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Rennes is the captial city of Brittany, France.


Rennes is not often mentioned on tourist guides but this medium size town is well worth a visit. It has about 200,000 inhabitants, of which about 50,000 are students. This gives the town a vibrant night life. Some streets, such as the Rue Saint Michel, have only one type of shop on both sides: Bars!(The locals actually call "Rue Saint Michel" "la rue de la soif", which means the "Street of Thirst"). A stroll down Rue Saint Michel on a Friday or Saturday evening is a very interesting experience indeed.

Rennes is particularly nice in early July, during the "Festival des Tombées de la Nuit". Its streets are then full of people enjoying the free street entertainment and eating or drinking at the terraces of the restaurants and cafés.

Rennes used to virtually empty after the 15th of July, as most of its inhabitants were migrating to the coast until the 15th August. In recent years, this trend seems to have stopped and Rennes's terraces and cafes are now bustling throughout the year.

Get in

Starting from May 2005, Rennes airport has its first budget flights, to and from Southampton thanks to Flybe.

Get around

By bus

In Rennes, there is a very good public transport system. Rennes offers 38 different bus routes and a metro, with 1 bus every 5 minutes for the metro and main bus lines at the peak hours. The hub of the network is at Republique, which feeds most of the 38 different routes, and it is here where you can buy day, weekly, monthly or yearly travel passes. This bus and metro network connects all parts of Rennes, and so you're never far from a bus stop. All the bus stops conveniantly have a map (une carte) of Rennes with all the lines on, and a timetable for the routes it provides, so there isn't much chance of getting lost.

By train

The metro, called the VAL, has only one line with 15 stops and connects the main train station to the centre-ville. STAR (the company that runs the buses and underground) claims that their network has the cheapest prices in France, with a single ticket (valid for an hour after validation) costing €1.10.

Day tickets can be bought for €3 a day, and are valid on both the bus and metro.

By bike

Rennes offers very good options for cyclists. With plenty of cycle lanes, the town has plenty of cyclists. For residents of the town, bikes can be borrowed free of charge from the mayor's office. These bikes aren't particularly good, but they work and have gears, so its worth checking them out. If you're after a pleasant cycling trip, check out the canal route. This is flat, and therefore not very arduous.


One highlight of Rennes, if you're after natural beauty and tranquility, is Parc Thabor. This park has a stunning collection of plantlife, including a large bed of hundreds of species of roses, tropical, African and European trees, other beautiful and rare plants, and offers the traveller a chance to see some budgies. There are cages with a dozen of different sorts of small colourful birds. To get to Parc Thabor from Republique station, take bus number 3 (direction St. Laurient) and get off at the Thabor stop.

Every Saturday morning, until 13h30, there is a large food market in the centre of town, where you can buy low price fruit and veg, a vast array of fish, crepes, galettes, fresh meat and other French delicacies such as wine, snails and cheeses. This is always bustling with people trying to buy low-price groceries and meat. The market is based in the Place des Lices, an 8 minute walk from the main bus station, Republique.


  • There is an ice rink which isn't too expensive called Le Blizz. To get there, its the number 3 bus, with Patinoire the required stop.
  • Rennes football club is a team in the top French football league, and has its stadium in Rennes, with tickets for matches start from €8.





The cheapest place to stay, as with most places, is the local youth hostel. This is found in a pleasant area by the canal. Prices for a night start from €12.60.

The campsite at Rennes is rather large. To get there, take the number 3 bus, and get off at the Park de Gauyelles stop. The neighbouring park has much to offer, including an ice rink and sports facilities.

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