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Roseville (Minnesota)

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'''Roseville''' is a city in [[Minnesota]].
roseville is teh suxxor
==Get in==
==Get around==
===Parks and Lakes===
*Central park
*Como Park and lake
*Reservoir Woods
*Lake Mccarrons
*Owasso Lake
*Lake Johanna
*Lake Josephine
*Cedarholm golf course (County Road B2 and Hamline)
*John Rose Oval (County Road C between Hamline and Lexington)
*Al's Billiards (Larpenteur and Hamline)
*Flaherty's (County Road E and Snelling)
*LavaLinks (Crossroads Mall)
*Movie Theaters (Crossroads, HarMar, and Rosedale)
*Cub Foods
*Rainbow Foods #1
*Rainbow Foods #2
*Roseville Crossroads Mall (1643-1655 County Road B2 W)
*Hamline Center
*HarMar Mall (2100 Snelling Ave N)
*McCarrons Hills Shopping Center
*Rosedale Mall
*Roseville Center and Lexington Plaza Shoppes (Lexington and Larpenteur)
*Rosedale Commons (2480 Fairview Ave N)
*Rosewood Shopping Center (2181-2195 Snelling Ave N)
===Bars and Restaurants===
*Ol' Mexico
*Ted's bar
*Applebees (1893 Highway 36)
*Arby's #1 (Snelling)
*Arby's #2 (Rosedale)
*Arby's #3 (Rice)
*Backyard Bar & Grill (HarMar) - used to be a Ground Round
*Baker's Square (1881 Highway 36)
*Boston Market (2720 Lincoln Dr)
*Buffalo Wild Wings (HarMar)
*Byerly's Minnesota Grill (1601 County Road C)
*Charley's on Centre Pointe (2905 Centre Pointe Dr)
*Chili's Grill & Bar (1840 County Road B2)
*Countryside (2851 Snelling) -
*Denny's (1880 Perimeter Dr)
*Eddington's (HarMar)
*Fuddruckers (2740 Snelling)
*Great Steak and Potato (Rosedale)
*Joe Senser's Sport Grill & Bar (2350 Cleveland)
*Kentucky Fried Chicken (2087 Snelling)
*Key's Cafe & Bakery (1682 Lexington) -
*Marshall Field's Marketplace (Rosedale)
*Old Chicago (HarMar)
*Old Country Buffet (2480 Fairview)
*Perkins (2194 Snelling Ave)
*Pippins (2887 Snelling Ave) - part of a hotel
*Ruby Tuesday (Rosedale)
*TGI Friday's (2480 Fairview)
*Bruegger's Bagels (2712 Lincoln Dr)
*St. Paul Bagelry (1702 Lexington)
*Burger King #1 (2080 County Road C)
*Burger King #2 (2151 Snelling)
*McDonald'd (2075 Snelling)
*Snuffy's Malt Shop (1125 Larpenteur)
*Wendy's (1899 Perimeter)
===Chinese / Asian===
*Big Bowl (Rosedale)
*China Restaurant (2811 Hamline)
*Chinese Gourmet Express (Rosedale)
*Chin's Kitchen (Lexington and Snelling, Falcon Heights)
*Fortune House (2257 Rice)
*Gold Fountain (2575 Fairview)
*House of Wong (1163 Larpenteur)
*Khan's (2720 Snelling)
*LeeAnn Chin (in Byerly's)
*LeeAnn Chin (HarMar Mall)
*New Hong Kong Wok (2216 County Road D)
*Panda Garden Buffet (1706 Lexington)
*Willow-Gate (1885 Perimeter Dr)
*Barnes and Noble (HarMar)
*Caribou Coffee #1 (Rosedale)
*Caribou Coffee #2 (1127 Larpenteur)
*Caribou Coffee #3 (2714 Lincoln)
*Caribou Coffee #4 (Byerly's)
*Caribou Coffee #5 (Rice Street, formerly Hardee's)
*Dunn Brothers Coffee (Hamline, in the library)
*Smooth Grind (2723 Lexington)
*Starbucks Coffee (Fairview)
===Fish and Chips===
*Mac's Fish and Chips (Larpenteur)
===Ice Cream / Yogurt===
*Dairy Queen #1 (1720 Lexington)
*Dairy Queen #2 (3070 Lexington)
*Dairy Queen #3 (Rice st)
*Sunday's Ice Cream (HarMar)
*TCBY Yogurt (Rosedale)
*India Palace (2570 Cleveland)
*Chianti Grill (Larpenteur and Snelling, Falcon Heights)
*Le Petit Bistro (Rosedale)
*Namish International Cuisine (2193 Snelling)
*Olive Garden (1525 County Road C)
*Panino's (2441 Rice)
*Romano's Macaroni Grill (Rosedale)
*Baja Sol (HarMar)
*Don Pablo's (2700 Lincoln Dr)
*La Casita (1925 Perimeter)
*La Parilla (Rosedale)
*Ol' Mexico (1754 Lexington) - popular place,
*Taco Bell #1 (1889 Perimeter)
*Taco Bell #2 (1101 Larpenteur)
*Aurelio's (2827 Hamline)
*Davanni's (1905 Permiter Dr)
*Domino's (HarMar)
*Green Mill (Rosedale)
*Papa John's (1133 Larpenteur)
*Pizza Hut Wing Street (Larpenteur and Snelling, Falcon Heights)
*Sbarro #1 (Rosedale)
*Sbarro #2 (2105 Snelling)
*Famous Dave's (2131 Snelling)
*Joe's Crab Shack (2704 E Snelling Dr)
*Red Lobster (2330 Prior Ave)
*Axel's charhouse (2540 Cleveland)
*Outback Steakhouse (2181 Snelling)
*Timberlodge Steakhouse (1655 County Road B2)
===Specialty Foods===
*Aunt Anne's Soft Pretzels (Rosedale)
*Custom Chocolates (1701 Lexington)
*Godiva Chocolatier (Rosedale)
*Karmelkorn (Rosedale)
*Love from Minnesota (2465 Fairview)
*Mrs. Fields Cookies (Rosedale)
*Orange Julius (Rosedale)
*Jimmy John's #1 (1631 County Road C)
*Jimmy John's #2 (Larpenteur and Snelling, Falcon Heights)
*Maverick's (1746 Lexington)
*Quizno's (2339 Fairview)
*Subway (restaurant)|Subway #1 (HarMar)
*Subway #2 (1748 Lexington)
*Subway #3 (2216 County Road D)
*Subway #4 (Rosedale)
*Royal Orchid (Rosedale)
*Good Earth (1901 Highway 36 W)
*Saigon Star (2480 Fairview Ave N)
==Get out==

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roseville is teh suxxor