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Samsun is a city in the Central Karadeniz region of Turkey.

It is the largest city on the Turkish Black Sea coast and the largest port of the Black Sea.



Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daily highs (°C) 10 11 12 15 19 23 27 27 24 21 17 13
Nightly lows (°C) 3 3 4 7 12 16 18 18 16 13 9 6
Precipitation (mm) 74 66 69 58 46 38 38 33 61 81 89 86
Daylight (hrs/day) 3 3 4 5 7 9 10 9 7 5 4 3
Water (°C) 7 8 8 12 16 20 23 23 20 17 14 10

Get in

The local airport is called Samsun-Çarşamba Airport (IATA: SZF, ICAO: LTFH), 23 km from the city centre. There are flights from Istanbul and other big cities almost every day.

Get around

How can get around in Samsun? There are a lot of vehicles to get around. For example; Tram, Taxi, Bus or Dolmus… Tram is most common vehicle in Samsun. There are 21 flows station. First station is Gar. Last station is University. Tram is most safe and most comfortable. Tram moves to with electric energy.

How can get in Samsun? There are a lot of vehicles to get in. For example; Plane, Train, Boat, Bus, Car,… If yo far away to Samsun, you can prefer the plane. But, plane is more expensive. Therefore, people prefers the bus or the car. However the plane is very fast and most safe vehicle. Samsun’s Airport is Çarşamba Town. Çarşamba between Samsun is 2 hours. If you are in Ankara, İstabul or İzmir, you should prefer the plane. Bus is cheap a vehicle. Therefore, Turkish people usually prefers the bus. But bus journey isn’t most safe. Because, at Turkish overland transport have an accident

How can get out Samsun? There are a lot of vehicles to get out. For example; Train, Car and Bus. Overland transport: Amasya, Tokat, Ordu and Sinop cities are Samsun’s neighbours. Samsun between Amasya is 3,5 hours. Samsun between Tokat is 3 hours. Samsun between Sinop is 3 hours. Samsun between Ordu is 2,5 hours.


Amisos Hill There is an amazing sea view. There are some historical skeletoms. There some cafes. You can go there by cablecar or you can go by car. If you don`t want use this vehicle, you can walk up from Baruthane.

Red River It name is coming from it`s color. Red river the longest river in Turkey. It is lonkies 1.355 km. it is fed by rains water and snows water meet. It has 320 different varietics of birds and lots of fishes.

Göğceli ( without nails ) Mosque. The place is very interesting because It is mysterious, It happened in onenight and without nail. It’s been in cemetery. When you go you can perform the ritual prayer in Göğceli mosque and you can pray. It’s up to you.


Firstly, you should visit Bandırma Boat. Independent War had started in Samsun, Bandırma boat by Atatürk. In Bandırma boat has a lot of historical photographs about Atatürk and his friends. You can read about the war and watch a short film.

Other places where you can see, Gazi museum in Mecidiye and Etnografya museum nearly Cumhuriyet Center. Gazi museum tells you about Atatürk’s life in Samsun. You can see his clothes and his special things and you can see historical and amazing objects in Etnografya museum.

Absolutely you should see the sculptures like lively person in Cumhuriyet Center. They are wonderful.

You can come out Amisos by telpher with beautiful Samsun view.

Maybe you can do some shopping and you can by traditional things about Samsun or Black Sea.

PAINTBALL Paintball is one of the most enjoyable play for Samsun people. Every time you can play it and enjoy. Paintball is played in Körfez. Körfez is so far to city center and there are empty area in there , so this advantage for paintball.

GO KART Go kart is another activity which you can do in Samsun. There ar ego kart area in Batıpark. Batıpark is big and suitable for go kart. That is so exciting!

BOAT TRIP In addıtıon, you can go on with ‘SAMSUNUM’ ship on Black Sea . this trip spends 2 hours and you can see all beach of Samsun.

WATERSKIING You can do waterskiing in Samsun. It is not popular , but if you know waterskiing , you can do it on Black Sea. HOW CAN I ENJOY IN SAMSUN? Horse Farms You can do a lot of things for relaxing. If you like animals, I think the most honest animals are horses. In Samsun, there is a horse farm and you can go course in there. If you know riding horse, you can ride a horse without courses. Festivals There are two different and enjoyable festivals in Samsun. These festivals start to become traditional. First festival is about bikes and kites. Every year, we do some competitions and they are very enjoyable. Second festival is in OMU. Omu is a university in Samsun. During the festival, there are some concerts and a lot of famous singers in Turkey come to Samsun. These festivals usually make in the end of June. Arts If you interest in arts, you find a lot of places and things in Samsun. There is a very big and interesting opera building. Each week, there are a lot of nice plays are showed people. Fishing Samsun has beautiful sea and beach. For example, you can swim or catch fishes. There are a lot of kind alive in the Black Sea. After you have a rest at beach. In Samsun beach, there are a lot of beautiful, enjoyable cafes. You` ll love HERE.



Pide is one of Samsun's delicious 'events' and has four different types available Kapalı, peynirli-yumurtalı (cheese&egg), pastırmalı-yumurtalı (spicy bacon&egg) and sucuklu-yumurtalı (Turkish wurst&egg) although there are some further varieties also possible such as spinach, kavurmalı etc.

The local people all eat pide every Sunday almost ritualistically.

These pides are totally unique to the city, so don't expect to find them anywhere else.



  • Venn Butik Otel, Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Adnan Menderes Bulvarı No.325, Atakum, +90 362 407-00-01/02/03, [1]. Beachfront hotel.

Get out

  • Amasya to south is a pleasant riverside city with whitewashed houses and plenty of other historic attractions.

Routes through Samsun
AkçakocaSinop  W noframe E  OrduTrabzon

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