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This island is a hidden gem, it has the most beautifull white beaches and the best snorkel and diving spots in the carabian There is only one big road on the island with 3 taxis, and some international resorts that are closed down The tourists are mainly divers but the island is perfect for beaching and snorkeling

How to get there There is a 12 seater plane flying a few times a day from Tela airport on mainland hondouras It costs about 60 dollars and takes 20 minutes Once a week there is an international flight from Miami

About drinking There are great open air bars at the west-end

Accomodation There is an old farm where they have great accomodation for a descent price at west-end if you ask the taxidriver he might tell you he does not know it ... some taxidrivers might try to drop you off at their friends' places be carefull with that ...