairs), with darts at the back, and also several large screen TVs. They have a nice happy hour (which many grad students from UCSF take advantage of).  edit


  • Blue Danube, 306 Clement Street (at 4th Ave), +1 415 221-9041. M-Th, Su 7AM-10PM, F-Sa 7AM-11PM. Small coffee shop with good sandwiches and a few sidewalk tables. Computers and paid wi-fi available. Cash only.  edit
  • Henry's House of Coffee, 1618 Noriega Street (between 23rd Ave and 24th Ave), +1 415 681-9363, [52]. A good local coffee shop.  edit
  • Java Beach Cafe, 1396 La Playa Street (at Judah St), +1 415 665-5282, [53]. M-F 5:30AM-10PM, Sa-Su 6AM-10PM. Offers coffee, beer and wine, pastries, sandwiches, and the like. Outdoor seating, as well as tables, chairs and couches inside. You will find both locals and tourists filling the chairs on any given night.  edit
  • Royal Ground Coffee. Local chain serving good coffee and sandwiches.  edit
  • 5301 Geary Blvd (at 17th Ave), +1 415 751-5282.
  • 2342 Clement Street (between 24th and 25th), +1 415 387-5282.
  • Simple Pleasures, 3434 Balboa Street (at 36th Ave), +1 415 387-4022. Small, crowded cafe with very rich coffee and decent snacks, but the reason to go here are the plethora of San Francisco locals who come to hang out and chat. It's a great place to strike up a conversation with someone who you just met, and on weekend evenings they have free live jazz to boot, call them for dates/times.  edit


  • The Moffatt House, 1401 7th Ave (at Judah), +1 415 661-6210 (), [54]. Reasonably inexpensive B&B lodging. $94+.  edit
  • Great Highway Inn, 1234 Great Highway (right next to Ocean Beach and the N-Judah line), +1 415 731-6644 (), [55]. A no-frills motel across the street from the beach. $125-$155.  edit
  • Geary Parkway Motel, 4750 Geary Blvd (at 12th Ave), +1 415 752-4406. This former dive has been completely remodeled with clean rooms, nice televisions, microwaves, blowdryers, irons, and mini fridges. Reasonable prices, safe and neat - the owners have put a lot of effort into making this motel quiet and nice.  edit
  • Seal Rock Inn, 545 Point Lobos Avenue (between 47th and 48th), +1 415 752-8000 (fax: +1 415 752-6034), [56]. checkin: 1PM; checkout: 11AM. Front Desk hours: 7:30AM-11PM. Nestled at the westernmost edge of the city overlooking The Cliff House and The Sutro Baths' ruins, this hotel has a small pool, volleyball court, and restaurant. You're a bit out of the way from downtown (about a 30 minute drive/bus), but a great location for someone who enjoys San Francisco's nature, or who will be heading to Marin or down to the peninsula, as you are on the other side of most of the clogged commuting routes. $114-$152 Summer, $99-$137 Winter.  edit


  • San Francisco Public Library - Sunset Branch, 1305 18th Avenue (at Irving), +1 415 355-2808, [57]. M 1PM-9PM, Tu-W 10AM-9PM, Th 10AM-6PM, F 1PM-6PM, Sa 10AM-6PM, Su 1PM-5PM.  edit
  • San Francisco Public Library - Richmond Branch, 351 9th Avenue (between Clement and Geary), +1 415 355-5600, [58]. M 10AM-6PM, Tu-W 10AM-9PM, Th 1PM-9PM, F 1PM-6PM, Sa 10AM-6PM, Su 1PM-5PM.  edit
  • San Francisco Public Library - Anza Branch, 550 37th Avenue (between Geary and Anza), +1 415 355-5717, [59]. Temporarily closed.  edit
  • San Francisco Public Library - Ortega Branch, 3223 Ortega St. (at 39th), +1 415 355-5700, [60]. M-Tu 10AM-6PM, W-Th 1PM-9PM, F 1PM-6PM, Sa 10AM-6PM, Su 1PM-5PM.  edit
  • San Francisco Public Library - Parkside Branch, 1200 Taraval St. (at 22nd), +1 415 355-5770, [61]. M 1PM-6PM, Tu 10AM-9PM, W 1PM-9PM, Th 10AM-6PM, F 1PM-6PM, Sa 10AM-6PM, Su closed.  edit
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