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San Diego : Old Town
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San Diego/Old Town

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'''Old Town''' [] ''San Diego'' is known as the birthplace of [[San Diego]]. Now with its many restaurants, shops and attractions it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in [[California]]. It is located in the heart of [[San Diego]] making it close to everything San Diego has to offer.
#REDIRECT [[San Diego/Old Town-Mission Valley]]
[[Image:OldTownSanDiego.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Sunny day in Old Town]]
*'''Junipero Serra Museum''', 2727 Presidio Drive, (619) 297-3258, []. Take the time to visit the historic site of what used to be the first ever California Mission.
*'''Mason Street Schoolhouse''', 3966 Mason Street, (619) 297-1183. The first public school house in San Diego established around 1865.
*'''Mormon Battalion Visitors' Center of San Diego''', 2510 Juan Street, (619) 298-3317
*'''Old Adobe Chapel''',  3966 Mason Street
*'''Sheriff's Museum''', 2384 San Diego Avenue, (619) 260-1850. Learn the history of the San Diego Sheriff's Department.
*'''Wells Fargo History Museum''', 2733 San Diego Avenue, (619) 238-3929
*'''Whaley House''', 2482 San Diego Avenue, (619) 297-7511. The original haunted house of [[San Diego]]. Come during the Halloween season for special night tours.
*'''The Theater in Old Town''', 4040 Twiggs Street, (619) 688-2494, []. Now Showing: ''' ''THE MALE INTELLECT'' '''
*'''Ghosts and Gravestone Tour''', (619) 298-8687. Take the nightly two hour tour of all the scary things [[San Diego]] has to offer.(no longer in San Diego)
*'''Old Town Trolley''', 2115 Kurtz Street, (619) 298-8687, []. Take a trolley tour of not only Old Town but other beautiful parts of [[San Diego]] as well.
==Ghost Tours, Old Town with The Ghost Hunter Michael Brown==
Based on the ghosts Michael has found while ghost hunting in Old Town and other places in the United States 619-972-3900
Old Town offers many different places to shop.
The popular Bazaar del Mundo, a group of shops and restaurants located within Old Town has moved across Juan Street less than a block away. 
It was replaced with a series of stores called "Plaza del Pasado" operated by Delaware North, which runs concessions in other National Parks. Plaza del Pasado is just really getting started. However, strolling musicians and beautiful flowers now greet guests and there are often special (free) activities for children. 
There are over 100 stores and 24 eating places in Old Town State Historic Park.  Here are a few favorites:
*'''Racine and Laramie''', 2737 San Diego Avenue (619) 291-7833 Gorgeous award winning reconstruction of San Diego's first tobacco store.  Offers a variety of historically related gifts, gentlemen's accessories, marbles and harmonicas for children, historic photo's, knives, and of course tobacco, pipes, and cigars.
*'''Alvarado Provisions'''. 2720 Calhoun St.  (619) 298-7443 A general store, good place for snacks.  They sell muffins, fresh fruit, and a whole array of hot sauces and things made with the hottest peppers. 
*'''Johnson House''', 2706 Calhoun St. (619) 291-5170  Victorian hats, related books, and jewelry in a 1869 style house.
*'''Lowery's Hot Glass'''3985 Harney St # 2d (619) 297-3473 Hand blown glass art made on premises.
*'''Cousin's Candy Shop''', 2711 San Diego Avenue, (619) 297-2000, [], taffy made on the  premise.
Old Town not only offers great Mexican delicacies it also offers many other types of food like Italian or even some Irish Pubs. If you are planning on going during the weekend leave plenty of time because it will get crowded or try to make reservations if the restaurant will take them.
===Types of Cuisine===
*'''Great Wall Café''', 2543 Congress Street, (619) 291-9478
*'''Harney Sushi Restaurant''', 3964 Harney Street, (619) 295-3272
*'''Edibles''', 2754 Calhoun Street, (619) 299-7124
*'''Hortensia Market & Deli''', 2244 San Diego Avenue, (619) 298-3612
*'''Whaley House Café''', 2482 San Diego Avenue #A
*'''O'Hungry's''', corner of Twiggs and San Diego Ave. Soup and salad (very limited), sandwiches, yards and half yards of beer, live music on weekend nights.
*'''Coldstone Creamery''', 2448 San Diego Avenue #C, (619) 543-9057
*'''Jack and Giulios''', 2391 San Diego Avenue, (619) 294-2074, [].
*'''Lino's Italian''', 2754 Calhoun Street, (619) 299-7124, [].
*'''Old Town Pizzareia''', 2244 San Diego Avenue, (858) 674-7412
*'''Pizza Bella''', 2707 Congress Street #1M,P, (619) 692-4333
*'''Acapulco Restaurant''', 2467 Juan Street, (619) 260-8124
*'''Cafe Coyote Restaurant''', 2461 San Diego Avenue, (619) 291-4695, [].
*'''El Agave Restaurant''', 2304 San Diego Avenue, (619) 220-0692
*'''El Fandango''', 2734 Calhoun Street, (619) 298-2860
*'''Fred's Mexican Cafe''', 2470 San Diego Avenue, (619) 858-8226
*'''La Pinata Mexican Restaurant''', 2836 Juan Street, (619) 297-1631, [].
*'''Old Town Mexican Café''', 2489 San Diego Avenue, (619) 297-4330, [].
*'''Rancho La Lena Restaurant''', 2367 San Diego Avenue, (619) 298-4514
'''Plaza del Pasado''' [] in Old Town also has several restaurants, 2754 Calhoun Street offers:
*'''The Cosmopolitan Restaurant and Hotel''', a beautiful dining establishment in a building originally built by Juan Bandini in 1829, later in the 1860's a second story was added and it became the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  You can eat in the garden amid flowers, trees, and fountains; or inside the wonderful historic building. 
*'''Casa De Reyes''', Mexican food with lovely courtyard, and wandering musicians.
*'''Café Pacifica''', 2414 San Diego Ave, (619) 291-6666, [].
*'''Zócalo Grill''', 2444 San Diego Avenue, (619) 298-9840, [].
*'''Old Town Saloon''', 2495 San Diego Avenue, (619) 298-2209
====Irish Pubs====
*'''Kelly's Pub''', 2222 San Diego Avenue, (619) 543-9767
*'''O'Hungry's Cafe''', 2547 San Diego Avenue, (619) 298-0133
*'''Kaffee Klatsch''', 2725 Congress Street #1A, (619) 574-0106, [].
*'''La Panaderia''', 2754 Calhoun Street, (619) 291-7662 
*'''Mrs Burton's Tea Room''', 2454 Heritage Park Row, (619) 294-4600, [].
*'''The Living Room''', 2541 San Diego Avenue, (619) 325-4445
*'''Western Inn''', 3889 Arista Street, Toll-free: (888) 475-2353, Fax: (619) 692-4497. []

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