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Ross Island

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Ross Island

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Ross Island is in the Andaman Islands of India. Once the capital of Andaman under British rule, it was moved to Port Blair after a 1940s earthquake.


Ross Island


The Presbyterian Church at Ross Island was a protestant church built of stone and the windows had frames made of burma teak. The glass panes behind the altar were made of beautifully etched stained glass from Italy. The quality of the wood was so good that it survived the vagaries of weather for over a 100 years. A small structure south of the church was built to accommodate the parsonage.

"Ross Island boasted of a superb bakery which offered one of the best confectioneries, bread loves, buns, cakes, croissants and many other delicacies of those times. The bakery was a tastefully constructed building based on the 19th century British architecture with all the modern facilities of the times including a self contained cook house"


Flora and fauna


In March/April (best time to go there) its generally very hot and humid. But the scenic beauty and landscape will soothe it. Do wear sunscreen and sunglasses. Also wear a cap. You can carry an umbrella while you walk.

Get in

  • Ferry takes like 15 mins by ferry from Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex jetty. Boat fare is Rs 75 for a to and fro journey.

You can also pay the local fishermen to take you on day trips to mangrove creeks (Bridget Creek is nice) or places like Mt Harriet National Park (where you can beach your boat and go birdwatching). Don't pay more than Rs 2000/day for the boat, and you can often bargain it down to much less. Be sure to check with the Forest Dept before heading out, as many destinations require certain permissions.


Get around

Walking is the only option. Its a small island.


Open Air theater
Church at Ross Island
Bakery at Ross Island
Japanese bunkers

See the British era quarters, clubhouse, offices as well their complete setup, which would include power station, water distillation plant, workshop, bakery (this is very famous), secretariat, church, ferar beach, old jetty, open air theater. Farzand Ali Store here is famous. It is now maintained like a museum, has a lot of pictures of the British era. There is a Ross Island Memorial documentary shown inside the Bakery (Timings - 9.30 am to 9.45 am, 11.30 am to 11.45 am ). A documentary on Andaman Islands is shown from 3 pm to 4pm.

Also do see the Japanese bunkers.

You will find a lot of deer/stags in the forest over here.




There is an aquaguard in the jetty. Also you will get a lot of coconut water (Rs 15-20)


Get out

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