Rail travel in North America

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Rail travel in North America

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If you are interested in rail travel in America and Canada there is the North American Rail Pass you may be interested in.

  • North America Rail Pass [1] (AMTRAK) [2] (VIA Rail) allows for unlimited travel within a 30 consecutive day period. The pass allows for travel on most of VIA Rail and Amtrak's 45,000 kilometer (28,000 miles) rail network. The pass costs $709 in the off-peak season and $999 in the peak season.

The pass does have some restrictions:

  1. You must embark on at least one trip between the U.S. and Canada.
  2. You must also travel on both an Amtrak train and a VIA Rail train.
  3. Your last trip must end by midnight on the last night the pass is valid.
  4. You may only use four one way passes on any one particular leg.